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Chapter 1 – The Capture

There are people of great merit and talent who live out their lives shunning their true potential. People with high intelligence or stunning beauty who actually hide their natural assets to embrace whatever benefits obscurity can afford them. Liz was one such person. Though adroit in intellect with a seemingly endless knowledge in a wide variety of subjects, she never chose to use her skill to advance herself professionally. Likewise, her very fit and curvaceous figure was obscured by a very drab and inconspicuous wardrobe while her elegantly chiseled face with lovely, wide blue eyes was hidden behind big, horned-rim glasses and loose strands of her thick reddish-brown hair. She was often chided by what little company she kept to step out from behind herself and flaunt her natural gifts, she remained resolutely loyal to her clandestine persona.

Liz left her bland, mundane job that evening with her usual diffident, subdued manner. That was the way she lived her life, very unobtrusive and discreet. She made it quite plain to everyone that she did not want any undue attention and she worked hard to keep it that way. To look at her one would wonder why she worked so hard to be unnoticeable. She was kind, considerate and likable but she kept her circle of close friends small and all of her relationships cordial but detached. In actuality, it was all a cover up. She had another life. A life she worked diligently to keep secret. It was a life that would bring devastating shame upon her if any of the most apparent facts were revealed and absolute danger if the entire truth were known. Regardless, it was a condition that necessitated regular remedy. Tonight she left her job with particular little fanfare to avoid delaying entanglements. Tonight she would not be going directly home.

Liz sought replenishment. Reinvigoration. Rejuvenation. It was a regular semi-monthly ritual she needed to partake in. It was pleasurable for her but involved enduring certain unsavory places and uncomfortable encounters that a lady should not put herself in, no matter how familiar the practice was to her or how dire her need.

When she finished work she drove far from her familiar territory and ventured to an area where she was sure not to meet anyone who might know or recognize her. The place she was going to was not completely new to her, but a place she took extra care in not frequenting twice within any eight-week period. After a fifty-five minute drive she arrived at her destination. The sign in front read ‘Wicked Wanda’s Pleasure Palace’ and beneath it ‘Adult books, Novelties, XXX Arcade’. It was a den for sexually starved and lonely men to exercise their unrequited longing, no place at all for an attractive, young auburn haired woman with a spotless and carefully guarded social reputation. As Liz approached she took notice of the number of cars in the parking lot before pulling into the lot of the abandoned motel on the far side of the book store. She parked her car and turned off the engine. There were not enough cars gathered yet. More important, it was still far too light out and she couldn’t stand the idea of being seen going into that place even if there were no chance of anyone she knew being in the area. The only car on the road was the one that had been behind her which pulled into the book store lot and parked on the far side. She knew more would come when it got dark.

She took the time to get ready and relax before she made her dash to the door. She took a black trench coat from the back seat and pulled around her shoulders and then plunged her arms into both the sleeves. Off came her glasses which she did not really need but had become a habit to wear. She checked the pockets for her essential supplies; a can of pepper spray, an envelope containing a few crisp five dollar bills, a damp wash cloth, and a small wooden wedge. She pulled a black stocking cap over her head and then tucked her long, wavy trusses up into it. Taking a last careful look around, she hiked up her skirt, arched to lift her rump from the car seat and then pushed her pantyhose and panties down past her knees in one swift motion. She kicked off her shoes and pulled the filmy material down and off of both feet, tossing the balled up bunch on the seat beside her.

Now, she would wait for the right time. In the fresh stillness, her mind wandered over the years, over her situation, over her need. She had been to worse places and had done much worse things to satisfy her hunger. She thought back and was amazed at how calloused she had become to all of this, toward all sexual things in general. Her mind finally came to rest on how it all started; how she was then; that night so long ago when her entire life changed.


Bess is what she was called then. Her mother had named her Elizabeth, after The Queen, for she was born on her coronation day. She worked as a house servant, a maid, indentured into the house of Lord Cabbot, the county liege and magistrate, to settle her father’s debts. She was a fetching young maiden and she caught the fancy of many a young townsmen as well as traveling merchants.

Her heart had belonged to a strong, handsome young man who had asked for her hand but lacked the money to buy out her servitude. After much discussion and many tears they had settled on his plan to seek his fortune overseas while she waited for him to return and free her.

Every night she walked down to the inn at the crossroads and watched for the arrival of the coach from Brighton; waiting for her love to come home. Every night she waited and every night she went home in bitter disappointment. Weeks passed. Months passed. Years passed and still no word from her love. Many men, young and old, wealthy and more wealthy asked for her hand and to buy out her debt. She would not hear of it. She waited resolutely for her young man to return to her.

As the years passed, her beauty slowly faded until nothing was left but a tired old woman. Likewise, all of her young woman anticipations had crumbled into old woman regrets. None the less, she continued her nightly vigil out of habit more than hope, the thought of forsaking it was maddening to her. She had emptied herself into her expectations and become a ghost haunting her own life. Children laughed at her for a fool. They taunted her and called her The Seaman’s Wife. She laughed at herself. She laughed until she cried. The promise of her youth and beauty had been wasted on a lost dream. Yet, she kept on with her nightly sentry in front of the inn. A victim of her own faith, diligence and love, she became the very portrait of sadness.

It was on that particular, fateful, moonlit night, she was making her way through town on her nightly watch for the coach when she saw a dark cloaked figure standing at the side of the market square. Bess thought it odd to encounter much of anyone in her nightly walk but this one was exceptionally strange. As Bess approached the square the figure turned to face her but did not move in any other way. Bess passed on the opposite side of the road, the figure stood silently, turning slowly to mark Bess’ passage. As Bess walked by she watched the figure. Under the hood, drawn low over the figure’s face, she could see only a dainty feminine chin and a small mouth smiling slightly as if in recognition.

Bess continued on toward the crossroads and tried not to trouble herself about the encounter. She glanced back to again take note of the solitary figure. To her surprise, the woman had quietly crossed the road and was now following. Bess doubled her pace, her mind pouring over what manner of being was behind her and what did she seek. As she reached the crossroads, she turned to look over her shoulder again and saw that the cloaked woman was gaining on her.

As she looked, she noted the woman’s carriage was so smooth and graceful she seemed to float above the ground, and her step was so light she made not a sound. It filled Bess’ heart with dread as the mysterious figure took on specter-like prowess. She hurried herself to a near trot, seeking the light and relative safety of the inn. Her imagination ran wild over the horrors and mystery of the dark. Each step she made became a struggle for her existence, every breath she took she feared to be her last. She broke into a full run, desperate to reach the inn. She felt as though claws and fangs were just inches behind her, ready to snatch away her life.

When she reached the lantern post in front of the inn she grasped it for support and protection and spun around to find the dark, phantom figure a mere 5 paces behind her, hovering in eerie silence amid the dim shadows.

“Who approaches? Speak thy bidding,” blurted Bess, unable to bridle her waxing fear!

The cloak parted. One pale, delicate hand raised in admonition while the other drew back the hood. “Courage, gentle heart,” said the woman in a soft, soothing voice. “I bear thee no malice.” Her manner and diction were that of gentry or at least one who passed among them. The opened cloak revealed a bodice of intricately embroidered silk, trimmed with the finest of French lace. Coils of light golden locks framed the face of a fair, young maiden with skin white as cream and smooth as porcelain, and cheeks glowing in a soft kiss of rose. “I would speak with thee this night,” she continued.

Bess’ fear gave way to relief in the presence of so fine a lady. “Thy pardon, m’ lady. ‘tis the late hour trying on an old woman’s mind,” she offered in her common, cockney brogue and then curtseyed, as was requisite. “At thy service.”

The young woman advanced a pace and coolly asked, “Art thou she who is named Bess, maid servant to The Lord Magistrate?”

“Aye, m’ lady,” Bess answered obligingly.

“’tis thy habit to greet the coach by the inn every eve,” pressed the lady?

“Aye. I am here… every night,” replied Bess. It was odd to be addressed so directly by a stranger but Bess deferred in light of the woman’s obvious station.

“Thou art she who bade farewell to her love nigh on many years ago,” continued the maiden, still advancing?

“Aye, again m’ lady,” Bess answered sadly.

“And thou art she who waits by the side of the road for his return these nigh on many years hence,” asked the maiden?

“Aye, m’ lady. How knowest thou my misfortunes,” Bess asked with a sob?

“Thy tale of woe forebears thee. Be comforted,” said the maiden, now standing toe to toe with Bess and placing a hand on her shoulder, “I bring thee a gift of great value.”

“O grace, what gift could this tired old woman value,” asked Bess in a sunken voice?

“A gift that would repair thy broken life. I would impart to thee a new life and lives many times fold,” said the enchanting young lady, her voice rising to a disturbingly sinister mirth.

“I beg thy pardon m’ lady but ’tis folly. Surely thou jests with me,” said Bess, feeling uneasy with so strange a statement and the unnatural evil the notion implied.

“A gift of eternal life and beauty,” persisted the maiden, her face now but inches from Bess’. “I offer thee The Jharum and its many blessings.”

She brought her lips to Bess’ as for to kiss her. Horror stricken, Bess stepped back and into the road. “’tis devilry! Thou art a witch,” accused Bess! Her eyes were wild with terror and backing further away she pointed a finger in warning. “Fie on thee, spirit! Be gone and let a good soul pass!” In a panic, Bess ran headlong down the road to escape the dreaded menace. She looked back toward the inn as she turned at the crossroads and saw the young woman advancing on her, cloak drawn, and gliding over the wayside in the same graceful, floating canter.

Bess’ heart raced as fear gripped her like never before. She ran now not just for her life but for her very soul. Passing the market square, she tripped on a loosened cobblestone and fell upon the road. As she gathered herself and rose to her feet she glanced back to see the lady in steadfast pursuit, cloak flying behind her and gaining fast. Bess redoubled her pace, darting around corners and through alleys, seeking the shortest way home and trying to evade the caped woman’s sight.

