a sext for the ages

<br /> <br />+pin-up said (8:57 PM): <br />not right now lol. I’m signed in nut watching batman in my room. <br />but* <br />tattoo says: <br />ohhh i see… hows the movie? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />it’s not the movie lol. it’s the animated series. 1992 I think? I just watched christmas with the joker.. epic. lol. <br />tattoo says: <br />ohhhh!! i used to love that one!!!! <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />yeah! it’s fuckin awesome lol. I’m on nothing to fear now. there’s two more after this πŸ˜› poison ivy’s in the last one <br />tattoo says: <br />awesome:D how was work?besides wet πŸ˜‰ <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />pretty good =) I was the box officer. πŸ˜‰ <br />tattoo says: <br />nice πŸ˜€ when did you get off? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />about 15 minutes ago πŸ˜‰ oh! you mean work.. around 9. really early! <br />tattoo says: <br />oh you dirty girl… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />well you know me.. I got home and I was still so wet.. so I just like.. masturbated for like an hour. hahaha. while watching batman. boo <br />tattoo says: <br />awesome πŸ˜€ how was it? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />unreal. I have an amazing imagination tonight.. πŸ˜‰ when’s your phone gonna be ready? I wanna make you another voice clip.. πŸ˜‰ <br />tattoo says: <br />if you send it i’ll get it but i just wont be able listen yet <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />okay. I’m in a mood to be.. vocal. <br />tattoo says: <br />sounds…excelant πŸ˜€ <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Lol yeah πŸ™‚ what’re you in a mood for? I need a prompt. πŸ˜› <br />tattoo says: <br />hearing you moan and orgasm <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Hehehe. Well yes.. But i’m gonna talk too. What kinda stuff would you like to hear? For example.. Me begging? Lol <br />tattoo says: <br />what about talking dirty? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />you’re gonna need to be more specific. πŸ˜‰ everything I say is dirty.. cause I’m a dirty little girl.. <br />tattoo says: <br />oh yes you are….your a filthy little girl… and i have no idea what kind, you decide? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />bahahaha. I don’t know either. Something will cum to me.. πŸ˜‰ bahaha.. how am I still horny? fuck tattoo.. you make me crazy <br />tattoo says: <br />maybe if your lucky someone willl cum ON you, or maybe in you… and ive been horny for days ok, your have nothing to brag about <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Doubtful, as you’re on the other side of the country.. and I’m not bragging. πŸ˜› I’m complimenting you. <br />tattoo says: <br />well thank you, maybe you just need to cum again? <br />and cum up with insperation for what to think about for the voice clip… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />hopefully πŸ˜‰ lol fuck i want you.. <br />tattoo says: <br />soon enough babe… i do have a picture on my phone for you πŸ˜‰ <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />I feel like a porno schoolgirl. lol. I just like teehee’d and got really wet. XD <br />tattoo says: <br />you mean with the schoolgirl skirt?;-) which is easy access for my cock… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />oh yeah.. and a white button up shirt.. buttons only halfway done.. my nice big tits perfectly visible through it.. and knee high socks. <br />tattoo says: <br />oh yummy…… but i think the only apropriate way to fuck you that way is doggie style, with you bent over a bed or a desk or something <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />exactly.. and I probably won’t be wearing any panties under my skirt.. <br />tattoo says: <br />well i hoped not <br />dirty girls dont wear panties, and if they do there soaked in their cum <br />pin-up Phone says: <br /> oh you are so right.. i think you should be my tutor.. lets hope i don’t drop my pencil or I’ll have to bend over and you’ll see my perfect ass up in the air.. <br />tattoo says: <br />i might just tap you to get your attention with my finger but "accidentaly" slip into your wet pussy <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />mm.. fuck that feels nice.. but we should be studying.. <br />tattoo says: <br />we are studying… sex ed. its trial and error to see what you like, my finger in your pussy and a pen in your ass, or <br />my cock pounding away at your dripping pussy while you wimper and moan for morer <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />i’d like to try out that second option now.. but be gentle.. I’m so fucking tight.. <br />tattoo says: <br />would you like to see my cock now so you know just how much its going to fill up that tight little pussy of yours? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />oh yes please.. I’m so wet and warm.. I’d love to see your cock.. <br />tattoo says: <br />you cant wait to take every last inch into your open pussy can you? