Busted By The Lawnman: The Mom gets her pleasure

After finishing my story of “Busted by the Lawnman” of her daughters “discovery” a ultimate pleasure from their own pet. The entirety of the story is all together so read it please:

Anyway after having written the story about how her daughter got actually “busted” by me having pleasure with their pet at their home.

And having written chapter 7 on the end of that finally and finishing with how her “Mom” nearly “busted her” getting it! It is now time to at last “Tell” you all the story of how the “Mom” herself got some!

Now as I had described her “daughter” being such a “beautiful” and hot young woman I now will say that the “apple” doesn’t fall from it’s tree!

I’ve known “MOM” and dad to for that matter since high school! We grew up in the same town, the same neighborhood, and ran with the same crowds, per say.

And in those years “Mom” certainly was herself a damn fine beautiful woman! But as years has it’s way of taking it’s toll on not only mind, it certainly rearranges the body as well; I guess of course after a woman has “raised” three beautiful daughters certainly she should have lots and lots of wear and tear on her mind and body!

Oh I remember the numerous times I’d get called to come over and run some horny boy off to keep the virtues of her daughters in tact!! And of course now all of them are absolutely grown and with per say families of their own and in their own lives, though “Mom” still has that nose poked all up in there!! Plus the fact that she damn near “busted” the youngest daughter(21) getting it good and proper with my guidance of course! But then that’s that story and this one just begins a new chapter!

The “Mom” is now no great “looker” by any means being she’s in that mid life state now and being alone since all through her “married” life her “Old Man” was a looser and very much a full pledged “drug” addict and just why the poor womans body and mind are now the way they are!

The wrinkled skin, face, etc. has made her look far,far, far, older than she actually is!

And while such features as that have taken their toll on her once beautiful womanly body there is no doubt that her “physical” part of her is sure still nice and damn good!

She has never been any sort of a “big” woman at all.

Of course the fact that she is barely little over maybe 5ft.5″ tall if that, and still has a very nice round bubble butt though a bit fallen but nothing that would be bad at all. And since like her “daughters” she’s never had anything like “huge” breast in the least just good decent full hand and mouth full type with damn fine “big” nipples!!

I guess cup size she’s at best maybe a damn 32 b or c. So surely proof that the “apples” don’t fall far from the tree at all!! She has slightly longer than shoulder length hair still “blonde” but that aged blonde look to it now.

As I have said we have been “friends” and hell yes “luvrs” to through the years though it’s been more that “one night stand” sort of thing as opposed to anything being a we have continually fucked all these years, She has never really been a “woman” that truly cared much at all about sex, though I think it was more to do with the “turmoil” in her life that kept that at bay.

One thing is for certain her “old man” certainly had never kept it satisfied in fact I was the first man to ever have given that poor woman a good orgasm.

So she’s truly been left out per say in how a man should pleasure “his woman” since her husband himself hardly ever wanted her, or wanted to touch her! I mean this truly is sad! She’d get in a “mood” once in a great while and seek me out for satisfaction.

But as our children had grown up and out into their worlds so to speak and both of us having moved from our child rearing stomping grounds per say. We saw less and less of each other for years.

I guess sometimes things do come “full circle” since now I live in the same town(area) as she and her daughters do.

And just exactly how this all got started in the first place since I’d go over to her daughters and mow their yard and do other things they needed since “she” truly had no dad to rely upon! So make all this come about I’ll just say that their “Mom” and I had on occasion “discussed” women having sex with their pets.

She more or less just knew that I enjoyed this topic more than anything and that I just had questions such as, “how many women” participated in this and so on and so forth! While she acted as if all of it really repulsed her she did in fact say that at some point in her life she’d had her own “encounter” with one of their family pets!

Now certainly nothing of a sort of a full blown encounter but that once a male dog they had tried to lick her one day. And our “conversation” was purely nothing more than her just “asking” me from time to time during our visiting each other if I had found a woman into that as yet!

Of course she would tell me i’d be damn “lucky” if any woman would ever let a man know one damn thing about such as that. And I guess she truly is right in that manner!

But the fact of all of it coming to head when she damn near “busted” me being at her daughters house that nite and “their” family pet on the floor and her daughter in bed!

And me getting the dog out of the house and in the backyard again and so that’s pretty much what has led everything to this point now!

I have never told her nor will I ever tell her that anything “happened” between her daughter myself and their male dog!

Oh she was furious as hell at me over that ordeal and you can better bet that she damned sure “drilled” me for information!!

But none was let out nor even hinted that “anything” happened in the least except that her daughter had called me to come get the “dog” out of the house. And that’s my “story” and I’m sticking to it!!

Anyway all that being said and now known all about the “situations” which have led up to the part of how the “Mom” gets it!!

It was one of those times where she needed company and good “friend” to listen to her troubles of her marriage, kids, etc, going on in her life so she comes to my house and says: ” Can I spend the nite here”?

Of course no problem there in the least and in fact I was hoping to maybe get some of that fine still “tight” as hell pussy of hers!

As I say I have fucked her a few times and believe me when I say this woman is tighter than a virgin.

Yes I guess I am per say blessed in the man department of cock.

Though few outside of my ex and of course the “Mom” had much trouble with my size but “she” sure as hell did every time! I mean to the point that even after all the “foreplay” and all the trying to get her juicy lucy enough to fuck, and it was still hard to get in her!

Now no doubt at least “two” of her now fully grown daughters were indeed the same way and in that I mean not that I have “screwed” any of them but since having “helped” them get per say “bred” it was in fact the same way!

She shows up mad as hell as usuall when she’s on a tear about her old mans shit, and all of her daughters stuff in life as well. So she says oh “fuck him” and ask me if I have something to “drink” that will help her. She’s actually not much a drinker at all and i’m surprised as hell at that since all the hell she endures at home really surprises me that she doesn’t drink much at all. But to I guess is the fact that she does take some sort of med once in a while to help her deal with life and all the crap at home.