At last she arrived at her master’s courtyard and sought quick refuge. Her mind was in alarm and she expected the terrible specter to spring upon her at any instant. She ran to the open stable door and stumbled again, sprawling onto her back over the bed of straw. She was too weary to run any more and she lay still, hoping she was beyond danger. She caught her breath to stifle any sound and waited; too scared to move.

Then, absolute doom seized her. The dark shadow of a cloaked figure fell across her and blocked the moonlight shining through the doorway.

Without uttering a sound the elegant lady stepped lightly to Bess’ side, untied the cloak and then cast it off her shoulders. She sank slowly to her knees and placed a pacifying hand to Bess’ brow. “Fear not,” she whispered, “All will be well. Thou shalt feel no pain nor lose thy soul. ‘tis not witchcraft, ‘tis the opening of thine own being. Thou shalt have The Jharum. Thou shalt regain thy lost youth. Thou shalt know splendor like none other. Thy reward – a new life.”

The woman bent over Bess and kissed her forehead and then lightly kissed Bess’ lips. Bess remained frozen, resigning herself to her fate. The woman talked madness and Bess felt fear like damnation tearing her in two. Whatever ruin was to befall her, she hoped it would be over soon.

“Partake of me,” whispered the woman as she pressed her lips firmly to Bess’. The woman’s tongue parted Bess’ lips and entered her mouth. Almost instantly, warmth, strange yearnings, and a lurid awareness swept over Bess. She became immediately filled with a lust like she had never known. She felt for the first time all the wanton urges she had always shunned bursting upon her with a craving throughout her body.

She lifted her arms and wrapped them tightly around the woman’s neck. Strangely, this powerful new lust was driving her to pursue the promise of pleasure in this woman’s contact and she did not want her to escape. As soon as she did this, the woman’s hand began to stray to Bess’ dress. The hand began pulling the dress up higher and higher up Bess’ legs. She gathered Bess’ skirt and petticoats around her waist and then gently probed beneath her shift. Bess was too lost in the overwhelming passion to have any concern at all over sin or impropriety. She welcomed the encroachment with hearty joy. Bess felt the woman’s fingers lightly gliding up her thigh and coming to the edge of her nether region. The woman’s fingers expertly explored Bess’ parted flesh and then centered on the pleasurable button at the top of the cleft.

Bess’ hips began to roll and buck under the ministration of the stranger’s hand. Bess felt herself quickly climbing to that pinnacle of pleasure and then it hit her. The love-death – a climax. A sensation unknown to her in all of her life, a rapture that made her entire body sing with delight. Bess moaned as the sweet thrill overcame her. She knew more was to come but for now she would relax and enjoy the ensuing peace.

The woman then rose to her knees and started lifting her own dress. She pulled up her skirt, her kirtle and many fine linen petticoats. Bess watched her carefully to see what would now develop. When the lady had bared her womanhood, she stroked it briefly and then Bess heard a wet smacking sound. In the dim light she thought she saw something emerging from the woman’s cleft. It emerged and dangled like an eel and then it began to twist and writhe with a life of its own like a snake’s tail. Bess knew she must indeed be smitten by passion to not recoil in fear from so strange an appendage. She felt only slight curiosity and a hungry desire as the woman straddled her prone hips and squatted her sex directly over Bess’.

The woman looked deep into Bess’ eyes and with a playful smile said, “Dream.” Then she fell upon Bess with a tight embrace and another deep kiss. Bess gladly received it as the kiss wove more of its spell upon her. She gently sucked at the beautiful lady’s tongue like a babe at its mother’s breast. Bess became aware of a wet, finger-like tongue licking up and down the gap of her sex. Its touch was so deft and clever, giving the sweetest, most delightful attention to Bess’ sensitive flesh. She gladly parted her legs to give it more access. Its light tickle and the woman’s intoxicating kiss were again pushing Bess to that blessed extreme of pleasure. A crashing crescendo struck her again, causing her to moan in delight.

The snake-like tongue then surprised Bess with another of its talents. It dove into her flesh and gained access to her womb. As it entered her, Bess felt its girth widening, reaching resistance and then a sharp pain. At a ripe old age of fifty nine Bess had finally lost her virginity… to another woman. The pain was brief and in her highly aroused state of mind it was of trivial notice. In an instant after that, Bess felt the queer tongue quickly reaching depths of her body a woman reserves for her beloved husband. Bess was only briefly startled before pleasure washed away all concern. She felt her inner passage completely filled with the delving invader. It massed itself at the very limit of her inner recesses and then she felt a tiny point groping inside, tickling its way around in her until it found passage into a yet deeper niche. It secreted something there and then gained an entry, Bess’ pleasure took on entirely new dimensions. Another climax was approaching, quicker than the last, sending her mind spinning. After it hit, its successor fell in behind.

The woman remained locked to her in a tight embrace, lightly stroking Bess’ cheek and softly cooing. Never before had she felt so possessed and cared for, it was the most beautiful feeling she had ever known. She let herself be bathed in this strange lady’s wiles and trusted herself completely to this woman’s will. Bess felt herself getting weaker and gradually losing consciousness. Deep pleasure, happiness, peace and then sleep with the most delightful dreams.

Chapter 2 – The Change

Bess awoke the next morning to the rooster’s crow. She was still lying on the stable floor but tucked in a fine cloak of velvet. The last night’s encounter quickly popped into her memory and she bolted upright. She reached down and pressed her hand to the front of her dress over her sex. Something felt strange; inside her; in her womb. She struggled to her feet and found herself dizzy and very weak.

The stable boy, a half-wit, rushed into the stable and passed her. “Cheery day, Goody Bess. Cheery day.”

She looked about her for any trace of the mysterious lady from the dark. As she staggered across the courtyard she wondered if last night had really happened. She had that cloak still wrapped around her but her mind was so dull and everything so difficult to recall. It had to have happened, she had the cloak but the details were too hard to believe. She went to the privy to relieve herself and found to her horror the dried blood of her stolen maidenhead. For deeply personal reasons she could not quite recall, she mourned the loss. She reasoned the woman must have plied her with some kind of intoxicating brew and then took advantage of her.

There was no time to delve on the injury. She had her chores and duties, the house was waking and there would be hell to pay if she dallied. She forced herself to rise against the heavy weariness and dizziness. Sick or not, she had work to do. She hung up the cloak and set about her day.

As the day passed and she set about her work, her mind kept drifting back to the lady she had met in the night. When she did, her hand always strayed to her lips as if trying to recreate that enchanting kiss.

The weary, dizzy feeling dragged on her and made even the easiest of her daily chores an enormous strain. As the morning wore on, some new sensation arose from the midst of her sense of weakness. It was a strange new awareness that was far too indistinct to really focus on, much like an itch she could not scratch. If she tried her best to describe it, it was like having an extra hand but not knowing where it was. She felt it most strongly when she wanted to touch an object to determine its texture. It felt like she had an inner urge to use some more suitable appendage to feel with. She dismissed it as a passing anomaly and tried to ignore it.

The feeling persisted, though, and by afternoon it started to become more distinct. It seemed to come from her lower body; to be precise, from her womb. She actually felt compulsions to press her hips against things she would usually test by touching with her hands, like the laundry drying on the lines. As silly as it seemed, it felt to her like an urge to reach out with her womb.

It began to become alarming to her during the early evening when responding to this urge, she felt something move within her, within her sex. What really puzzled her was not just the sensation of something moving within her but that she felt what the thing felt. It was faint, at first, just barely noticeable but the more she concentrated on it the more distinct it became. Eventually, at the time the evening supp was served, she felt absolute control over it. If she willed it to push to the left it did so, she urged it to the right and it obeyed. She not only felt pressure upon the left or right side of her inner sex, but she felt what the moving appendage within her felt, she felt the subtle intricacies and contours of her birth canal. She felt it as certainly as her own tongue in her mouth. She should have been frightened into shock and self revulsion at what that strange woman had obviously done to her but she was not. Curiosity overwhelmed her. She became hungry for an opportunity to examine herself and to test her yet unconfirmed suspicions and see the extent of changes in her being.

She got her chance after serving supper. Excusing herself from the other servants she took with her a taper and secluded herself in the privy, lifted her skirts, sat down on the pot and held her open hand in front of her sex. Following her same urge to feel and pressing outward with her new found sensory organ, she felt the pangs of pleasure as a firm presence slid through her birth canal. Outward toward the mouth of her sex it pushed and she gasped aloud at what she saw. Emerging in a sudden rush, a pinkish-red finger poked out from her hairy maiden’s nest. It emerged the length of her middle finger and almost half again as big around, tapering to a point and wet like a tongue. It was like the thing she saw emerging from the woman who loved her the night before. The instant it emerged she felt a coolness like a draft on moist skin, she was feeling the sensation through the red finger. The thing was of her own being! She reached her hand to touch it and in joint ambition she pushed the finger outward and it met her hand. She was astounded beyond fear, she willed the finger to feel its way over her palm. She noticed, of course, the feel of the pointed finger wet in her hand but more acute was what sensations the strange appendage returned to her. It was so finely sensitive as she bade it to deftly wrap around her thumb and rub gently over her skin. She could feel with it the coolness of her hand, the smoothness of her nail, and even count the tiny ridges and swirls on the tip of her thumb.

