A Living Doll. Part 1




I flashed a smile at the clerk. Her badge rested on her full rack and her name was Liberty. Color flooded her cheeks and I swore she knew I was fantasizing. Flicking my tongue across her nipples, biting their beaded tips with my teeth. Listening to her moan…

Here’s your access card, Mr. Wiley. Have a great evening,” she purred.

Our fingers touched when I took the card from her hand and heat shot straight to my cock. I inhaled so hard the sound hung in the air between us. I picked up my overnight bag and strode for the elevator. Sweat formed on my upper lip when I looked at the tented front of my pants.

I needed to fuck. Bad. The past week on the road had been grueling. I’d stayed to myself. Known  if had a drink in the hotel bar at night, my inhibitions would slip and I’d pick up a woman. Bone her until the sun came up and then hope satisfaction would claim my sorry ass and I wouldn’t have to take her again before she left the hotel room in broad daylight.

 My cock stood with proud arrogance in my pants demanding a hot pussy to fill with cream. No alcohol needed to make me feel weak and unable to exhibit control. I wanted pussy more than my marriage vows right now.

When I entered my hotel room, the drapes were drawn and light filtered enough to make out the shapes in the suite. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration, glanced down. Liberty’s perky breasts had me jacked. Liberty, barely legal with her gorgeous ass pushed up in the air, eager for me to sink my cock deep inside her tight…

I strolled into the bathroom and stopped dead in my tracks. What the hell?

 My eyes landed on the sexy black bra on the counter. Stayed there. It had to be from Victoria’s Secret. A picture of full breasts with coral areolas rested at an angle inside one cup. Breasts big enough to titty fuck.

A note rested in the other. The jutting nipples on the firm alabaster globes made my mouth water and my cock hard as iron. I freed myself from the constraints of my pants with a groan of pleasure. Stroked my length before reaching for the bra.

The sensuous feel of silk glided across my senses. I stared at the gorgeous girls tilted playfully in one cup.  Brought the picture closer to my eyes. Appreciated the detail of the high resolution photo. Dropped my eyes to the note.

And laughed under my breath. The note would provoke a priest to question celibacy.

 I touched the breasts with my fingertips. Wrapped my hand around my cock and held the picture in the other. I stared at the provocative tits, stroked myself. Groaned.  My hand slid faster. Harder.

My eyes flashed to the note. Possibly not fluid safe, eh?

Her luscious mounds of flesh begged for my mouth… her long coral nipples taunted…I could taste them on my tongue….could taste her sex on my tongue…

My eyes fell and I set the picture on the counter. Picked up the thong sitting beneath the bra. Teased my swollen head with its silky texture. It was damp…

“Fuck. Oh fuck,” I shouted.

Pleasure gutted my body. Sweat ran down my face into my eyes. I snatched the picture off the counter, shuddered as I covered its surface with cream. Stood gulping harsh breathes from the erotic stimulation.

If the goal of my mystery woman had been to make me crave her wet heat, she’d succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. The luscious globes in the picture?

 Body doubles of my wife’s gorgeous twins. Desperation for her slick channel stormed my mind. I grabbed a towel and carefully wiped the woman’s breasts. I hadn’t known if my release would ruin the picture. It looked fine to me. I wanted to keep it, not only for sexual pleasure, but to remind me of the daring exhibitionism this woman possessed.

I striped and got in the shower. I needed sex and wanted my wife. I wondered if she’d forgive me if I fucked a woman just to ease the insatiable craving to have a hot pussy drain my cock and balls.

I got out, dried off and forced my feet to carry me to my bed and not downstairs to the hotel bar where I knew I could find a horny businesswoman who needed to be fucked sideways to Sunday before I pulled out of her.

I dropped down on the bed and felt something rest against my arm. I explored further in the dark. Or should I say I felt her up. I touched her face. She felt real, yet I sensed she wasn’t. I turned on the light.

Grinned my faithless ass off. A full-size doll.

Not one of those poorly made substitutes, but one I’d seen in one of my magazines. Called “Real Dolls.” Real because they looked and felt like a real woman in every way. I turned off the light and cupped her breasts in my hands. Nibbled on her beaded nipples. I swore she moaned.

“Oh Jesus. I’m gonna fuck you all night, honey,” I groaned into her breasts. I licked her face, found her mouth with my tongue. Thrust inside and licked her gums.

Shit. She felt so real.

My hands shook as I stood up and ravaged through my carry-on for condoms. Bagged my boy. There was no need to take my time, get her ready.

Her legs were silky beneath my fingers as I spread her, positioned my body to thrust harder than I had in my life. The hair at the V of her thighs was soft and I crazily nuzzled her mound with my face.

Her pussy smelled sweet and slightly musky.

I took her with a shout of male dominance. Pinned her to the bed and fucked her like a nail pounded with a hammer. Every time I sucked her tits it made me want to blow, but I stopped every time before the load in my balls broke free.

By four a.m. I’d come twice. I called the desk and told them I’d be staying another night. My body might need to recover, but the level of arousal in my mind hadn’t eased a bit. I needed time to get hard again. I ordered room service and sat at the table and ate. Stared at my fuck buddy.

Got up, walked over and pulled her to her knees, to the edge of the bed. Nudged my bare cock to her slit. Leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “I promise I’ll pull out,” I told her with a wicked grin.

And I did. It about killed me, but it was part of the naughty pleasure of watching my cock slide in and out of lips so real it was all I could do not to drop to my knees and lick her with reverence for the pleasure she gave me.

Then I called my wife. “Baby, I’ve been detained. I won’t be home until tomorrow.” I made sure my voice reflected regret.

 “Really? Something come up?” she asked casually.

Too casually. “You could say that,” I returned. Shrugged to loosen the tension that had formed in my shoulders in the past two minutes.

“No problem. A friend has arrived from out of town to visit. So I’m fine.”

I released the air from my lungs in a silent hiss. Must have been my imagination. Guilt for staying an extra day to fuck a doll. My doll, I asserted in my head. She was my doll now.

I came through here every week on business. I’d arrange for her to be waiting for me to fuck senseless. I looked over at the object of my affection. Wondered how good she was at blow-jobs….