A favor for a friend

Note from editor: I am not the original creator of this story. I found it here on this site and felt it lacked more exploration and sever grammar correction. Now I’m sure there are still more than a few mistakes but I feel it is a much better version of the original story.


My name is Danielle, im a beautiful mixed race girl, 32 years old and about 5ft 7in, a size 10 dress size, a peachy bum and size 34DD boobs.

Brandon is my best friends boyfriend, a muscly athletic black guy, 28 years old. He is a moody and borderline aggressive type person.

Layla is my best friend, 31 years old, latino, plump and firm ass small A cup breast but very fit yoga instructor.

So I’m out getting a light lunch between appointments last week when I see Layla come into the bistro to get some coffee. She joined me with her cup of Joe and we began talking.

“Hey Danielle I have an idea and was wondering if you could help me out with Brandon? You know he’s so fucking stressed out all the time, and I know you give really good massages. Well next week is Brandon’s birthday and I was wondering if you could come over on Tuesday and give him one to see if helps?”

“Sure I can!” I’ve always had a bit of a crush on Brandon as he is so tall and ripped. “Do you think it will help?” I didnt want to seem to eager and upset Lyla. “What do you want me to do and what time shall I come over?”

“Oh I don’t know, anything really just to stop him being such an ass, hes so stressed all the time from work. He will probably feel weird about it if I’m there so come at like 2pm when he’s done with work and Karmen(their 6 year old) will still be at school as he won’t want her around either”, said Layla.

“Ok no problem, I will really try to sort him, I hope it helps” I said.

“Oh I’m sure it will!” Lyla said with an unusual wink.


Tuesday came around, it was a beautiful sunny day so I was wearing a short skirt and little top showing off my gorgeous brown legs and boobs. I head over to see Brandon at 2pm as promised.

Brandon answered the door, sort of grumpy, wearing gym shorts and his hair was wet like he just got out of the shower. He had no top on, which is fairly normal for him, he is just that sort of guy! I couldnt help but notice his ripped chest. He is tough and handsome I didnt know where to look.

“Hey Brandon, Layla asked me to come over, how are you?” I said nervously.

“Yea I’m fine thanks, why dont you come in out of the heat, do you want a drink or anything?” He asked me.

“No I’m ok but thank you.” I said

Brandon gestures for me to come in and I went up the stairs into the flat in front of him. I’m sure I felt his eyes on me as I climbed the long stairs.

“Beautiful day outside isn’t it” he asked me.

In the front room I set my massage table up and got ready to go.

“Well, shall we get started then?” I asked, a little more nervous now.

“Yea ok, sure” he said nonchalantly. “how do you want me?” Then quickly added with a chuckle. “I mean how should I be on the table?”

“Oh you mean, what should you wear?” I responded. “Well most people I massage just wear a towel, but whatever you’re comfortable with is ok”

With that Brandon went into the bedroom and came back in a minute with a towel on his waste. Somehow the towel covering more of him then the shorts but he looked so much sexier. His body looks like it belonged in a Roman arena to me. I couldnt help but think about what was under the towel. I quickly diverted my gaze in embarrassment hoping Brandon didnt notice me drooling.

Brandon laid down and I began oiling his back and neck, “you’re really tight around here, I think this should loosen you up a lot”. I said.

“Yea I hope so, that feels really umm good so far”, said Brandon, in a relaxed voice.

“Well great! I’m going to start working down a bit if that’s ok?”

“Yea please do”.

I began working down to his lower back and working around the top of his firm ass. I couldnt help but feeling how tight his bum was and when I got near it I could feel him push his rear up against my hands.

“You want me to work a bit harder on here?” I asked.

“Yes please, it’s really tight there”. He responded.

So I loosened the towel a bit and worked on his rock chiseled cheeks for a bit until my desire started pushing boundries.

“Right, if you want to turn over I can do your chest.” I said hoping to avert my animalistic intentions.

Brandon rolled over and I instantly noticed a lump in the towel.

“Oh my god!” I thought to myself. Brandon had quite an enlarged mound under the towel. I have had guys get turned on before, it’s common in this industry and doesnt usually mean much but Bradon had me really wanting, no needing to know what was there. Luckily his eyes were closed and he didnt notice my reaction.

So I carried on working his chest and arms then went down to his feet and began working up his legs. He put his hands up over his face, I think from embarrassment of his errection. As I was working up his legs, the lump gradually turned into a fucking tent pole. I couldnt believe it and my curiosity got the better of me so I lifted the towel up a little, to see the thickest 10 inch dick I have ever seen in my life. The head was so thick and round I dont know how Layla fits it in her mouth. I begin to feel the moisture accumulating in my groin and a single drop started to run down my leg.

I placed the towel back down before I lost what little control I still had and went up to his head to do an indian scalp massage. After about 5 minutes i couldnt take it anymore.

“Brandon, would you be more comfortable if I took your towel off”? I blurted out before I could stop myself.