I make her a weak rum and coke since at that moment it was the only “liquor” I had other than my kept around beer i drink.

So after this and having several drinks her having her mixed drinks and my having my cold beers she “sits” there as if she really wants to ask me something but “doesn’t” know really what to say or how to say it.

Then finally she looks at me and says: “Did my daughter get it that nite”? “As i’ve said before I was there to get him out of the house”was my reply.

She then said: “I know your ass to damn well to know you went over there to put that damn dog outside”!

“And i’ve asked her what happened and she won’t tell me but I know by the way she acted something damn well happened”!

I said: “Now while I think nothing happened I don’t know that it truly didn’t;

So I went on telling her that she’d called me saying she couldn’t get the damn dog to go outside and she was tired and was going to bed and if i’d come over and get him outside. Well thank the old man upstairs that , that, subject finally got dropped and she then said; “So has your no account ass found a woman into that shit yet”?

I wanted so damn badly to say hell yeah “two” of your daughters have! But there is not one amount of alcohol that could ever get me to say a word in the context of the “real world” and sure i’ve written stories about things and encounters “yes” but to talk to someone let alone sit there and “tell” a Mom that i’ve helped her daughters get their brains fucked out by their pets!! Oh hell no!!

I could tell by the way she was acting that something in this “matter” was truly disturbing her to hell and back and it wasn’t just the “daughter” thing either!

And no doubt that became very damn apparent when she asked for another drink and then followed me into the kitchen and we sat down at the table and was talking there::

She was just stirring her finger around the damn drink glass deep into a thought she wanted so damn badly to bust loose with but couldn’t bring herself in the least to say anything to anyone let alone and for damn sure a man!! I finally broke the “ice” per say and said; “Look you can talk to me about anything at anytime as you already know”!

Well that brought out a reply of I feel so badly coming over here to your place and having to dump on you all the damn problems in my life.

I assured her that was no problem and what “true” good friends were about and that a “true” friend should be the one that no matter what it is they could talk about it. She just sat there stirring that damn finger around that glass looking at it as if some sort of either “guilt” or all out embarrassment about her thoughts just couldn’t be said.

So I asked her: “Does what’s bothering you truly have anything to do with what I luv”?

Well at last her head turns up and looks at me with a seriousness in her face and eyes that said she was having hell with whatever it was bothering her.

Then said: “Big Boy tried to lick me down there the other day”! She went on then “telling” me that she’d taken a shower and was naked coming into the bedroom of course no one there but just her and “Big Boy” and that as she was brushing her hair still naked he poked his nose up between her legs and tried to lick her!

I ask her then: “So did he really lick you or just sniffed at you”?

She began to get those usuall fearful shakes one gets recalling something that happened and truly “fearful” of what really did!

And said: “Yes he tried to lick me”! I just asked her then: “So was it good”? And she replied: “I pushed his ass away”! “But yeah it felt good but I was just freaked out that my damn dog wanted to lick my pussy”!!

Now one thing for sure about this woman is that she had beyond a damn doubt one of those exposed clitoral areas right at the top of her cunt lips!! And believe me that thing is like a little finger when she’s excited and it gets damn sure exposed!

She in fact said that his tongue raked over her clit and she shuddered all over from it… I then began to go on about how that was my “quest” per say was “how” such things can so innocently happen between a woman and a male dog and why I was really into it all!

Of course she already knew that beyond a doubt. But now having that “first hand” experience about it she knew of it’s pleasures!!

I just told her that at anytime she so wanted and as I had told her numerous times past that if she ever wanted anything like that I’d damn sure be willing and damn proud to help!

She just looked right up at me and said: “Yeah like you “helped” my damn daughter”!!! Finally at last she then gave up her full intentions about that matter saying that she wasn’t mad about it; But she was “pissed” that first of all I “lied” to her about it; And secondly it being her own daughter it happened with!! Trying to smooth the “icing” over that cake I said; “Look now if anything happened between she and I you wouldn’t want to hear about it anyway would you”?

She looked at me again and said: “Hell no you “bastard” but dammit i know he’s been fucking her; And I was mad as hell about it until “Big Boy” did that shit to me”!! And all that being said she just finished her drink then and there and said; “Dammit get me drunk and lets talk about this”!!

I got up and fixed her another drink making this ever more powerful as she reached into her purse and took out some damn pill and just swallowed it down and truly did so when i gave her the drink and said::: “Damn woman pills and alcohol don’t mix at all” your gonna’ kill yourself with shit like that!!

She just grumbled out oh hell i take 4 of those a damn day and a bit of alcohol with it ain’t gonna’ hurt shit and this ain’t about my taking damn pills this about “what” you want to hear!

Silence certainly had come between us as I sat there watching her scared as hell that pills and alcohol will fuck a person up.

To many headlines in the news already about such things.

I was really damn concerned about her well being and said: “You haven’t had any wild ass thoughts about shit like suicide or anything have You?”

I guess the alcohol and that damn pill had at last loosened her mind up or freed it from being so damn uptight and hiding because she just looked at me and said: “Hell no I’m not having thoughts about killing myself!! I am having thoughts about fucking my dog!!!”

Then she continued with: “If we’re going to sit here and talk about my doing shit to myself then I’m fucking going home”!!! “I can hear that shit from that piece of shit husband of mine”!

I said “whoaaa” there “Momma” damn there’s no need to jump all over my ass girl I’m just worried about you and care that you don’t do something stupid to yourself”!

She just looked at me and said: “The only damn thing “stupid” I want to do is have sex with my damn dog”!

Well whatever “Big Boy” had truly done to that pussy of hers damn sure must have gotten her in a state of mind to damn sure not only want more of it, but wanted him to fuck her to!This was really sure as hell way, way, way, out of character for her since sex most of the time was something she just didn’t like much at all..

And no doubt her mind now was free of it’s chains that bound her because she then told me that hell yeah “Big Boy” had “licked” her and he “licked” her damn good to!!

