A Sexual Education for a College Freshman

This is a stand alone story but to find out how Megan lost her virginity at prom check out my other published stories)

Megan sat in her room excited to begin her freshman year of college. High school was fine but something about college just felt different, more important, and more free. High school had ended with Megan unwillingly losing her virginity but for the most part she had gotten over it. If anything, she was determined not to be a victim again.

Freshman year started off great. She got along with her roommate and was quickly making friends. Her only regret was that she got cut from ballet but it did allow her the freedom to go to parties and enjoy everything college had to offer.

For Megan things began to change when she met Josh. Josh was also a freshman and coincidently he grew up just a short drive from Megan back in Chicago. They had much in common.

What Megan didn’t know about Josh is that he was somewhat of a player. A cocky baseball player that had a different girl each weekend.

Megan had a crush and all she knew was Josh was the cute baseball player from her hometown that gave her un-adoring attention.

Josh was a pro though and said and told Megan all the right things. Those things would soon progress quickly.

It was now 3 months into college and about a dozen girls later for Josh. After a couple of weeks of hanging out during the day, Josh made his move and invites Megan to a baseball house party. Ecstatic Megan said yes. She dressed in a strapless FCUK top and a short black skirt. Megan wanted to look her best and hoped that she could prove to Josh that she was girlfriend material.

The night came Josh took her to the party. When thy arrived he quickly handed Megan a solo cup of jungle juice while making the rounds. Every room they entered another player would high-five Josh or say something to him under the blaring sound of music. Megan didn’t care though, she loved that Josh was showing her off.

Josh kept feeding her drinks and shots throughout. By the time midnight hit Megan had too much alcohol to count and found herself making her way to the dance floor with Josh. Once they made their way through the crowd they began to dance.

Megan was swaying her hips and just pulled her up against him, with her ass now grinding against his crotch. He pulled her head back as she was grinding him and gave her a deep passionate kiss. Megan was breathless and was lost in a combination of dancing tongues and tipsyness. This allowed Josh to let his hands freely roam her body; caressing her b-cup breasts while also exploring her amazing ass and legs toned from years of ballet.

This continued for sometime before Josh promptly broke off their kiss and said it was time to go; taking her hand in his and guiding her back through the house and towards the dorms. Once back he took Megan straight to his room. Making out the entire way up the stairs and through his door.

With their lips still meshed, Josh slid one hand inside her skirt grabbing her bare ass pulling her close as his other hand reached inside the top of her tank top and began to caress and pinch her nipple. Just as he had suspected, Megan had gone braless tonight and he was all too eager to take advantage.

Megan was still lost in a wave of excitement and booze; doing nothing to stop Josh’s advances. So she soon found her top being removed, and after hearing Josh whisper “God, small but perfect” about her breasts, his mouth was on her breasts sucking and molesting every inch of her athletic b’s.

Josh slide his hands down her bare back and slowly nudged Megan’s skirt to the ground. Grabbing both her ass checks as he sucked her tiny nipples. Before long Megan found Josh grabbing her hand and guiding it to his boxers. “When had he taken off his shirt and jeans” thought Megan before she was brought back to reality when her hand was wrapped around his cock.

Megan was no slut, and except for the time her virginity was forced from her, she had no real experience besides some light nude play. Yet her she was, now stroking a guy’s rock hard dick while she stood in just her panties with her ass and breasts being used to Josh’s endless demands and pleasure.

Megan briefly thought to herself how the last time she found herself in this position ended with a guy forcing himself inside her. Megan was determined not to be a victim again; yet instead of pushing away, she decided to let Josh have his way with her. Besides, what was the point, she was no longer a virgin and at this point she couldn’t stop Josh if she wanted to.

Josh must have sensed a change in her as he was now more aggressive. He slid his boxers to the ground while Megan still stroked his dick. He broke his assault on her chest to give her a long passionate kiss. Megan yet again found herself lost in passion until she felt the kiss breakaway and pressure on her shoulders pushing her to her knees; finally resting face to face with the dick she had just been stroking moments ago.

Megan paused as Josh moved his hands to the back of her head, before declaring that she had never done this before. That didn’t stop Josh from guiding her head to her crotch saying, “don’t worry I’m sure you’ll do great”. And with that Megan opened her mouth taking in his dick in her mouth.

Megan didn’t know what to do but started lick and swirl her tongue around his penis; and to her amazement feeling it grow even harder and bigger than before. Josh wrapped his hands in her dirty blond hair as he pumped his cock deeper into his mouth.

It was the best blowjob he had ever received, in fact it was somewhat subpar, but he took pleasure in being the first cock Megan had ever tasted.

The blowjob continued for a few minutes until Josh was good and hard. Pulling his dick from her mouth and raising and pushing back Megan all at once onto his bed.

Josh climbed on top of her kissing ever inch of athletic slender dancer body before making his was to her waist and pulling her panties from her body.

Megan began to speak as Josh pushed her legs apart, saying, “I Don’t really do this” as Josh cut her off saying “don’t worry, your mouth felt great and this will feel even better.” And with that Megan found her pussy lips being spread by his dick as he pushed into her.

Megan let out a small whimper as Josh declared, “damn this feels good, I can’t believe how tight you are”; ignoring Megan’s whimper and the tear from the pain that had now formed in the corner of her eye.