She marveled at what she could make the weird little finger do. She pushed it out to its fullest length, stretching it out to nearly as long as her forearm, its girth filled her sex. She gently stroked its length with her hand and shivered with delight at the rewarding sensation the tail returned to her. Curious of its potential, she coiled it around her wrist and squeezed. The grip was firm. She balled it up within her palm, closed her fingers around it and then tried to push her fingers apart with it. It was soft but strong and her fingers felt so course and rugged to its touch. She tried to see what the tip could do. She pushed apart two of her fingers with it and then pushed between them. It oozed its own spittle to ease its passage, mostly from the tip. She touched the tip to the tip of her finger and found she could spread the tip open. The tip flared out into a gaping mouth. She opened it wide, wide enough to swallow three of her fingers and then engulfed one of them. The long worm-like tongue slid down easily over her digit all the way to her knuckle. She drew upon it and it suckled gently on her encased finger. In spite of the coarseness of her hand’s flesh, the sensations were very pleasurable to Bess and she was enjoying this unearthly new appendage very much when suddenly the door to the privy was jerked open.

“’ beg pardon, Goody Bess,” said the scullery maid as she quickly let go of the door and turned away.

‘Impertinent wench,’ thought Bess, ‘I shall use her most sorely for that.’ The maid had not seen anything. Bess had drawn in her protruding red tail before the maid had even poked in her head, so fast Bess could scarcely believe it was ever out. Her temper cooled as she assured herself that she had not been discovered. She quickly rejoined the rest of the house staff and rushed to finish her evening’s chores but she kept playing with that strange serpentine finger, testing its prowess, feeling its way inside her and outside her, tempting herself with its pleasurable possibilities, and stirring her curiosity with what it all meant.

When her chores were done, she begged her leave and set out as usual to meet the coach in front of the inn, just like she had done thousands of nights before but this time with a fine cloak of velvet around her shoulders. As she approached the market square she slowed her pace and peered into the darkness looking for and hoping to find last night’s lovely lady. She felt disappointed to not see her but pressed on. At last she came to the inn and stood under the lamppost to wait for the coach. Her aching weariness froze her in place and in the still silence she became part of the night.

Then, piercing the silence, there came a sweet voice from somewhere amid the dark shadows behind her, “I pray this night finds thee well.”

Bess did not move, she almost expected the maiden to be there. Through the numbness of her tired, overworked mind Bess felt comfort and joy to be joined again with the companion of her last night’s wanderings. There were so many questions she wanted to ask and so many more feelings she wanted to share. “Aye, good lady. And thou as well. I have brought thee thy cloak.” Bess turned slowly to meet her companion, moving like in a dream. She found before her the same beautiful young lass this time clad in the leather jerkin and woolen skirt of a simple servant like herself.

“’tis thine, sweet Bess,” said the lady stepping forward from the dark and taking Bess’ hands in her own. “Thou hast many a question and I shall answer them all. But soft, thou hast much to learn and I have much to teach thee this night.”

“Aye, dear lady. I am yours. What am I to call thee,” asked Bess, relieved to find compassion amidst all her wonder?

“Thou might call me Kate,” she offered, smiling and stroking Bess’ cheek.

“Well met, Kate,” said Bess and they hugged each other warmly.

It was Kate who pulled back and bracing Bess by the shoulders said, “There is no time to tarry. I will resolve thy questions when leisure suits us. Now, thou must do exactly as I bid thee for thy need is dire and thy time very short.”

Bess was alarmed by Kate’s tone. “What must I do, friend Kate,” she pled?

“Prithee bide thy tongue and attend me. We must feed thy hunger ere dawn,” said Kate and she led Bess away by her hand at a quick pace.

They wove their way carefully through town by way of dark alleys and backstreets, cautious to avoid the town crier and the watchman. At last they came to the back stable of the blacksmith’s shop. Kate produced a key and employed it on the lock. Bess began to protest but Kate warned her to silence and pulled her in through the door telling her quietly, “We come to steal naught but dreams.”

Bess was in grim fear of the jailor for this mischief but she followed as Kate led her to the loft above the smithy where they found the blacksmith sleeping soundly on his pallet. “Behold, his head is clouded with strong drink.” said Kate, “He frolics at the banquet of Bacchus and shall not waken. Come, assist me.”

In spite of herself, Bess helped Kate seize hold of the prone man’s hose and pulled them down to his ankles. Kate lifted the man’s blouse up to his chest, baring his manhood. Bess was shocked and embarrassed but she kept her silence and waited for Kate’s instructions.

Kate pulled Bess to the bedside and then stepped behind her. She bent down and took hold of Bess’ skirts and lifted them up to her waist. Confused, Bess stood still and let Kate lead their actions. Kate then reached her hands around Bess’ waist and cupped one hand in front of Bess’ sex while the other hand gently stroked her hair, lightly teasing her. “Pish my sweet, render thy jharum,” Kate whispered. “Come-come, good maid. Meet thy friend’s hand.”

Bess didn’t know what she meant at first but then put all of the strange pieces of this puzzle together and realized that she wanted her to bring forth her new pink tail from within. Bess reasoned no one should know more of its presence and purpose than Kate and she obligingly pushed her sensitive new organ out into Kate’s waiting hands. Bess was delighted by Kate’s touch. Kate’s hands were soft and tender and she plied them with expert control. Bess was quickly lapsing into a lustful disposition, orchestrated by Kate. Bess grappled with the loving hands, enjoying their pleasure-inducing treatments. She entwined the fingers, rolled and twisted the surface of her red, tongue-like appendage over the gentle digits. The moist, slick, nubile rope of flesh made obscene plopping and slurping noises as it tangled and wrestled with Kate’s fingers. Kate indulged her and used her hands to push Bess close to her rapture. And it came, an overwhelming climax that made Bess weak and nearly swooning to the floor. Kate held her firmly and soothed away the tumult with tender kisses and soft words.

When Bess had sufficiently calmed down Kate whispered in her ear, “Kiss him, Bess. Bind his lust to thy will.”

Bess was again confused but she remembered Kate’s kiss from the night before and the effect it had on her. She understood she was to now do the same thing to the sleeping blacksmith. She bent over the man who smelled strongly of barley and mead and kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth. Kate moved with her, her hands still entwined in Bess’ coils, coaxing her onward.

After some time, Kate pulled Bess upright and Bess was surprised to see the blacksmith’s member swollen, elongated, and lying stiffly over the man’s belly. Bess was mesmerized by the organ, it was quite substantial. An intricately contoured pole of flesh spanned by many dark, swollen veins yearned eagerly in the dim light. Kate pushed her by her hips, forcing her onto the bed and over the smith’s body. She kept directly behind Bess, following her every move like a dance. Bess followed Kate’s direction until she was straddling the man, kneeling with her sex directly over his. Kate freed one hand from Bess’ tangling grasp and reached down to the man’s erection and held it upright. She enclosed her other hand around Bess’ slippery tail and pulled it outward, seeking its tip. She found it and poised it over the erection in her other hand.

She whispered again in Bess’ ear, “Open Bess. Seize him. Swallow him. Take him in, deeply.”

A curious wonder seized her, Bess knew what to do. She opened the mouth of her new appendage and closed it entirely over the standing man-flesh. It felt wonderful, even more wonderful than Kate’s hands. It was so soft and smooth to her touch. She wanted more of it. She wound several coils around it to sense more of its delicate texture. Kate removed her hands and Bess slid her coils up and down the shaft. It felt so good. The intense pleasure was chasing her to another extreme sensory explosion. She pumped her coils up and down a few more times, moistening its length and alternating her grasp to expose more of her tender flesh to his. Another small climax tore through her and if not for Kate’s firm embrace she would have fallen upon the sleeping man.

The blacksmith’s hips began to thrust upwards as though plunging himself against a randy maid’s loins. “His crisis approaches, Bess. Thou must receive his seed,” said Kate urgently in Bess’ ear. Bess began pumping her coiled grasp up on him. She spread the coils to grip his manhood all the way to its base and smearing copious amounts of her tail’s slick fluid over him. She twisted and alternated her grasp on him, enjoying both the feel of his flesh and the touch of her own.

Suddenly, the man gave a strong lurch and froze still. Bess could distinctly feel the head of his member swell slightly and then a welling of fluid within the maw of her tail pressed over it. It was his release. In that brief instant Bess experienced a man’s climax like few women ever had. Within her new appendage, using its vastly superior sensitivity, Bess measured his emission. She felt its volume, its temperature, its texture, and its weight. In the next second she felt a second spurt to join what she had collected, then another.

Before she had too much time to toy with her new gift, Bess felt Kate’s fingers around the base of her appendage. Kate’s finger tips touched lightly around the tail and then pulled gently toward her sex as if to coax her. Kate said, “Partake, Bess. Drink his seed. Swallow it deep into thy womb.”

Slightly dumbfounded, Bess did as she was asked and sucked the pooled fluid up her tail. It felt delightful as she gulped it up around all the coils and then with one big pull she squeezed it inside her and felt it pass into her inner self. Once consumed it was like a cool draught of water on a parched throat. It was soothing, satisfying, almost like a dispelled fast.

Kate held her close and laid her head on Bess’ shoulder. The room got still and quiet. As her passion ebbed, Bess used the time to take inventory of her situation. She was in the arms of a beautiful woman, crouched over the naked loins of a sleeping man in whose house she had trespassed. She could scarcely believe it, but then everything had been unbelievable since she had met the mysterious young Kate. To her dismay she was not afraid, she trusted Kate’s judgment to protect her.

The smith’s erection was slowly shrinking and he began to snore. Kate was the first to move. She began to tenderly stroke and caress Bess’ tail. Bess responded, she relinquished the man’s wilting manhood to engage Kate. Kate worked her masterfully while Bess drew the mouth of her groping serpent over Kate’s thumb and gently suckled it. They enjoyed their play a few minutes, Bess’ passion climbed again to a level of hungry lust.

“We are not yet through with yond stout giant, Bess,” whispered Kate. “Give him thy kiss, ply him once more to thy dance.”

Bess understood exactly what to do this time. She bent over the man and gave him her deep, intoxicating kiss. She pulled her snake-like tail free from Kate’s hands and then she stroked his manhood with it, testing his response, waiting for his return. She kept her lips locked to his while she coiled around his quickly swelling member. When he was completely ready, she caught hold of his tip with hers and enveloped it. She undulated her appendage around his length, slathering it with her slick fluid, enjoying the delightful contact until the time was right.