She even said that as much as she luved having me do that to her that damn dog had fucking like hit a homer on that pussy!!

So no doubt he did indeed get to lick her good and proper and great that he had! She went on to tell me that he’d tried his damndest to get that tongue of his in her but no doubt her being so damn “tight” just wouldn’t allow much at all to happen.

But she sure did say he nearly made her lights go out from her having the damn most powerful ass orgasm of her life and said she nearly passed out and fell to the damn floor it was that damn good a one!

At last that matter now fully out in the open and I was glad this poor pent up woman about sex was at last coming out of that damn closet and shell of hers and being able to at last enjoy it!!

With that all now out of the way and the ship under sail into the sea I said so what do you want me to “do” or help you with!

She just looked me dead in the eyes and that very thing a woman gets in those eyes when damn well excited or wanting true outright lust and pleasure showed like a full moon.

Looking at me that way she just said:: “Damn this is sick of me to even ask your ass this but I wwwant ttttoooo fffuuuck mmmy dog”!!!!

I said : “So when do you want to do all this”?

Well it didn’t take but a moment to hear from her: “Right Now” “Tonite”!! “I want it all tonite”!!!!

I then added:: “Damn girl you better not drink anymore because your dog is at your home”! “Which is by the way 20 miles away from here”!

She still looking me right into the eyes and then said:::: “He sure as hell ain’t he’s here in town right now”!!!

I said and where to hell is he??

She then shuddered all over and said::: “He’s at “her” house (not even discussing names) and I bet she’s already fucking him”!!

I said: “Whooooaaaaa there Momma you mean you brought him over with you”?

She said: “You damn right I did and I want him to fuck me and I want you to help him fuck me”!

Of course I said well hell no problem in all that and no matter what else I’d damn have already helped you had I known anything!! So she then carried on saying how this could never be told or said to anyone(sounds familiar) and that this was going to be our thing and our thing only!!

I mean to admit to you all this absolutely had me dumbfounded because i’ve known this woman for nearly all of our lives and have known all her secrets and all her desires and it damn sure never had once ever and I mean ever been about one thing to do with “Pleasure”!!

And to be honest with you as well is that as she was telling me all this stuff my mind was trying to figure out just how in the hell she was going to be able to even try and take his cock at all!!

Because as I’ve said earlier this woman has one damn “TIGHT” pussy!!!

Oh there was no doubt in my mind my getting her ready to fuck her pet oh that wasn’t a thing but normal “routine” in that manner. It was absolutely knowing that this was going to be something to behold if he indeed “could” and “did” fuck her!

Well this and that was said and finally she just asked me to take her to go get him since she had no damn business even driving now and sure as hell was going to be an all night guest of mine..

And what’s even more I knew that in the times i’ve “helped” i’ve seldom gotten to actaully get any of that pussy myself outside of maybe getting to lick it and such foreplay things as that but few times had; or have; I ever fucked the woman first!!

With all that out of the way and into the full absolute open at last my man dawg ways about me sure as hell kicked into high ass gear!!

As we left and went to get “Big Boy” for the sole reason and purpose of him to be at my home; fucking the hell out of his mastress!! His female owner!

I know one thing having it been the alcohol or the damn pill or just all out lust and horniness in that woman she was acting like she was “itching” to be fucked!!

We got to her daughters and of course “daughter” now wants to know what to hell am I doing there at her house with “her” mom in tow, and half drunk, and wanting her damn dog!!!

One thing was for damn certain that her daughter just looked at me with that? “you mean my moms going to get fucked tonite by a male dog” way and had her hand over her mouth; as this look of such came over her and just “looked at me” and just did that lip saying thing;

“Is this what I think it’s about”?

I nodded my head yes not in any way to let her mom know that her own daughter and I already had a “thing about all this.

Well one thing for certain the “daughter” was damn sure comfortable talking about it all and far less pent up about her “sexual emotions” or feelings!!

But she damn sure agasped about knowing that her mom was going to get eaten; And fucked; Tonite by her dog!!

I didn’t want to say a thing and actually didn’t I just smiled at her and nodded my head yes and shrugged my shoulders and lip said to her “She came to my house and yeah it’s that”!!!

Her daughter had this instant look in her eyes and her face showed she was absolutely wishing from hell and back; She could stroll along and see this happen!!

“Oh she’s a devious little bitch at times believe me”!!

And for whatever reason it was she so had that want to look in her eyes and face meant something far deeper was at play than just that!!!”

I truly felt as though what kind of a damn “wasp” nest have I stuck my damn hand into here!!

I have helped the “two” of the three “daughters” get fucked by their pets and now here’s the “Mom” at my door wanting me to help her get it from hers. And daughter 3 here wants to damn sure watch!!!

Now “appalled” or downright “sickened” by the thought I’d sure as hell understood but to absolutely want to see it now that was all new territory to me!! And more of that later in the story!!!

So we get “Big Boy” as daughter follows us to the car the whole time nudging me and saying;; “I want to come over”

As Mom is in front of us all and “Big Boy” following the one he was going to get some of this nite and I flat had to lean over to her daughter and say.. “I can’t let you come over for this”!!! “Oh hell no girl”!! “Your Mom would sure as hell know it”!!

She just snickered evilly and whispered in my ear;

“No she won’t not if she’s anything like me”!

Well she certainly had a point about that since when she got it her little ass was altogether all out of it and in a world I don’t think she could even recall.!!! Maybe that tree is just like that apple after all?

So in the car goes “Big Boy” and sitting in the backseat acting he was a damn human and panting heavy as he always did and glad the ride was about to begin.

The Mom on the other hand with her absolute now “lust” filled mind and way relaxed “morals” from her usual self.

And a tad bit feeling giddy from the mixed drinks, and who knows how that damn pill had her feeling.

And of course daughter who was wanting to load up herself and go over and watch this had this whole damn thing way tilted to hell out of proportions!!