“Umm, yea, I think I would be…..” i couldnt wait for him to finish and yanked his towel off. His huge member sprang up and I let’s out the biggest gasp!

“Oh my god Brandon, I don’t know what to say”! I responded as I slowly let it sink in what I had just done. Almost as if I was having an out of body experience I watched my hand reach up and softly grasp that meaty rod in one hand. I absent mindedly began stroking up and down. Feeling the soft, hot flesh glide through my hand. It was so smooth, like sliding your hand across a piece of polished marble.

I was suddenly snapped back to reality when Brandon began speaking to me.

“Well you could not say anything about this and maybe even help me out?” My pussy pulsed at the though of that huge dick ramming into her sweet lips so I began to wank him off slowly at first.

“Why don’t you suck it Danielle?” Brandon suggested as much as commanded with his tone.

“Well I can try but I’ve never sucked a dick that big before!” I lowered my lips to his vicious shaft and began kissing from the balls up to the head. I then licked down the under side and back up. Feeling the mass of meat growing at my touch was driving me wild but I tried to stay slow and steady to savor it. Brandon groaned with delight and put his hand on the back of my head.

“I am sure you can do better than that Danielle”, as he pushed my head to swallow him. I quickly licked around the area where the head meets the shaft ending with my tounge flicking up the slit. His whole body shuddered and he reacted by forcing me full down on his cock. I made a gagging noise as his huge member slide into my throat. He pushed so hard I couldnt breathe, but sure enough about 8 inches of his huge dick disappeared into my throat and he gently started thrusting in and out, I kept gagging but Brandon wouldn’t stop. Just before I was about to black out he released his grip. I took a deep breath but then dove back in with abondon. I absolutely loved the taste of his dick and pre cum mixed in my mouth.

“Take your clothes off, I want to see those tits” he ordered.

I was so wet and horney that it took no encouragement at all. I took my top off to reveal my huge beautiful tits. And then peeled off my bottoms and drenched panties. Brandon’s dick seems to get even bigger as I prepared to climb on top of him. I could feel my heart pounding between my legs at the thought of taking this monster cock inside of me. It strangly didnt feel right to kiss him as it was my best friends boyfriend, so i thrust my tits into his face and then gently, slowly, puposefully lowered my flaming hot pussy onto the tip of his huge dick.

I pushed down so the tip poped inside after some resistance. It felt so good, but so very big as well! I had to start easy and build up my speed to handle this violator. I gently started rocking back and forth. My wet pussy stretching made it easier for his rock hard truncheon to penetrate my depths. I was taking about 5 inches and it felt so very good but apperently this wasnt enough for Brandon and he grabed hold of her peachy bum and began thrusting up into me. I could feel myself being stretch but that huge bellend everytime it pressed against my womb and against my g spot everytime he would withdraw.

I was screaming out with so much pleasure that I never noticed a door opening and closing, never noticed the sound of footsteps on the stairs, never even registed when the gym bag hit the floor. What I did notice, very abruptly i might add, was a second set of hands spreading my ass cheeks and a tounge lick up Brandon’s shaft, over my pussy lips and swirl around my asshole.

“OH GOD, LYLA, I UM I ….” I yelled as I whipped my head around to see my best friends eyes speaking over the top of my ass cheeks. Brandon suddenly regained his senses and went to move me off of him but lyla had me locked down with buried to the hilt inside me.

“I see your enjoying your birthday present my dear.” Lyla said coolly while she pulled her sweaty yoga outfit off standing next to us on the massage table.

“I always knew you to had eyes for each other, that’s why I arranged this little meet up. I’m happy to see I was right.” She said with a wink in my direction. Lyla then walked around to Bradons face, leaned down and gave him a big wet kiss on the lips that lasted for several moments. I wasnt sure what to do till I started feeling him gyrate underneath me and his rapidly hardening mahogany pushing up against me again. So I sat there in my renewing extisy watch my best friend making out with her man while I rode his thick cock and my anxiety and fear melted into pure bliss and euphoria.

Brandon kept hold of my bum tightly and then started ramming away at my drenched and stretched pussy. My huge tits bouncing away while he carries on plunging his huge cock into me, I started crying out with pleasure and cam all over his cock and balls after hitting multiple orgasms one after the other. Brandon sped up, the verge of orgasim about to hit when lyla broke the kiss spoke, “if you cum then lyla has to leave.” I was petrified, I was about to come with his release deep inside me but he froze on the downward withdraw. We both sat/laid there unsure of what to do and Lyla clearly was reveling in it.

“Well it’s just not fair if he gets off, you have gotten off and all I have had was a little tounge action.” She said in her best pouty voice and face. With that she said “let’s go to the bedroom where we have plenty of space for fun.” And did a very sexy walk out of the living room.

With that, Brandon sat straight up, gripped my ass cheeks and stood up. All while still buried inside of me on the bring of rupture. I wrapped my legs around his waste, my arms around his neck are he carry fucked me through the loft to the bed.

To be countinued….