She raised herself upright into Kate’s embrace. Her red tail slowly swallowed his entire length like some skinless snake devouring its prey. With every little margin she engulfed she was treated to even greater pleasure. Deeper and deeper, more and more of her finely sensitive flesh was exposed to such divine joy. She swallowed it up until the entire exposed portion of her length had engulfed him and the mouth of her serpent was bunched up around his manhood’s base. Kate’s hands were still under her skirts and she was using one to lightly stroke up and down the surface of Bess’ gulping serpent while the other hand sought the tender button of flesh at the top of Bess’ cleft. Bess really did not need any encouragement but she reveled in it just the same. A huge climax overwhelmed her before she could prepare. She grunted as it took hold of her, wave after wave of pleasure, sapping her strength and making her quiver throughout.

Undaunted, Bess pressed on to greater rewards. She had crouched down over the smith until she was on her hands and knees, using all of her strength to hold herself up, her mind completely consumed by the influence of this tremendous pleasure. She had enough presence of mind to keep her tail sliding slowly up and down on the man’s shaft as she gently squeezed it in varying rhythm. Her breathing became shallow and desperate. She trembled from the strains of her ordeal and the grip she maintained on the prone man’s member became a spastic torrent of twitches and pulls. She was determined to capture her bliss one more time and bring her captive with her.

Kate, now kneeling beside her, noticed her struggle. She stroked Bess’ hair aside and whispered in her ear, “Kiss him, sweet Bess, and receive his reward.”

Bess bent down her head and planted another deep kiss on the man’s mouth and he immediately began to lurch his hips at her. Then came his expression. Bess felt its approach from root to tip. She felt a throb go through his shaft, bigger than the surge of his blood. It started down low, pushed its way through and end with a great push of fluid at the end where Bess held him deep within. She sucked it in, pulled it in all the way up her length, gulped it into her body. As soon as she felt his fountain shoot within her a tremendous climax took her whole. Her body went rigid, the feeling was so intense she felt like screaming. Her body shook and quaked, the only muscles she still controlled were the ones that sucked his emission into her womb. She sucked until there was absolutely no more.

Kate caught her from falling, picked her up and held her fast. It took her a while to recover and when she did she found herself still crouched over the blacksmith, cradled in Kate’s arms. It was such a soothing, peaceful calm that followed her storm. And she particularly enjoyed Kate’s tender but firm embrace. Again all was silent in the room. The blacksmith’s member slowly shrank as did Bess’, they reluctantly let go of each other and fell limp. Bess’ mind was lost in confusion but she trusted herself to Kate, whose guidance was now crucial.

Kate let Bess rest a spell but when the blacksmith’s snores became loud and long she gently shook Bess’ shoulders and whispered, “Come, Bess. We must get thee home.” She helped Bess climb off of the smith and together they pulled up his hose as best they could and tucked down his shirt. When he was settled, Kate took Bess by the shoulders and sat her down on the bedside before kneeling in front of her. She parted Bess’ knees and lifted her skirts. Bess’ tender, new organ dangled weak and shriveled between her thighs. Kate gathered it up in her palm and pushed it firmly against Bess’ sex. “Thou must draw it in, Bess. Keep it warm against the chill night air,” she said quietly but with some urgency.

Bess tried to comply but with some difficulty. The thing was bloated and swollen from its travails and weak from its tumult. Bess herself was still recovering from her arduous strain. Kate helped by applying gentle pressure with her knowing hands. Bess felt warm compassion toward Kate at that moment. She felt grateful for this gift and, surprisingly, for the fruits of this daring adventure. “Wilt thou give me thy kiss, good friend Kate?” she asked, wanting merely to bond with her more than any pursuit of pleasure; a moment’s cheer for her fearful heart.

“I dare not, sweet Bess. I must keep my wits about me yet this night,” replied Kate. She patted Bess’ cheek. They had nearly gotten Bess’ tail completely retracted, Bess would have to satisfy herself with that intimate contact alone.

“This,” said Bess, “This is the gift thou hast given me? This is the Charm of which you spoke?”

“Jharum. Aye, Bess. ‘tis mine no more. ‘tis thine,” answered Kate with a hopeful smile.

“As thou hast told me, it gives eternal youth,” queried Bess? The complicated riddle was quickly solving itself, astonishing Bess with how easily she was grasping it all.

“Aye, Bess. By the taking of a man’s seed,” answered Kate.

The two peered deeply into each other’s eyes for a long moment and Bess grappled with a new mystery. “Dear Kate, why wouldst thou part with such a gift,” asked Bess with a note of concern on her voice?

“I will tell thee at another time,” said Kate. “Now, we must be gone.” She stood up and helped Bess to her feet.

Bess noticed very distinctly, the pressing weariness she had fought all day was gone, as too was her dizzy head. In fact she felt, to her amazement, quite fit and vigorous. She collected her cloak and they quietly crept down the stairs and to the door. Kate peered out carefully and listened. When she was sure all was clear she drew Bess out behind her through the door and then reset the lock. After another cautious trek through alleyways and courtyards they made their way back to Bess’ master’s stable.

On the way home the gravity of what she now possessed began to weigh upon Bess. This jharum, or Charm as Bess called it, truly was precious. Kate had shrugged off eternity in exchange for mortality; Man’s greatest fear. Why? Kate had forsaken immortality and bestowed it upon Bess, a complete stranger. It begged so many questions of why but Bess could not draw them into a single line of query. “How long had thou the Charm, Lady Kate?” asked Bess, which was all she could think to say.

“I know not for certain,” came Kate’s reply after a long thoughtful pause. “’twas many hundreds of years ago. Thou would not recognize this land nor the people I was born into.” Her brow furrowed as if recalling something painful. “‘twas a hard time, coarse and mean. ‘twas a time even before the Saxons.”

Bess had no idea how long ago that was but she surmised it to be very ancient. “Why wouldst thou relinquish a life thou hast held on to for so long,” she asked?

Kate turned her back to Bess and stood very still. “That is for another time,” she said. “Thou must rest. I will meet thee again on the morrow. Sleep well.” She walked away into the darkness leaving Bess very concerned. It was either an answer Kate did not want Bess to have or one Kate was pained to discuss. Bess decided not to press, surely Kate must have her reasons and they would certainly reveal themselves in time.

Chapter 3 – The Legacy

The next day passed uneventfully but with Bess feeling much better than she had in years. The morning stiffness and body aches that usually greeted her were gone, a new vitality surged through her she had long forgotten. She met Kate again in front of the inn and like the night before they paid a visit to the blacksmith. They continued this routine another fortnight. Always finding him in the same condition, they slipped in, used him and slipped out. Kate monitored Bess’ progress and was anxious for Bess to have a solid start and practice. They found that the stable boy could be plied with a feeble ruse into thinking it was all a dream and the two women began visiting him every night after their visit to the blacksmith. The boy easily fell for their ploy. Bess had only to squat upon his body and spread her skirts over him. She accessed him without using her hands, with the Charm alone, so that he never saw her secret. He was a rich source of what they needed and could be tapped two or three times in a night.

Bess was responding very well with newfound vigor and a fresh glow to her skin. Meanwhile, Kate carefully schooled her at every opportunity about the weighty responsibility that came with this unique gift. She reminded Bess repeatedly that people’s first reaction to strange things they did not understand was fear and that witches were still burned at the stake for mere superstition. She admonished Bess not to reveal her secret to any one she did not have absolute trust in and then only if they could cope with the knowledge. She stressed that the Charm was a gift that could not only provoke fear but jealousy as well. She told Bess not to use her kiss too freely because it alone could draw suspicion. That it must only be used to bind a man’s lust to her need or to blind an adversary and affect an escape. Most importantly, Kate stressed the precaution of not remaining in one place long enough for people to notice her regressing age or that she did not age at all.

Finally, the night came when Kate announced it was time for her to go.

“But… what will become of thee,” Bess asked? She had grown very fond of Kate, she felt fear for Kate’s well-being and, of course, being alone without Kate’s council.

“I will return to my betrothed whom I miss and wish not to be apart from any longer,” replied Kate.

“You give up immortality for a man,” asked Bess, incredulously? Distress was overwhelming her, she wanted Kate to stay with her, she felt too weak to go on without her. “Why?”

“I want the life I was meant to have; mother and wife; hearth and home. I have found a good, kind young man whom I love very much,” said Kate. “I am to be his wife. I will cleave unto him, share his life, bear him his children, and grow old with him.”

“And die,” asked Bess?

With tears in her eyes Kate replied, “When thou hast lost count of men thou hast given thy heart to, watching them all slowly grow old and die, then thou might understand my choice.” She sobbed and began again, softly, “I will take again my place in the family of man…” She was overcome with emotions, obviously very deep ones. Losing her composure, she blurted out, ”I love him! … Were he ever to part from me I would await his return by the roadside for the rest of my life!”

Kate’s blunt but familiar insinuation struck Bess hard. The sadness she felt for herself was eclipsed by a new sadness for Kate. Bess had lost only one love and had grieved on him for years. Kate had lost so many she could not count them all and had grieved on them for centuries. And now she was facing it all over again.

“My apologies, but I carry a great lethargy, young Bess,” continued Kate, regaining her self control. “’tis the sum total of much pain and loneliness. For many hundreds of years I have stood apart from humanity and watched it struggle. For all of those many years I have helplessly observed, an indifferent sentinel, neither helping nor hindering. Now, I shall rejoin history and play my part in it. I have had a rich, full life. I regret nothing.”

Bess strove to understand what Kate had said. Comprehension involved placing herself outside her common day to day existence, the only frame of reference she had ever known, and looking at life as one who did not really live. She thought it odd to want to be a part of her world, the toil, the uncertainty, and the inevitable doom of death, but if she tried very hard, she could vaguely perceive the alienation of which Kate spoke. She let that feeling sink in a bit, wondering what effect it might have on her. Nevertheless, a question still gnawed at her. “Why me,” she asked?