Mom gets in front seat and acts like she can’t get away from there fast enough and says i’m staying over at his house tonite since I’ve had a few drinks and I’ll see you tomorrow we are going back to have some “parent” fun and her daughter just looked at her and “smiled” and said ; “Yeah Mom I know what’s going to happen”!!!

So during all that going on I’m getting in to drive back and then out the drive way we back as daughter just has this damn I want to go to, look on her face as we pull away and come to my house.

Her mom just looked at me and said: ” Damn they think sex is only something they can enjoy and have!!”

The whole trip back to my house she was acting like she couldn’t get there fast enough and get this started as she was deep in her thoughts and I could tell by how she was sure enough ‘squirming’ in that seat of hers;

And she was damn sure ready and sure as hell “wanting” to get fucked tonite!!

Once arriving there and in the house she beelines for the liquor again and I just play with “Big Boy” for a moment or two as she comes into the living room where we are and sits down and says; “Don’t wear him out one bit, he’s going to need every bit of his strength here in a bit”!!

Well knowing all to well how all this usually ends I would say she better head up all the steam she can muster to climb that mountain!

She finishes her drink and then just excuses herself to go freshen up a bit as I still play with “Big Boy” throwing a ball I had when “his” dad was alive!

Big Boy is the son of my dog Yellar that I had until he got loose one day and was ran over by a vehicle. And believe me Big Boy suited this sibling of Yellars well. He is nearly my waist tall and a huge Yellow Lab!

They even offered after “Yellar” died to give Big Boy to me but I really didn’t want another pet so they kept him.

And Big Boy was absolutely all muscle and furr. though not the long haired type of Lab but he sure as hell was a Big Big Boy!!

After the pause in the action and My having to go around and pick things back up that Big Boys damn tail would swipe and knock off the coffee table “She returns”!!

Now whether she truly had every single bit of this planned or not I have no idea but one things for certain; she had her stay over clothes in her sport bag!!

For now in she walks into the room nothing more than a wrap around thing over her under garments; and sits down on the sofa and looks at me and says: “So mr. know it all just what are we supposed to do to get this going!!?”

Her attitude had certainly seemed to change vastly than when she arrived and she was more “demanding” and very “forward” now in her actions and speech!

Of course my being as sarcastic to someone as they are me then said: “So I guess you expect a date and be wined and dined first”!!

She gave me this look of go to hell in a handbasket and said: “Well it’s pretty damn obvious we cannot go out on a date”!!

So before this became her “getting” any madder I said:

“Well what do You want first” “foreplay” “Me”? or just Him”?

That certainly seemed to put her right back in her place per say!

After just sitting there with her legs propped up on the coffee table and

swinging them out and back she then said: “O.k. You Know I’m not a very sexual minded Woman and truly up until he licked the hell out of me I can only recall that you were the only man that ever truly pleasured me”!!

Well damn the attitude was back to normal.

She just carried on saying: I want him to “eat” me out again! Then went on to say: It was just all to awkward and neither he, nor I knew what to do about it!

Well it looked as though I certainly had my hands full on this one! I went and sat down beside her then and we “began” to discuss this matter in complete and total depth now! And after finding out that what her true problem with it all was was that when he had licked her “standing” up as she was; he couldn’t get all that greatly at her pussy.

I just got up and said: Follow me into the bedroom and we’ll get this going!

So certainly no problem in that happening as she and “Big Boy” alike went into bedroom with me and both acting a bit giddy seemingly know what they were going to do;

Big Boy sure as hell knew and she damn sure knew::

And that being that the times I’d been involved in this all it was always having to search around for what would work perfect for lineup, comfort, etc.!

Well I had certainly solved all that with a perfect sulution! I built a “breeding seatie”

I found an old ottoman someone had wanted to get rid of at a garage sale or something of that nature and took it home “revamped” it a bit and walla the perfect breeding seatie!

She just looked at that and back at me and said “Now just what are you showing me?”

So I explained to her how I’d made it and made it; in fact adjustable legged so that it could be raised or lowered for the womans comfort and for the males as well!!

After the “daughters” encounter I wanted something that was built for none other than this very purpose.

It was very much cushioned and I put new fabric over it and made it soft and yet firm enough that one wouldn’t sink to much when sitting or leaning or laying on it for that matter.

She just looked at me and said: “You mean you made that for this and this only”?

I of course told her well not really it is a great item to just sit on and have in a room for such; but yeah it’s true design and build was for this very thing.

The usual i’ve got to try it thing set in and she sat down on and was saying; it was very comfortable and a great thing to just sit on. I just then said: Well why don’t you get undressed and I’ll take “Big Boy” and get him ready for action.

She just sits there enjoying the feel and softness of the “breeding seatie” and I get “Big Boy” to follow me; stopping first to get a pair of “booties” that I’d bought and knew they’d come in damn handy after seeing how well they worked when “daughters” adventure happened.

So I have him in the living room and get him “dressed” with his booties over both his front paws and hind ones as he prances about getting used to the feel of this new way of things.

Then we go back into the bedroom to find her now naked and laying on her back with feet off the seat and legs spread apart; As I and “Big Boy” get a look at what was going to be a major “chore” to accomplish everything tonite! And that was her nice tight twat!!

Of course the fact she had nothing more than mere bean pole like legs which were a full indication she was; and has always been a very skinny woman!

I guess some people are blessed or even cursed with such a body and she sure as hell had always been that her entire life.

But what really mattered most in all this is that her pussy like her body was, small, and tiny, in itself!

Even laying there more or less on her back and half sitting up on her elbows on the seatie and legs spread open in a good wide open position her pussy lips still “clung” together.

She has that type of mound per say that sure there’s the swollen labia part of it but she had a that thin set of lips attached to that with the crown of her clit right there above them!

I just leave her and “Big Boy” there together for the moment; And went to the closet and got out the Lounge back support and took it to her and said put this behind you and lay back on it and get comfortable.