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />oh my.. fuck.. you’re really big tattoo.. I don’t know if I can take all that… mm.. <br />tattoo says: <br />well thats were the trial part comes in…if your pussy cant take it i hope your ass can <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />you might have to be a bit.. forceful with my tight pussy.. it won’t take all that without a hard fucking.. I know that much.. <br />tattoo says: <br />well then congrats! because a hard fucking is just what you get, all you’ll be <br />able to do is bend over and take it like the dirty school girl you are… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />my phone can only send 30 second recordings.. but you’re going to cum when you hear what you’re about to get. <br />tattoo says: <br />i hope so… give me a min before i enjoy it <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />so tattoo likes the idea of pin-up in a schoolgirl outfit? πŸ˜‰ <br />that’s fine.. <br />tattoo says: <br />oh yes tattoo does, pin-up like the idea of getting fucked by her tutor? <br />or do you just like a good hard fucking? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />both. The tutor thing gives you power over me.. Domination.. <br />tattoo says: <br />lol only you… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />I want to be dominated.. Really badly.. And that is very strange for me <br />tattoo says: <br />holy fuck……………………………………….. <br />im trying so hard not to cum right now <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Lol voice clip? I know. I listened to it and i almost came. ._. <br />tattoo says: <br />did you manage to fit that second finger in fine? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Yeah after a bit of wiggling. <br />tattoo says: <br />oh yuummy…… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />What does hearing tat make you want to do to me.. <br />tattoo says: <br />pull out your fingers and replce them with my big hard cock and just pound away at <br />your tight little pussy till i cant take it anymore and just cum right inside <br />you…filling you up with my hot cum as you moan out my name for more… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Oh tattoo will you give me more? <br />tattoo says: <br />oh what? my cock? shoved ball deep inside your untouched ass? as i just force you down like a dirty little sex slave… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />oh fuck me harder.. til I scream.. <br />tattoo says: <br />fucking your ass doggie style…forcing you to scream out my name as i take one of your vibrators and shove it up your dripping pussy… <br />making you cum all over my hand and legs… as i fill up your ass with my yummy cum…then push you down… <br />making you lick up all the tasty salty mess you made…. <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />then I fucking explode all over the both of us in a serge of pure ecstacy.. screaming and grabbing at whatever I can reach.. <br />tattoo says: <br />and i shove my cock it to your mouth… forcing it down your throat and making you lick it dry… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />oh fuck.. like it’s a fucking lollipop? I can do that.. gladly.. I’m desperate for your hot cum.. and your huge, hard cock.. <br />tattoo says: <br />im sorry, i need to save this… this is to fucking hot to lose <br />oh good, because that exactly what you’ll get… <br />pin-up Phone says: <br /> mmm.. so good.. I can’t wait to taste your yummy cum.. and okay babe.. I’m saving most of too.. I came like.. 7 times.. my leg act <br /> ually gave out on me lol.. cause i was lifting myself up <br />tattoo says: <br />im so tempted to put it on the sexstories site… <br />and you might need another towel… <br />maybe send me some hot pictures of sex exahsted pin-up? <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Do it oh my god please. ! And if i can get up. My lights off and i’m still going a bit. <br />tattoo says: <br />will do babe… and just think about my hard cock plowing your tight pussy till you cum all over me <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />Will do.. Fuck babe i can’t wait. I’m still so fucking HORNY! I NEED your rock hard MASSIVE cock in my tight soaking pussy <br />tattoo says: <br />use a vibrator and scream in delight…cum all over, you dirty fucking girl <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />oh MY FUCK tattoo I FUCKING NEED YOUR COCK. I NEED TO FEEL EVERY INCH INSIDE OF MY TIGHT ASS OR PUSSY OF MOUTH OR ANYTJING. FUCK ME <br />tattoo says: <br />i fucking will <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />check your phone <br />tattoo says: <br />and dont be quite, be loud, fill your fucking house up with you orgasm <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />then fucking tell me how you want to tie me up and blindfold me and destroy me <br />tattoo says: <br />only if you fucking orgasm loud and tape yourself <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />my dad’s in his room.. it’s really difficult.. please just tell me a story.. I’m begging you.. want a pic of my tits? i got it last nigh <br />tattoo says: <br />oh fuck yes… and i might have to wait till tomorow, i still havnt came, if you were online you could watch <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />til tomorrow to what? <br />tattoo says: <br />tell you how im going to tie you up <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />noooo! baby please tell me now while i can masturbate! <br />tattoo says: <br /> give me a min to put the story up <br />pin-up Phone says: <br />bahaha okay.. I’m gonna go downstairs <br />tattoo says: <br />on the computer? <br />