Josh couldn’t get enough of the way Megan’s pussy clinged to every inch of his cock as he pushed deeper. He was lost in lust and started driving into Megan as hard and as deep as he could. All while Megan lied on her back legs spread letting Josh use her as he pleased.

He continued to pound her harder and harder. Now harshly squeezing her breasts and twisting her nipples. With sweat dripping from his body onto Megan.

While no where near a climax, as she was basically being raped again, Megan did take some comfort in knowing her body could drive her crush so mad with lust. Besides, while didn’t want to have sex with Josh at least she decided to let it happen (or at least that is what she told herself) instead how she was raped last time.

Josh continued his assault on her body now regularly bottoming our inside her. As he lost his stamina he let his body fall on top of her and sucked every inch of Megan neck and breasts leaving a trail of hickeys behind. Josh smiled knowing that he had marked his territory for all to see.

Josh knew he was nearing an organism, and promptly stopped, pulled out, before flipping Megan to her chest and pulling her into a doggy position.

Josh now grabbed her hips as he drove into her again and again from behind. Admiring that incredible toned ass of her’s as cock slide in and out. His speed and force hit an all time high as he began to unleash inside her. Moving his hands from her hips to her tits as groped them as hard as he could as he came inside her.

Megan froze on all fours just taking it all in. She hadn’t planned on this and she didn’t like how doggy style made her feel like nothing more than a piece of ass. But before this thought could linger too long; Josh pulled her close giving her a deep kiss saying that she was incredible and he had never felt a pussy as tight and incredible as hers.

Megan smiled and the two slowly drifted off to sleep. Megan satisfied to be in the arms of the boy she liked.

The next morning came and Megan was awoken but hard wet kisses on her neck and eager hands groping her breasts. Megan moaned softly as Josh turned her head to the side; gave her a passionate kiss on the lips; as his hand slide down the front of her body to her pussy. Which was still sore and inflamed from the abuse just hours ago.

Josh didn’t care though, he just had to have her one last time and wasted no time fingering Megan trying desperately to get her wet enough to take again as he continued to make-out and grope her breasts.

Josh then took her hand, while still fingering her, and moved it towards his crotch. Whispering in her ear as he did so, “God I love your body, how did you get to be so tight and sexy.” With her hand now on his crotch, Megan responded shyly, “I don’t know maybe it’s from 15 years of ballet.

Josh nearly came just from hearing.

He climbed on top of Megan asking if she really danced with Megan innocently nodding yes.

With that Josh drove into her in one thrust as Megan let out a yelp from the pain of her inflamed pussy lips being violated yet again.

Just pounded her hard time and time again, excited with the news that his new plaything (Megan) also happened to be a dancer.

As Josh continued his new assault on her body he ordered Megan to pull her legs behind her head. Unsure what to do, Megan just did as he said. And damn did she look hot. Josh revealed in the things he could make her do.

After a few minutes he let Megan return her legs to her sides only as she did so he rotated pulling her on top of him. Saying I know you know how to take a dick, now let’s see you ride one. Megan now found herself on top of Josh only now she noticed something strange.

Before Megan could fully process it, she heard an unfamiliar voice – Josh’s roommate – say “don’t mind me, I already got a show last night” as she heard a click and saw his hand go to his crotch and start to masturbate in the bed across the room.

Josh grew impatient, saying getting on with it or get out to Megan. And with that Megan began ride a dick for the first time in her life – 12 hours of a lot of firsts in her life.

Unsure what to do, she began to rock back and forth on Josh cock as he grabbed her ass driving deeper into her. With each thrust Megan screamed internally in pain as she was far to used and sore from the night before; but yet she continued to do as Josh wanted.

Her eyes are now closed in a mix desperation not to cry and trying like hell to find some pleasure in the penis that she was riding like there was no tomorrow secretly begging that Josh would just cum already.

She could feel hands on her hips and ass and each of her nipples being sucked and nibbled on. “Wait, both nipples” she thought as her eyes jutted open to find his roommate assaulting her other breast.

Josh noticed Megan’s discomfort from the situation and told his roommate that was enough and not to “fuck this up for me”. With that the roommate released her nipple from his mouth and left the room.

Before Megan could express any further objection, Josh sat up and began to rotate Megan down from a riding position now onto her back with her legs in the air and Josh still inside her. He promptly threw her legs on each of his shoulders letting him drive deeper into her than ever before.

Despite all her previous efforts to avoid crying now tears freely fell from her eyes. Only Josh seemed to find joy in this. He now made renewed efforts to drive even deeper and harder and more painfully into Megan. Whispering to himself as he drove in nearing closer to climax, saying “I’m – going – to – make – you – my – whore – and – fuck – you – whenever – and – how – ever – I – want”

And with Josh came deep inside Megan yet again. As he pulled out he couldn’t help but notice how red Megan’s pussy now was or the pool of cum and blood beneath her ass.

He gave Megan one last kiss before standing up and declaring she needed to leave so he could get ready for practice. Adding, “don’t worry, I’ll still call you; besides how can I say no to that” pointing at her ass.

With that Megan got dressed and stumbled her way out of the room and up the stairs to the girls dorm and her room. While she wasn’t happy at how things turned out at least she would be seeing Josh again.