Well that done she just looks up at me and says;

“Damn I could fall asleep like this”!

Sleep surely would be something she’d get afterwards but it was going to be slow and tedious till then! She was sort of in a “mood” a woman gets in when she is fully ready for pleasure.

But she was more into the comfort of the seatie and being supported by the lounge pillow.

That soon began to change when I led huge “Big Boy” right up between her legs and having his huge body seem to tower way above her tiny thin one made it damned obvious this was not going to be easy at all.

So I had her get up and then adjusted each front leg of the seatie higher up and repinned the legs into place. And she sat back down again now saying you very ingenuous son of a bitch how did you do that?

Then getting back into her position and opening her legs wide again I led “Big Boy” right up between them now with perfect “aim” with his snout to have him neither bend down nor have to reach up to lick her!

It was then that the “nervousness” sat in with her; As she realized that his huge body was making her look so tiny and insignificant.

The very awkwardness of the first time for them was very much into play since outside of his having sought out the perfect moment to lick her pussy standing up it was all different to him now, with her “openly” laid out on her back before him for it this time.

And her alike not really knowing what to expect or what was going to happen herself.

But nature certainly took it’s course as “Big Boy” sniffed the air no doubt getting that fine “smell” of a human woman’s aroused scent and he just did that a few times moving his head around trying to figure where this was coming from.

At that point there was no “foreplay” like a human male would most likely do it was his pure animalistic instinct that made him close his head in closer and closer and seeking out that scent of arousal and it’s source!!

As she lay there shuddering with fearful desire and need and then; “BAM”!!

He snaked his long overly thick tongue out and licked right from her ass to over her clit; then and there as she shot her ass up and cried out: “” OOOOhhhhhh MMMyyyyyyyy GGGddddddd”!

And as his huge tongue retracted from its target her clit was now hard as a rock and “glistening” from his tongues wetness, as was her now quivering cunt lips!

Then the pause was over as he once again lashed his huge tongue right back out and over her entire cuntal mound and raked it up along it’s entirety as her head tossed about, and her hands gripped like hell, at the lounge pillows arms and her ass, shot up like a rocket from the seatie and she gave out another cry of it happening!

His huge tongue retreated back and leaving her there “gasping” and twisting her thin small body as she was coming back down from the licking experience. This went on several more times as she’d go crazy and cry out; “OOOhhhhhh itttt’sssss ssssooo ggggoooodddd”!

Only to be left there in total hanging when he just pulled his tongue back and was sampling as it seemed her taste.

But as if now satisfied that he wanted more he licked that huge tongue out now repeatedly over her entire mound filling even the area between her inner most thighs and mound area as well leaving it every bit now glistening from his wet tongues raking over it!

She was thrashing wildly about her ass flying up; and now staying that way; as her head swung back and forth and her cries of how how good it was were getting more and more closer together!

Big Boy just began to really lick at her pussy as she had her ass raised in the air and twisting her hips wildly about as he began to assault that pussy good and proper!

The whole time her screaming out: “Ohhhhhh itttt’s ssssoooo ggggoood” followed with loud cries of “Ohhhh mmmmyyy ccccliittttttisssssss thrrrobbbinnnggg”

Nothing as yet had happened with his tongue except raking it over her entire cunt area in one long torturous lick after another.

Her cunt lips were very wetly covered now and splayed strikingly out against her swollen labia and his tongue was forming right to it all now raking through that exposed sensitive area as she was going absolutely crazy with the intense pleasure that semi rough dog tongue was giving her!

And more and more he licked faster and faster and faster sensing that there was no doubt her womanly juices were starting to appear from somewhere deep within what he was licking his best over and over trying to get more of!!

He began to use an alternate way of licking her by raking over her entire pussy in one long and now fast manner then trying to “drive” his huge ass tongue into her tight pussy but only the very tip of it could even accomplish anything except to spread her lips out tightly to it as it barely drove up into them.

The whole time now her bucking and rocking wildly swinging her upraised ass and hips like a mad woman and crying out!”OOOOOhhhhhh HHHeee’ssss TTTTrrrryyyyinnggg ttttoooo GGGeetttttt IIIIttttt IIInnn MMMMMeeeeeeee”!!!!!

No doubt Big Boy was trying to do just that because he was now setting in to try and drive his huge thick tongue into her pussy but she was just so damn tight; it just wouldn’t succeed as yet!!

But he sure was getting a bit deeper and deeper now though still not having fully gotten that tight as hell thing opened enough to drive his huge long tongue where he wanted to!!

And she began to scream out herself that she was being stuffed and opened up and stretched and was absolutely now crying out that it felt so “rough” and so “big” and she damn sure was now wanting more of it!!

Poor Big Boy was about trying to break his tongue muscle trying his damndest to shove it into such a tight hole;

Yet was absolutely forcing it to go as bit by tiny little bit it dug into that tiny tight pussy the lips splayed out along his tip tightly stretch taught at just the very tip working into it, and making her go even more bezerk as she screamed out: “OOOOhhhhhhhhh GGGGGDDDDDDD IIIIItttttssss sssstreeeetchinggggg Meeeeee ttttooo MMUUUcch” “OOOOHHH itttts sssssssooooooo rrrrrough”!!!

It was at that moment I knew it was time to step in on this and either stop him altogether or some damn how help him get her pleasured to the hilt and back with his huge tongue!!

I sat down there on her side and said: Do you want him to stop?

She just cried out: “OOOHHHH ittt’s sssssooooo Gggoood bbbutttt hhhissss tttongues so RRRRrough andddddd BBBBBiggggg”!!!!

I then just looked down to see that his huge tongue was curling up and the tip of it now nearly sinking through her cuntal opening entirely knowing he had stretched her at least that wide open to take that much of his huge tongue.

But her lips looked like they would absolutely rip apart and explode they were being so damn stretched apart by his huge ass driving tongue and her clit was surely fairing none better since he had that thing jerking all over at the top of her lips as he tried his damnedest to shove more and more tongue up into her!!!