“When first came to me word of thy sad tale I understood thy grief,” said Kate. “Thou art worthy of this gift. Make for thyself a fresh life, anew. If thou wishest, pass the jharum on to another, but I meant for thee to have another chance for happiness. Make it so, good Bess.” She smiled earnestly and clasped Bess’ hand to her cheek.

“May I find thee and impart it onto thee again,” asked Bess, longing desperately to keep Kate in her life?

“Nay, good Bess,” said Kate in distress. “Do not tempt me. My path is set.” She hugged Bess tightly.

It was Bess who cried but she knew there would be no dissuading Kate if she had already gone this far. It was something she had obviously thought on many long years.

Kate made her farewell short and simple. After saying goodbye and good luck followed by another warning for caution, she kissed Bess, on the cheek, and she was gone.


The first few weeks after Kate’s departure Bess felt lost. She missed Kate very much and her guidance through this extraordinary mystery of life was priceless. None the less, Bess kept up with her practice almost every night, using the strategy and precautions set forth by Kate. She eventually lost count of how much life-giving semen she had taken from her quarry.

Then, one evening, while cleaning a window pane, she noticed her reflection. Having not looked upon herself in some time she was shocked to see a woman she had not seen in years. Most of the extra lines and sagging flesh were gone. Also gone was a great deal of gray streaks in her hair. Her age was indeed slowly reversing! As the delight of her returning youth swept over her, close behind came the fear and dread that anyone else might have noticed. Luckily, being a common maid, few people took any heed of her at all but at this rate it would soon be apparent to everyone. It was time to disappear, and fast.


That was over four hundred years ago. Liz found it hard to believe that after all she had been through she could still recall it all so vividly. The wealth of experiences filling a 460 year life was immense. Liz had lived all over the world and had seen its many wonders. She had witnessed four hundred years of man’s triumphs and tragedies; four hundred years of conquests and defeats; four hundred years of progress and regression. In all those four hundred years of patient observation she had found the answers to questions the wisest men on Earth had never even thought to pose. She knew the human race very well.

Personally, she had made many fortunes and frittered them all away. She knew the rewards of patience, caution, hard work and diligence and she also new the paralyzing debilitation of indolence, inebriation and depravity. She preferred the former. She kept herself busy with work and learning. She had studied at the finest institutions in the world and mastered all the sciences, world history, art, language, and literature. Meanwhile, she kept her personal life pristine, tidy and manageable. She was always ready to pick up and move at the slightest provocation. She had become a master in controlling her life and guarding her safety.

“Guard ye well, Bess,” she could remember Kate’s dire warning. Liz had followed Kate’s advice very carefully. She made the rules an implacable creed from which she never strayed. She never remained in any place long enough for anyone to notice she did not age nor get sick and she never returned to any place she had previously lived. She used her kiss sparingly, only when she had to or when its effect could be attributed to some other cause. If she ever used it defensively she made sure to avoid that person forever. She did not expose her secret to anyone she did not trust, in fact she had never deliberately exposed it to anyone at all.

The one lesson Liz had held highest was one Kate had never intended to impart. Liz had never given her heart to anyone. She feared the pain of losing a cherished love so much that she had kept all relationships with men to a very cold, distant impartiality. She, of course, had taken many lovers, she needed them, but she kept them from garnishing too fond a place in her life. She had made herself very safe but also very lonely.

It was a dilemma that tore at Liz – To relinquish herself to love and face loss or to protect her heart and dwell in cold isolation. To nurture her emotions that end in grief or to shun anguish at the cost of perpetual longing. The thought of Kate and her countless broken hearts was her constant reminder. She missed Kate so much. There was so much she wished she could have asked her. Kate was the last person she had ever trusted. Dear, kind Kate. The only one of her personal rules she ever violated was her every five-year pilgrimage to Kate’s grave. Kate had learned something Liz had not and she had given her life for it. After four hundred years, Liz was at a complete loss as to what exactly that lesson was.

What Liz had learned was how to get what she wanted from men. She needed their sperm and the best way to get it was sex. She found she could pull her Charm completely out of the way and engage in normal sex. Although she was always tempted to engage a penis for the shear pleasure of engulfing that tender flesh and pulling it deep into Charm, she refrained for fear of discovery, unless her lover was very drunk. She would suck up the man’s issue after he withdrew but there was usually a lot of waste. This up-front approach was safer than skulking around in the dark for her quarry but it meant placing herself as a man’s love interest, the kind of attachment Liz had tried to avoid. She often resolved it by temporarily becoming a prostitute. It was degrading and sometimes just as dangerous but it got her what she needed, earned her a living, and fit in with her low-profile, gypsy lifestyle.

Another hurdle Liz had to overcome was her age. She had found that her age played a large role in what society expected from her and the influence she exerted over other people and situations. There was behavior a young woman could engage in that would draw strong objection if an older woman tried. Likewise, there was authority and credibility older women commanded that younger ones could not wield, not even with money. Liz had found it practical to let her apparent age hover around late twenties to early thirties for most of her life. Of course, that all changed in the early twentieth century when social norms came crashing down. Now that Liz could assume any age she wanted and still enjoy a broad range of acceptable behavior, she kept her apparent age in the early twenties.

The advent of detailed record-keeping, however, was a bane to her existence. It made her ability to relocate and establish a new identity very complex. Mass data storage and computer assisted retrieval made it even worse. The freedom to give herself a new identity by virtue of her own word got replaced by an international system of verifiable facts, stored evidence, near instantaneous communications, and traceable history. As the world grew, her options and freedom were rapidly shrinking.

Photography also terrified her. She feared some day of coming face to face with a very old, undeniably identical photo of herself and the questions it would raise. Running away from an old identity was hard enough but the difficulty of hiding from her own image, if it ever became widely distributed, would impose dire measures. It would mean getting lost in places no one wanted to go. She no longer had to worry about being burned as a witch, now she faced the horror of being kept like a guinea pig in a lab, or worse – dying on some cold dissection table.

Chapter 4 – A Night in an XXX Arcade

The honking horn from a passing car suddenly jolted Liz from her meandering ruminations. It had turned dark and the parking lot in front of the book store now had many cars. It was collection time.

Liz looked around to see if any one was about and then lifted her skirt up to her waist. With her knees spread and her hand cupped in front of her pussy she pushed Charm out into the open. The tender tentacle spilled out easily into her hand. All out, she stretched Charm to its fullest length, enjoying the respite from the cramped confines of her uterus and feeling the cool night air. With both hands she gently clasped her prize and lightly stroked it. Yes, this is what she needed, some self indulgence and gratification to pique her mood before sex. She caressed it up and down the entire length, teasing herself toward fulfillment. She opened up the tip and engulfed her middle finger as deeply as she could while lightly stroking Charm up and down with the other. Faster and faster she stroked, sucking her finger in a matching rhythm.

Charm played itself into her stimulation as well. She liked to swell up its base to increase its girth and firm up its overall malleability like an erect cock. She could surge it up and down within her cunny just like she were being fucked. She could also bend back a coil toward her clitoris and deftly massage her other pleasure center into absolute distraction.

Liz plied all of these techniques to manufacture the perfect climax, quick and satisfying. The pleasure crept through her, she started bucking her hips uncontrollably under her own stimulation. She made a ball within the length of Charm and rolled the bump up and down, round and round in her vagina. Her rapture was quickly pressing her into an uncontrollable extreme. Higher it climbed, to her release, over the point of no return. She let go and braced her hands on her knees, she closed her eyes tight and shuddered in her orgasm as Charm coiled and twisted between her thighs in the throes of her bliss. Her hips jerked in a spastic twitch and she suppressed a high squeal while straining muscles slowly relaxed.

When it finished its course, Liz blew out a long sigh and fell back against her seat. That put her in the right frame of mind. She paused a minute for her strength to return and then she pushed down her skirt, slipped on her shoes, opened the car door, and stepped out into the night. She bunched Charm up against her vulva to keep it warm and out of sight but ready for an encounter. She walked boldly toward the parking lot with her coat drawn tightly around her.

Across the parking lot, a car door opened and someone stepped out. Remarkably, it was the same car that had pulled into the lot when she first arrived, the one that had been behind her. Even more curiously still, it was a woman who stepped out. She was wearing a black leather coat over a short, red dress. The woman started walking directly toward Liz. As they closed in on one another, Liz noticed the woman was of slight build with very shapely legs and neck length hair parted low on one side. Her stride was bold with a frivolous bounce as she walked. Liz made the corner of the bookstore and turned toward the door and the woman changed her course to match. Watching the woman, Liz could now distinguish that she was very attractive with large, merry eyes. The low sweep of hair across her face gave her a roguish, playful appearance. All the time the woman was looking directly at Liz with a very mischievous smile.

The woman got to the door just an instant before Liz. She snatched the handle and pulled the door open for Liz. Standing to the side she said, ”Amusez-vous, ma soeur,” in flawless French.

‘A frog’, thought Liz. She was puzzled as to why this strange woman was calling her ‘sister’ and what she was up to, but this was not the place to start trouble. “Merci bien,” she said and stepped in through the door.

The inside of an adult bookstore is an entirely different world than the one outside. It is a clearinghouse of sexual ambition, where a man’s lust is temporarily assuaged for a price and the resulting shame washed away with disinfectant. As soon as Liz crossed the threshold, she was met with curious glances by half a dozen men scrutinizing the erotic magazines displayed along the walls. They all quickly averted their gaze when their eyes met Liz’, too ashamed to confront an object of their desire’s strayed quest. All except the store’s operator behind the counter, a big, burly man covered with dark fur. He stared at Liz with a frown, a lip curled in disgust, and an incredulous shake of his head.