Finally it was happening he was getting just a bit further each time she was shaking all over and her legs thrashing as she was now getting the full feel of what it felt like to have a tongue that damn big licking out her tight as hell pussy.

I really wished I had thought this all out more and had I truly known it was going to happen I sure as hell would have borrowed a much smaller sized male to pleasure her!!

But this was the moment and truth and the reality that she was trying her damnedest and he was to to get that huge thick as hell tongue up into her even two or three inches!!

She was absolutely now screaming out how much more to big it was and yet she continued on by trying herself to drive her pussy towards his tongue each time it tried to sink deeper and tunnel her open enough to take the full of it’s length and thickness!!

She did finally succeed in having one hell of an orgasm and she soaked his tongue good, but all he got was barely more than that huge tip up into her!!

Once he was satisfied that he’d gotten all the “nectar” from her he could he stopped licking and she just fell to the seatie and was breathing heavy as hell in a world of total and complete pleasure!!! Oh she’d been pleasured alright but she now wanted more and after the last encounter and her trying her best and ol’ Big Boy trying to do his best to tongue her good and deep but that just couldn’t happen!!

That nights pleasures ended she finally got up and put pajamas on and we went back into the living room but now she was cuddled up against me her head on my shoulder totally contempt and damn well satisfied:: I took her and him back to her daughters the next morning and her daughter gave me the pinky and thumb signal to call her::

Oh she pried and pried to get information from me as I ask her where her mom was and said her and him went right to bed!! And damned if both weren’t snoring!! I finally told her that all her mom got was short licking and that his tongue was just to damn big for her::

Which made daughter snicker and say oh hell I forgot all about how mom don’t do anything like this at all and we ended our conversation;

Some weeks went by and nothing much in the way of anything happening at all though she seemed a bit more open talking about it with me more.

And I expressing to her that what she really needed was a way smaller male dog to perform this task. So the search was pretty much on now to find her one that could compatibly mate with her and give the full experience of a good tongue!!

I as yet had not seen this dog though asking her daughter about it she said he was damn sure just that an absolute ugly as hell Mutt. Evilly snickering and saying: “Oh I know why she got that thing;

Hell yeah I know why and so do you!” Dammit I want you to call me when she comes over there and I know damn good and well she’s going to do just that!!

Because she is just to damn scaredey cat to do it herself!! Well again here we went with this coming back to surface and I finally told her if I found a chance and some way I would call her:: That seemed to satisfy her as she hung up::

Well sometimes things have their own way of working themselves out and she calls me one morning bright and early and says: “Guess What” And went on telling me that someone in the small town she lived in had a mutt to give away to a good home and she’d gone over the past nite and looked him over and was getting him in a few days when they were leaving town…

A couple days later she gives me a call again this time to tell me she has this “mutt” now and that indeed his name was “Mutt Mutt” pretty fitting a name for Mutt I guess. 2 days after that she calls me late one evening and says I and “Mutt Mutt” are coming over so get the “alcohol” ready and the “you know what”!

I tidied up a bit all around the house and the breeding seatie since it hadbecome more a throw things on thing than what’s it true intended use was! I then put the lounge pillow on it and have everything set up as I hear her car pulling into my drive way and hear two car doors open and close and soon a knock at the door and there before me is the Mom and this “Mutt” and believe me he was a “Mutt”!

The poor dog looked like he had a stew pot of genes all thrown off into his ass but no doubt he wasn’t even half the size of what Big Boy was.

He had a semi long snout with wire hair all over it grey in places with white and brown seemingly collided together making him look a more dark cream color and no doubt he had plenty of short wire hair all over his body and looked like he was just this and that body wise!

He even had a wire hair tail cast with this same colliding colors making him look ever more way a Mutt than anything else.

She just leads him into the house of which he was indeed a well mannered dog and sat obediently at her feet as she planted on the sofa and just looked about laying there with no concern in the least for what was going on around him.

After settling in a moment and she says: He’s a really good dog, and minds really well and is very much housebroken.

So small talk out of the way and greetings done I ask her what sort of drink she’d like and she said make what I had the last time I was here.

I make her a rum and coke and grab of course a beer for myself and return and she sipped on her drink making small talk once again and feeling truly I guess relaxed.

This went on as she consumed several more mixed drinks and was loosening up per say and at last then said; “I’ve brought my over nite bag and “Mutt Mutt” and I are staying over tonite!”

She gets up goes to her car grabs her bag, comes back in, and puts it in the spare bedroom I have for guest and such and the very room in which “the breeding seatie” is, Then returns and sits back down and finishes her drink.

The whole time Mutt Mutt just lays there looking about without a care in the damn world and while she had gone outside I had felt so compelled to say to him; “Are you ready to get some pussy tonite boy?”

All he seemed to do was shake that god awful tail of his letting me know he knew I was talking to him but no other response was shown by him.

She sits there and has another couple rounds now, getting a bit more giddy and ever more intoxicated though nowhere near anything that would be drunk or such as that and stands up and says; “Well I’m ready now so let’s go!”

She actually is the one that leads the way as I get Mutt Mutt up and he follows obediently right into the bedroom along with us and sits over by the bed just looking at us humans as if he was saying lay the fuck down and chill out with me. She goes into the bathroom to freshen up:

And I get Mutt Mutt up and grab the booties placing them on his front paws and though no where nearly as tight as they fit Big Boy but very sufficient enough to do the job.

As we’re all ready and in she comes, naked as can be and places her clothes over on the spare dresser in that room and then and there goes and lays down onto the breeding seatie without a single word and is on her back resting comfortably on the lounge pillow with her shoulders and upper back and opens her legs widely apart and awaits the action.

There was nothing said, nothing anything except her outright without any verbal thing, laying on the breeding seatie naked as can be and awaiting her newly found luvr to come pleasure her!

Mutt Mutt just looked at her and finally did manage to get up and go over to her and I repositioned him between her legs and hopefully awaited to see at long last her go crazy as a proper to form dog gave that tight ass pussy a going over good!!

He just started licking at her thin bony thighs and seemed to start to move up and as she became ever more scented with womanly lust his nose seemed to pick it up fine and managed to move in closer and closer between her outspread thighs sniffed and licked ever closer to where she wanted him and that was getting his tongue up inside her and at last having that deep pleasure a woman gets from that!

Well Mutt Mutt finally licks his way up to that tight pussy of hers and first sniffs at it a few times then halfheartedly gives it a licking over as she lays there now letting out a low moan,

As he seems to savor the taste of her and then shoots out his much smaller tongue than Big Boy and licks right over her entire lips as she comes up off the seatie with her ass and gives out an even louder moan of pleasure.

This went on for many moments and then suddenly as if he was pleased that he was about to drink from a delicious well of water he started in licking her pussy really good!

She was thrashing her head about with her ass and torso up in the air as Mutt Mutt was now licking her pussy ever increasingly going over the entire area of it and across that wonderful now fully swollen clit of hers.

Then suddenly as if that weren’t enough for him he lashes his fairly long but much thinner tongue out and drills it right up into her pussy!!

She about then and there lost everything as her ass really shot up and her hips twisted in a gyrating fashion as she scream out: “OOOOhhhhhhh YYYeeeahhhh OOOhhhh ittt’s gggggoinggg in Meeeee”!

He was really starting to drive his tongue up into her pussy she was screaming out that it was going so deep inside her and felt so damn good she couldn’t take it!!

He must have somehow managed to get his tongue to rake over her g spot because she was crying out he was licking over something in her that was driving her absolutely crazy and as those words seemed to escape her,

Her entire body shuddered all over and shook wildly and her head threw wildly back as her face turned a reddish color and her neck muscles were straining from the intensity of her now fully blown orgasm!!

She came alright and the absolute sounds of his long slender tongue driving way up into her pussy and sloppily drawing out her juices filled the room and at last that woman had one of those multiple orgasms and came as she’d never come before!!

Well Mutt seemed to sense the party was over with that and cleaned the last remnants of that up from inside her leaving her pussy a drenched wet mess all over her lips and labia!!

The next part was now awaiting to begin as she seemed to settle back down to earth and lay there gasping heavily for air and shakily saying: “OOOhhhhhh ggggggdddd TTTTThattt wass GGGGoood”!

“IIII CCould Feel his tongue wway uuup in MMMEEE”!!

Well knowing that no doubt this was indeed Mutts Mutts first woman experience I let her calm down and subside from the mind blowing orgasm she’d just had and then said : “Do You Want Him to Fuck You”?

She just lay there panting herself for breath still trying to regain all her senses from the orgasm and then finally said: “WWWillll Heeeee FFFiitttt innn Meee?”

No doubt she was very concerned that his cock would be in fact to big to pleasure her since she had one very tight pussy!

I just said: “Well I have no doubt that he can get it all in you”!!

And in fact as Mutt Mutt sat there between her wide open shaking legs his little tip was poking out and it was a mere pencil size in girth though the tip of it now fully exposed was indeed a bit long!

The very true part of his actual cock wasn’t more than that either maybe the size of a big pencil or something of that nature but truly nothing that would give her any trouble in taking in that tight ass pussy of hers!

She just lay there looking at me and then him as if wandering in her mind to go the next step of all this and then suddenly her eyes cast down to see that little dog dick of his and her eyes opened widely as she saw exactly what I’d already seen and that was the disproportionate size of his long little tip to the other part of his cock just barely of course making it’s debut outside his sheath!

She looked at me and said: “He’s nnnott vvverrry Biggg is Hee”!

I explained no he wasn’t but knew for a fact that what she was looking at right now sure as hell wasn’t what would swell and become an ever greater pleasure for her later on!!

She just then said: “SSSoooo wwwhatt ddddo we dddooo nowww t to tooo f fffuck”?

I explained she could stay as she is though since neither of them had never done it before and more so with each other that she probably should get on her belly and lay over the breeding seatie and let him mount her that way!

So she just flips right over onto her small thin belly and parks her knees on the floor and spreads them apart leaving her very nicely rounded ass even in her older years right up into the air her mound clearly visible since she’s no more than a toothpick build type of woman!

Her hairy busy around her pussy was wet and all but dripping with her juices from them those little pouty lips of hers swollen with fevered desire and lust and pleasure.

Mutt Mutt seemed to catch on to this idea rather quickly as he just stood up walked right against her thin parted legs and gives her a couple more good licks driving her crazy from that happening and then and there jumps right up onto her and wraps his legs firmly around her very tiny thin waist and moves his hind end up for the kill!!

He stabs wildly several times and she is crying out;

“He’s nottt getting it in mee!” and then just as suddenly as that happened he hits the mark and sends that long little tip right up her pussy!!

She just flung her head back and screamed out: “OOOhhhhhh iitttt’s ggggoingggg innn meeee” followed right by: “OOOh ittttt’s hhhotttt oh ittt’s sssoooo Hootttttt”!!!

Her face redened and eyes wide open with lust and feeling every bit of his hot little doggie cock.

Mutt Mutt wasted not a moment more as he drilled that little cock of his as deep as he could drill it making her scream out it was going so deep and was so hot it was burning her up inside! Her entire tiny thin maturely aged womanly body was now moving in ways it hadn’t in years as Mutt Mutt was continuing to drive his long thin little cock deeper!

Then suddenly she really went bezerk and screamed out: “OOOhhhh ggggddddddddd Hhheeee’s Hiittiinnnnnggg Sssoommeethinggg in Meeeee”!!!

Well no doubt that ol’ Mutt Mutt there had managed to get that long little red hot pecker of his all the way to bottom!!

He just now sat out to drill that tight little pussy of hers good and proper as he began to absolutely drive as hard as he could into her. Making her thin womanly body shoot up and back with each hard landing thrust!!!