Liz felt a nudge as the French woman stepped in behind her. She turned to look at her and found the same wicked smile as before. In the full light, she looked fresh and young, much too pretty of a thing to be on a perversion excursion. The woman stepped around Liz and then waded directly into the midst of the porn perusing patrons with a mock look of fascination; causing them to shuffle away in uncomfortable silence. Liz swore to herself that if she lived another 400 years she would still not understand the French.

Liz’ objective lay beyond the store area, in the arcade. The XXX arcade was an area toward the back behind a pair of swinging doors. It was an array of private, coin-operated video viewing booths where clientele could seclude themselves to watch a variety of X-rated movies playing on several closed-circuit channels. This was where Liz fed her need.

She made a bee-line for the arcade and pushed through the swinging doors. On the other side she found another half-dozen customers examining a display of current features playing along side the number of the channel on which they were to be found. All of these men gave the same reaction to Liz’s presence as the ones outside but with a little added curiosity. Liz gave no notice to the display, she was not here to see movies. She proceeded directly to a particular booth at the end of the corridor being careful not to confront any of the customer’s gazes. She did glance back at them with a brief but well-practiced alluring smile before secluding herself behind the booth’s door and latching it.

The booth was a dimly lit, four by four foot cubicle with a plastic chair in the center of its sticky floor and the overwhelming odor of pine-scented disinfectant. Opposite the door was a video screen with a speaker, a volume knob, a channel selection button and a coin/bill register beside it. Just below waist height and in the middle of the wall to the adjacent booth was a hastily cut hole about 4 inches in diameter. This was called a ‘glory hole’. While viewing a movie an occupant could arrange for the exchange of oral sex with the occupant of the adjoining booth through this hole. This glory hole is how Liz satisfied her needs without exposing her secret.

She needed to get to work quickly before someone entered the booth next door and peeked in on her. She pulled the wooden wedge out of her coat pocket and set it on the floor pointing to the door. She gave it an abrupt kick to jam it into place and secure the door shut from intruders, in case the latch was not sturdy enough. Next was the video screen. A closed door without the steady feed of money into the video machine would alert the store attendant and draw an angry knock at the door with the possibility of expulsion. Liz pulled out a five and slid it into the bill register. The light overhead went out and the video monitor came to life with a sex scene already well under way.

On the screen, an implausibly attractive blond woman with breasts shaped like a muffin-tin was being ravaged by a dubiously virile man who, ironically, lacked any trace of body hair. It was the standard porn faire, washed clean of passion and romance, served on top of a melodramatic chorus of expletives, and with plenty of biologically concise close-ups for verification of the act. Liz took particular note that their faces never got closer than 3 feet. ‘How could you call that making love?’ she thought. But then, having become an expert in detached sex, she really could not judge.

Liz quickly took off her coat and draped it over the monitor, not out of modesty but to make the room dark. She backed herself tight against the glory hole wall and pulled up the front of skirt, tucking it under her waist and out of the way. She stretched out Charm and felt around the stuffy, still darkness, waiting for a cock.

She didn’t have to wait long. She heard the door in the next booth close and then saw the light coming in through the hole change from tungsten yellow to a sodium-blue flicker. Through the hole came four fingers which felt around the perimeter – a proposition was in the offering. The hand withdrew and Liz drug her fingers around the hole in a like manner – offer accepted. Liz heard a zipper and then some fumbling before the light of the hole was blacked out. She reached out carefully with her hand and came into contact with an erection protruding through the hole. She examined it with her fingers, feeling its distinctive soft, fine-pored texture and warmth. She clasped it around its base between her finger and her thumb to keep him from pulling away. She stepped in front of the hole and then reached out with her wet tentacle to meet the penis near its tip.

Through the wall she heard a voice mutter “Oh, yeah,” in a low whisper. She longed to indulge herself by engulfing that tender but firm flesh and sucking it deep into Charm so she could feel it in her sensitive depths and undulate around its intricate contours. She couldn’t. She had to mimic a blow job or she might risk revealing her secret. She flattened out the tip and slowly dragged down and then up the length of the prick like a tongue would, teasing and enticing. She slobbered her slick excretions over it, moistening it, making it ready to swallow. She opened the maw at Charm’s tip to imitate a pair of soft, moist lips and glided them slowly down and up the underside of the now rigid and throbbing member. With her tip still licking and smacking around his base and testicles she herd him grunt and then felt him shudder.

Before she could bring Charm’s gaping mouth to his dick’s head she felt a warm, thick glob land on her upper thigh and drip off. She quickly caught his glans and pushed Charm firmly over it, sucking and squeezing it like a mouth urging a lover to his completion. She managed to work a couple of fleeting squirts from him and she drank them down but she had missed the bulk of his issue. She was disappointed in the waste but she made the most of it by engulfing him a modest five inches. That soft flesh felt so delightful and she really wanted to feel it deeper inside but she knew she had better not. She undulated the underside of Charm, imitating a swirling tongue to prolong his interest, meanwhile she gently nudged her clitoris, anxious to get something more out of this contact.

He, on the other hand, was anxious to leave and began pulling away. Out of fear of having Charm pulled into view on his side of the wall she quickly disgorged him and curled her tentacle tightly under her butt. It was a good thing she did because the man knelt down in front of the hole to utter his thanks. All he got a glimpse of was Liz’s fingers busily working her clitoris before she could step out of view. She heard him say something like “Go, baby. Jeeze you’re hot.” Eventually his video play expired, his light came on and he vacated the booth. Liz fed another five to the machine and waited for her next suitor.

She heard the door of the adjoining cube open and then latch shut. A half minute later and the light pouring in from the glory hole dimmed and changed hue. She bent over and peered into the hole from a shrewd distance. She saw the outline of a man’s head, scrutinizing the hole himself for an invitation. Liz poked her hand through the hole and quickly withdrew it. She heard a fly unzipping and knew her message was received. The man stood in front of the hole and thrust in a semi-erect penis. Liz grasped it around the base as before but this time engaged him quickly. She opened Charm wide and swallowed him in.

She had developed a technique, from watching many blow-job scenes on arcade monitors, of sliding Charm up and down a cock like a head bobbing up and down. She used a slack grip as she drew down over the cock and then a firm grasp with light suction as she pulled back, keeping the tip drawn tight like a pair of lips and swirling the inside of Charm on the underside of the dick like a tongue would do. The effect was perfect. She could bring a man to orgasm in seconds, delivering unforgettable satisfaction and profound accolades.

She loved the thrill of engaging a man. It seemed to her like a penis-to-penis encounter, like Charm were her cock and she was fucking a man in return, thrusting against his masculinity with her own weapon. She knew Charm was equal in performance and superior in ability to any dick she put it up against. She had an idea of what pleasure a penis felt and liked to believe it was akin to her own sensations. She also recognized the role of intruder and imposer that a penis enjoyed. While most women knew only the role of host and receptor, she knew both taker and giver. She had often wished she could meet a cock of equal capabilities to her own. One she could wrestle and struggle with for a comparable reward.

The actual sensation of the soft, silky-smooth, small-pored skin was much more preferable to anything Charm ever came into contact with, apart from her own vagina. She loved the contours as well as the textures, the flange where the glans swelled out, the loose hood of skin just behind it (circumcised or not). She loved the rigidity, the swollen firmness just beneath the taught skin that slid with her touch. She loved the tender throb of the pulse surging within it, especially as orgasm struck. And she of course loved the climax, the pulsation that traveled its length with the semen, the spurt gushing from the tip, the swell of fluid welling up deep within her maw, and that inner sated feeling when she gulped it down.

With two slow pumps of her tried and proven technique she had her new partner at full staff and in earnest commitment. Keeping her fingers firmly around his base she used her other hand to cup his testicles, guaranteeing his entrapment. She lightly massaged them and gently kneaded them with her fingers. She focused her attention on working him with Charm, sliding up and down on him, pushing and pulling his skin with firm but yielding pressure. Liz rolled back the lips of Charm to give herself leeway for deeper penetration. She knew she could not completely engulf a cock all the way to its base and maintain credibility of oral sex but she so longed to feel that tender flesh deep within her sucking tendril. She felt the soft moans of the man through their common wall and knew he was close to his release. He gave a shudder and a jerk and then she felt the sensation of his orgasm as his ejaculation burst through his dick.

Liz kept her hand cupped under his testicles. She liked the gentle throb under his crotch she could feel with her fingertips as each spurt shot up through. Her other hand found her clitoris with a quick circular grind. She focused her attention on Charm and she took inventory of his orgasmic response. She detected the surge just behind his scrotum, then came an overall swelling that traversed the length of his penis starting at the base. Just barely perceptible, she could then feel the tiniest of a rumble as the jet of semen charged up the shaft to be met with a slight swelling of the glans. Lastly came the stream itself, gushing out the meatus. She preferred to collect all of the jets into a single tablespoon-sized mass she could swallow up slowly and pass into her waiting depths.

He delivered himself in championship style, grunting and twitching as he shot each portion into her waiting clutch. Liz ground franticly at her sensitive nub and tried not to nudge Charm in any way that would betray her nature. She made the most of her contact with him by undulating Charm over his soft flesh, twisting and scooching over him like an inch worm. With her own climax close at hand she finally gulped down his emission, feeling its slick coalescence pass all the way up her tentacle to quench the yearning hunger deep inside. And she came. Her knees almost gave way under the assault. Such sweet pleasure as wave upon wave rolled through her. She had to let go of him and herself, she pressed her arms against the wall to quell her shaking and brace herself from falling. Her partner patiently waited for her to complete her use of him. It was an almost tender moment as the two of them shared their post orgasmic repose in partitioned seclusion, paralyzed by the weariness their climaxes left them in and reluctant to forsake that rewarding intimate connection.

He was the first to move, pulling backward as he shifted from foot to foot. Liz released him before he could pull her over to his side of the wall. She grasped Charm firmly with one hand but kept a firm grasp of him with her outer most rim, like a pair of lips wiping him clean on his withdrawal. This man was less gracious than the first. He stuffed himself into his pants, zipped up and barged out of his cube. ‘No matter,’ she thought. She got what she wanted out of him.

The adjoining cell remained vacant for quite some time after that. Liz kept her conspicuousness minimized by feeding fives into the machine. She had quite an amount of time built up when a new suitor stepped in next door. He began watching his movie with no concern of the glory hole at all. Liz dangled her fingers through the hole and still got no response. She bent over and peeked in and saw the side of his head. He was obviously interested in some exchange. Liz enticed him again and a moment later a pale rod protruded into her space a bare inch. She stepped up to it and planted a wet Charm kiss on its head. Assured, its owner pushed the rest of it in. Liz was aghast. The monster encroached at least nine inches into her space. She grabbed it to confirm it was real more than to keep it in place. Not wasting a second, she opened up Charm and started wolfing him down.

Liz made her practiced maneuvers on it, mocking the actions of a mouth as well as she could but pulled by a yearning to feel that thing deep. She was enjoying him immensely, he had a substantial girth, especially around the head, and the contours of the rest of his shaft were a roadmap of throbbing veins. She kept working him and her clit, making the most of the encounter. She climbed up to a nice orgasm. It hit her harder than she thought. The ecstatic pleasure sapped her strength and momentarily interrupted her concentration. She leaned against the door and marveled that she could stand nearly a foot and a half away from this man and still have sex with him.

On and on they continued. Liz began stroking Charm with her free hand, playing herself for another climax. It was not too often she had a partner she could achieve multiple orgasms with. The man’s staying power was impressive. She had been pumping on him for over four minutes and he had not yielded anything but a copious amount of his pre-seminal fluid (which was still quite beneficial). Liz was glad for every drop she could get and would have happily milked him all night but suddenly his movie stopped and his cubicle light came on. He was obviously aware that a closed door with the ‘In Use’ light off would attract the attendant’s ire and he pulled away to feed in more money. He whispered, “Sorry, just a minute.” Liz stepped back away from the light pouring through the hole and waited. He took some time and Liz surmised he must have fed in enough for a good, long tryst. When his light went out Liz stepped back toward the hole but in the dark she got too close. He pushed back through the hole and his erection poked her directly up against her mons, nestling in her coarse pubic hair and then wedging into the crease where her thigh met her mound. Liz froze. He would no doubt know he wasn’t engaging her mouth now. She then heard him whisper, “Alright, baby. Do I need a condom?”

‘What a break’ she thought. If he thought he was going to get an actual fuck, she had discretion to engage as much of him and in any way she wanted. She bent close to the hole and said, “No, I’m safe.” She quickly pondered her options and then had a stroke of brilliance. She lifted the back of her skirt, turned her back to him and bent over. Liz pulled Charm into her vagina with its tip protruding and mouth open wide like a funnel before her canal. Reaching between her legs she took hold of him and guided him as she backed up toward the hole.

Liz centered him over her pussy and pushed back. As his head passed in, she, as custom, enclosed Charm around him and started to suck. She abruptly stopped herself as such abilities were very un-cunt-like. He was a tight fit, especially with the added thickness of Charm around him. Liz arched her back and spread her knees to help his passage while Charm drooled out a carpet of slick lubricant over him as he was devoured. It was a parallel struggle to push Charm down over his length and accommodate Charm and guest within her tight passage but, inch by inch she finally got him completely in or at least as far as the wall would let her. It was a bit of a trick, he was pressed all the way to the end of her canal and she had to draw Charm’s slack out of the way and in to her womb without making any detectable motion. She also had to keep Charm firm enough to push over him but not so that he would feel it.

Once firmly seated he gave a quiet grunt and paused a second for their skin to relax around their tight union, then he began driving. It was slow at first and easy for Liz to manage, but as he picked up his pace and lengthened his stroke it became more difficult. She was getting pushed and pulled back and forth by his motion. She had to brace an elbow against the opposite wall to keep herself still and her butt pressed against the wall.

‘This was fantastic,’ she thought. She wished she had thought of this sooner. The pressure around her vagina walls was divine and the way he was sliding Charm up and down in her was better than anything she could produce for herself. Charm was getting a real treat too, deep, just where she liked it. Liz delved down on her clitoris with her spare hand and her enjoyment became complete.

An intense orgasm started to build. Liz locked her knees and waited. The man kept up a steady pace, fucking a hole in the wall and obviously enjoying it very much. It was tasking her abilities but she kept a regular motion within Charm of pulling out of the way at the back of her puss as he rammed in, drawing slightly around the end of his penis, sucking out his pre-cum before he withdrew, and then holding back Charm to keep from being pulled out. She thought her subtle pumping movement was indiscernible but the way the man was grunting and groaning she could not be sure.

Again, his self control was phenomenal, providing good, long service to Liz’ pleasure. That big climax finally hit. She felt it everywhere, it was the kind of complete joy that utterly satisfied every corner of her being, she shook and quivered under its throes. Within her, Charm twitched and jerked spasmodically. It was so immense it robbed her of her strength as well as her concentration. Through a haze of overwhelming pleasure she struggled to keep her feet, muffle a shriek, and prevent Charm from getting pulled out with his withdrawal.

Her struggle was made more difficult by the man’s furious new onslaught. Either Charm’s twitching or her effort to hold it in place had sent the man over the edge. He launched into that familiar torrent that signals a fast approaching orgasm. Liz, still in the middle of her own crisis, pressed hard against the wall and summoned what energy she still had to keep her hold on him. He pounded against the wall in a rhythm and a force that could not possibly be mistaken for anything but sexual intercourse to the men outside. He gave one big grunt and then pushed as far into her as he could and held still in that natural instinct that compels men to deliver their seed deep. Liz took the opportunity to seize him firmly and suck hard, oblivious to what he thought.

Then he came. Liz felt it go all the way through him in wondrous detail. She greedily sucked away the first spurt and then the second. The third came every bit as big as the first two, the fourth was even bigger. Liz marveled that she had a hold of a sexual super man. He kept coming. She lost track of how much but warmly received the quenching effect within. He stood absolutely still until he had issued every last drop. Liz held on to him to make sure that she got it all.

It was an awkward moment for Liz, to come out of such a consuming frenzy to find herself wedged across a porn arcade booth, her naked ass pressed against an anonymous erection to receive what should be a warm, compassionate exchange of life-giving fluid. She suddenly felt very cold and emotionally drained. It was one of those times when she saw herself as lost and helpless. The man on the other side of the wall began to shake and she knew he was about to lose his feet. She released him, pulled away and stood up. Her skirt fell back down and she turned to the wall and placed a hand on the wet, slowly drooping penis that she had enjoyed so much. She would have liked to meet it again but she knew that was out of the question.

Their commotion had attracted the attention of the other patrons. Liz heard scratches and gentle knocks at her door. She knew what they wanted. She bid farewell to the moistened intruder and sat down on the plastic chair with her back turned to the hole.

The man she just had was whispering to her through the hole. “Baby that was awesome.” “What’s your name?” “Hey, let’s get together and… um, talk.” “Can I see you again some time?” “I think we had something really good going back there.” She heard his movie stop playing and then he said, “I have to go now. Please, darlin’. Talk to me.” There was a long silence and then he exited the booth.

Liz confided herself that she had given him a whole lot more than most men would be getting tonight, but somewhere deep inside she felt she owed him more than a cold shoulder. Was this the existence she had made for herself? A tedious string of dangerous and tawdry liaisons all endured to support a lonely, loveless life? She pushed Charm all the way out, gathered it in her arms and hugged it close. She loved Charm and she was grateful for what it afforded her, but some times she hated what she had to do to keep it. Suddenly, she felt very tired and estranged. She wondered for the first time if this alienation is what Kate felt.

Chapter 5 – A Discovery

Liz expected another man among the anxious lurkers outside to quickly take the last one’s place but it had gotten strangely quiet. She wanted to leave, just run away, but after the commotion she had just engaged in with her last donor, there would probably be a mob of them out there, and if she could tap just one more man she would not have to come back for a whole two months. Her movie finished and she reluctantly fed in another bill. Right after she did, she heard the sharp sound of high heels boldly stepping into the booth next door. The steps paced around the small room as if surmising its implications then the cube’s door latched close, its lights went out and its movie started playing. Liz glanced over at the hole. She deduced that it had to be that strange French woman over there, ‘What could she possibly want?’ Then, in the dim light she could see some long slender object protruding in from the hole. It apparently was not the French woman after all. She rose up from her chair and walked over to the glory hole, reaching out in front of her with Charm to address the new suitor.

As she swept Charm through the darkness she encountered something moist, slick, and soft to the touch. She reached for it with her hand but before she could touch it, it sprang to life, wrapped itself around Charm several times and then tugged her toward the wall. Liz was startled beyond belief. It was so soft, so smooth, so intricately deft and dexterous and yet so familiar. Whatever it was it had completely entwined itself with Charm and was undulating itself over her tender, sensitive flesh in the most delightful way, crowding out Liz’ ability to reason with such sweet caresses. She surrendered to it and pressed her body flat against the wall, she just wanted more of whatever it was doing to her. She responded to it by returning its caresses in like manner.

A small sliver of reason beckoned her to investigate this wonderful being. Amid the frenzied delight Charm’s tip traced the root of the tentacle to its source. She came across a band of some lacey material and then over the top of that a dense nest of course hair. Following the wet, ensnaring rope of flesh over the elastic band of panties and through the tangle of hair, she discovered loose flaps of skin. ‘Those are labia and at the top… a clitoris.’ Then what protruded just below from this woman’s vagina was… ‘A JHARUM!!!’