She was crying out how it was hitting something up inside her and suddenly as that had gone on for many hard thrust she absolutely thrust her head into the air and screamed out:”OOOhhhhhh mmmmyyyyyyy GGGGddddddd ittt’ itt’soopppeeeniinnngggg sssommmeeeeethingggg innnnnnn Meeeeee”!!!!!!!

That exact moment her whole body shook all over and her face turned absolutely nearly red heated color; As her mouth was flung open and loud open gasp were coming from her!

No doubt now that Mutt Mutt was damned seated all up inside her and inside her damn good and proper at that!!

She was blurting out loud gruntal moans as each time he thrust hard against her now shaking with complete pleasure body and her head fell down as she folded right then and there upper body wise as Mutt Mutt was really plowing into her pussy now!!

Making that little ass of hers bounce back and forth all but driving her forward with each hard rapid thrust::

And the sounds of wet slurping like sounds was getting far more hearable and defined::

There was no doubt she was about to orgasm and orgasm from hell and back as the loud sounds of his fucking her filled the room. then slowly she seemed to come back to just in time to start crying out: “OOOhhhhhhh sssommeeethingsssss ttttryinnnng tttoooo gggooo innn meeee”!!!

As I began to hear that all to familiar sound of what a “knot” makes as it’s trying to gain entry into a woman’s pussy. Causing loud wet slapping sounds like a wet glove against a wall.

Then suddenly that sound stopped just as she flung her head up and screamed out:

“SSSoommeeethhingggsss SSSwelling OOOuuttttt I I Innnnn M M Meeeee”!

her head thrashing about wildly and her body was jerking and shaking and sure enough now as she was absolutely screaming out how it was throbbing and driving her crazy and then she folded once again onto the seatie!

As I could hear her give out total gruntal shouts as Mutt Mutt was undoubtedly now unloading his red hot come up inside her small tiny belly!!

And her whole body began to sweat and sweat more and more as all I could her get out once in a while was a sound of: ” HHHotttttt”!!!

Oooohhhhhh ssshiittttt hhheeee’s sqqquirttting soommeeething so hhhottttt innnnn mmemeeee!!””

FFFullll oooh iii’m ggettting full it’s filling meee uppppp tttooo muuuch innnnn there!!!

I just sat down there beside their tied together bodies each rocked to and fro with the pleasure of the other, and leaned over and said: “Is your belly burning up inside and you feel like your going to explode”?

All she could muster up to say or react was a with a nod of half yes as she was sweating from hell and back and now accepting his red hot cum inside her where no doubt no man had ever deposited it!!

This went on for many more minutes like this she to far gone from the absolute intensity of his red hot cock being buried where no man had gone before and Mutt Mutt atop her now totally spent himself and laying on her back panting wildly himself!!

They were absolutely locked together for at least 20 or 30 minutes until finally Mutt Mutt had regained his strength enough to re-stand atop her and then pulled free of her pussy and with leaking cock in tow he went and laid down..

Leaving her of course to lay there ass half in the air her whole body wrecked from the absolute passion his hot cock had given her still groaning out and her ass would shake wildly every once in a while.

To be honest with you I couldn’t resist looking between those thin legs of hers and that wildly jerking in air ass once in a while and seeing that Mutt Mutt had at last succeeded in opening that little tight pussy up enough to at least get a glimpse into it’s quivering and pulsating interior now gushing red hot dog cum from it’s depths.

I just then reached and took her small framed thin womanly body and flipped her right over onto her back as she grunted loud as hell as I moved her and her skinny little belly was now a rounded ball like look swollen out to show he had indeed gotten that tip up into her womb good and proper!!!

She lay there grunting and moaning and still sweating and when i even touched her belly and pushed slightly down on it she thrashed her head wildly and gave a grunt-al painful moan out!! Well that then told me no doubt that he’d succeeded in doing what I had hoped he would do to her!!

I of course now had long awaited for what I truly wanted to do to this now fully fucked and spent pussy and that was to get between those tiny thin long legs of hers and open them out and have a field day eating that pussy!!

The very moment my lips touched her swollen and now fully sensitive cunt lips she shook all over and gave an even louder grunt-al moan out as

I planted my mouth right over that small pussy of hers and sucked it as hard as I could making all that hot cum still warm and mixed with her juices and swallowed all I could of it as I sucked it ever more and more and her little skinny tiny belly gave way from it’s ballooned shape as she groaned; and shook all; over as even her legs shook;

And she cried out like hell as I ate all that hot cum from her I could!!

Shaking and shuddering from head to foot her head shaking about her hair flown all about her upper body her cries of how it was hotly leaving her swollen belly’s womb, into her pussy and then my mouth as I sucked on that pussy feeling her lips quivering and she was again gushing her own juices with his giving it all to me..

And when I finished and backed away she just slumped forward her legs shaking her little pussy gaped out a bit now that clit seemed to be throbbing and all of it telling me she had beyond one doubt just had soul retching gushing orgasm.

She at last came around enough to know that I was between her totally spent legs and giving her my own oral pleasure as she cried out:

“OOOHHHHHH YYYYessssss geeetttt itttttt ouuutttt offff Meeeee”!!

And in that came her pleading and crying out that it was burning her up inside and churning inside her where she’d never felt anything before!!

Well I certainly finished my chore and she just lay there exhausted as hell totally fucked and spent all out from it and just shakily said:

“I’ve Never Been Fucked like that”!!!

After finally recovering from her ordeal she shakily got up all but nearly loosing her balance so totally wrecked from it all and I helped her to my bed and she crawled into my arms and fell fast asleep so cuddled up against me and totally and completely satisfied as was Mutt Mutt. Who himself had not even moved from his spot. Yes that damn phone of mine was ringing and ringing and ringing I finally just turned it off:: Guess who was calling?

Well folks that concludes my whole series on this: But who knows maybe another mowing season will bring along new encounters!!