The shock nearly made her faint. On the other side of this thin wall was another like herself. Liz was not alone in the world! This new encounter suddenly took on whole new grand dimensions. She was now enjoying discovery and rapture with the most precious creature in the world, a woman just like herself. She pressed her hips flat against the wall, kissing it like a sweet lover, as she made love to this other woman through the hole.

In the darkness, through a rough-hewn opening the two members wrestled, coiled, twisted and undulated over each other. Liz was in heaven and laughing with delight. An orgasm passed through her without warning. She was so deep in her pleasure she barely noticed it. Her overwhelmed senses were blocking her awareness. For Liz it was more intense and constant pleasure than anything she had ever experienced, more nerve soothing than opium and yet more nerve wracking than a whole-body tickle. She rested her head against the wall to steady herself against the consuming dizziness. Through the wall she could hear a soft, low, raspy voice murmuring unintelligible words and enraptured moans. Liz tried to focus on this, her partner on the other side of that wall, the being she just must know, have, and keep forever.

In that dark, cramped space between the couple, where their carnal limbs twisted and wrangled in slippery passion, the two pointed tips found each other. Liz opened her maw to embrace the other and in mutual intent her counterpart did the same. The two tangled tails pressed together in an audible kiss. Sucking tightly together they tensed and became very still. Liz heard her lover whimper a feint “Mai oui… O, ouais.” through the wall. She felt the other woman’s yawning tip narrow and close. She knew what was coming and she welcomed it in breathless eagerness.

Her accomplice’s jharum dove into hers, slowly but with deliberate force. It was ecstasy for Liz, it pushed and turned as it followed its way through Charm’s articulated inner passage. Liz had very little to do but untie her self from her partner’s tail and let it delve into her depths. Deeper and deeper it went until it had entered Liz’s length all the way up to her pussy lips and a soft, wet rope of flesh joined the two women at their sexes. Liz was beside herself with joy. She held within Charm a member more physically satisfying than any penis she had ever taken and an opportunity to take in more of it opened before her.

To allow it further access to her she would have to consume the portion of it within her partner’s vagina. She slipped Charm’s lips within her partner’s labia and then slid into her snug canal. She heard through the wall passion filled entreaties and grateful squeals. It was the first time Liz had ever felt another woman’s cunt and she familiarized herself with the intricate textures and contours as Charm continued to swallow. Her lover was reaching depths within Charm hitherto untouched and washing over Liz higher levels of ecstasy with each inch. Orgasm was becoming an almost constant state for her and it hinted at something even greater.

Liz’s breathing was becoming labored, she opened her mouth and tilted back her head to ease her struggle. Her vision was fogging and she was becoming so dizzy she would have lost her feet if she weren’t leaning against the wall. Liz had worked her Charm over the entire length of the other. She occupied the length of the woman’s vagina and Charm’s lips were nuzzling over her cervix, in a light suckling kiss. Within Charm she felt the other on the brink of broaching beyond her cervix and entering the utter mystery that lay within Charm’s roots. Through the wall in a low sultry murmur she heard the first clearly discernable English her partner had yet spoken, “Yes… yes, my sweet… open… let me in.”

The instant she felt the delicate tip pass beyond her cervix and within Charm’s source, a storm crashed in upon her. Liz was transported beyond physical bliss and into a realm of absolute delight that transcended conscious thought. Her body disappeared and all sensory perception turned inward; toward her mind itself. Her experience was that of her own awareness split and replicated into an entire army; all feeling and sharing in pleasure like that of a virgin’s first climax. She seemed to be falling in to a yawning chasm of alternate reality. She cast off her physical being and surrendered her mind to total rapture. For how long; she did not know.


Liz’s next clear thought found her sprawled out on the floor of her booth. Her head was spinning, her limbs twitched and jerked uncontrollably, her thoughts were confused and disjointed, and her throat felt scratchy as though she had been screaming. Her ceiling light was on and she could hear someone pounding on her door. She sat up slowly and tried to piece together what had happened. Through a gray fog she realized her skirt was up and her tender treasures exposed. Looking down she saw Charm lying over her thigh, swollen and trembling. In a reflexive move, she awkwardly pulled her skirt over it. Through the ringing in her ears she heard voices, one loud, angry voice and one soft, anxious whisper. She looked up again and saw a hand waving frantically at her from a hole in the wall. She focused her mind on the words coming at her.

“Hey! You hear me? What the fuck you doin’ in there? I want you out of here! I’m callin’ the cops!” boomed a loud, masculine voice from outside the door.

Somehow, through the noise of his shouts and banging she heard a whisper with a thick accent, “Cherie. Cherie. Are you alright? Speak to me! Let me help you!”

With much difficulty she lifted her arm and reached for the hand from the hole. The hand clasped hers and she heard the voice say “Bien!” The hand released hers and withdrew through the wall. She heard a door open. Then she heard a woman’s laughter.

Liz’ awareness was slowly returning. She knew where she was and she started to reassemble her last concrete awareness. In the midst of it all the towering realization that she had found another like herself captured her attention. She must not let this woman get away! Still not rational enough to formulate a plan of action, Liz pulled herself to her knees and peered into the hole. ‘She’s gone! … Must find her!’ screamed her desperate and confused mind. She heard the woman’s laughter countered by a loud, threatening male voice. The woman’s voice was the focus of all her hopes and longings, she was determined above all else to reach this woman and cling to her with all her might. She struggled to her feet and it was almost all she could do just to remain standing. She reached for the door, unlatched it and pulled. It would not budge! She could still hear the laughter and the angry voice, “You crazy bitch! I’m kickin’ your ass outa here!”

Liz was on the verge of tears. She was locked in this cubicle while her partner, her soul-mate, her key to the mysteries of her own life was just inches away and facing violent ejection. Liz tugged frantically at the door and then remembered the wedge she had jammed under it. She kicked at it, all the time fearing her new friend would be taken away before she could find her. Liz finally got it loose and pulled open the door. She spilled out into the hallway and immediately her knees buckled and she collapsed to the floor.

There in front of her that same French woman was leaning against the doorway and laughing hysterically. Over her loomed the store attendant shaking his fist and screaming every act of violence and legal action he could command. Liz’ only concern was laying hold of that priceless woman and staying with her no matter what happened. In her still not-quite-lucid mind she sought to latch on to her and reached up toward the woman.

The instant her hand came in view the burly attendant grabbed her by the wrist, “You’re not goin’ anywhere,” he growled! “I shoulda called the cops on you a long time ago!” Liz nearly melted in frustration and dire dread.

The French woman’s face flashed from merriment to rage the second Liz’ wrist was seized. She reached her hand into her coat and pulled out a revolver. In a furious instant, she swung the gun toward the attendant’s head. There was a flash and a loud bang as the shot whizzed over the man’s shoulder and into the wall behind him. “Let go of her, son of a bitch,” yelled the now enraged woman in a heavy accent!

The attendant was paralyzed in fear. He let go of Liz’ arm almost convulsively. Eyes wide and mouth open he sank back against the wall.

While breaking back out into her laugh, Liz’ liberator grabbed her hand and pulled her up to her feet. The woman tore off in a trot dragging Liz behind. Out of the arcade they ran, Liz’ knees were wobbly and it was hard to keep her feet. Helplessly weak, Charm bounced painfully off her thighs as she ran.

Store patrons were already beating a hasty retreat when the yelling started, when the shot rang out they all practically dove for the door. Liz and her companion ran right through them. The woman was still laughing as though this whole situation was just a circus of fools. They burst through the door and scattered more patrons on their way to their cars. Liz couldn’t help herself, she started laughing too. Partly at the silliness of scurrying men and partly out of a sense of happiness at securing this priceless new friend and the wonder opening up before her, Liz laughed herself breathless.

When they reached the woman’s car, she opened the door and pushed Liz in. She got in right behind, started the car, and backed out. They nearly hit two more men on the way. The woman threw the car in gear, floored it, and they tore off onto the highway in a cloud of dust and flying gravel. Down the road they flew, still laughing as they watched behind for any pursuers. A half mile down the road the woman slammed on the brakes and turned sharply into an abandoned farmyard next to a brightly lit truck stop. She slid into the yard and stopped between two overgrown shrubs then shut off the engine and turned to face Liz.

Looking into each other’s eyes they slowly stopped laughing and the gravity of their discovery settled upon them. The two women caught their breath, it got real quiet, and the entire universe shrank down to just the two of them. After a time the woman lifted the front of her skirt to show herself. There, still protruding over the waistband of her skimpy panties, curled up in a ball between her legs, was a moistly glistening, crimson rope of flesh very familiar to Liz. She made no effort to stop the woman as she lifted Liz’ skirt and tenderly scooped up the still bloated and quivering Charm in her hand. “You have the tail… like mine, yes?” she said in a low raspy voice. Liz was dumb-stricken. She could not articulate the marvel before her. Was it real?

She still held the woman’s coat sleeve clutched tightly in her fist. Releasing it, she lifted her hand to the woman’s cheek. With her other hand she reached for the writhing organ on the woman’s lap. The woman took her hand and guided it to Liz’ quest. When she touched it, the tip lifted and wrapped around her thumb as one of the coils pushed its way across her palm. Liz recognized the sensation; it was real, she was real, it had all actually happened. In the vastness of the world, there was another being like her and against impossible odds they had found each other. Before Liz sat a woman who had shared all of her lonely longings and lost wanderings. A tear rolled slowly down her cheek. The woman pulled Liz’ stocking cap off and then pressed Liz’ hand to her lips and kissed it. “My name is Fantine,” she said. “I have searched for you… eighty years.”

Liz threw her arms around Fantine, pulled her tight and both women started crying. They cried out all of their pent up fear and lonely misery until their overwhelmed emotions had all been spent. In the vacuum of their empty isolation, they held each other. Meanwhile, both women found the strength to pull in their overwrought treasures back into safe seclusion. In that stillness, their minds came to ponder the miraculous luck in their meeting. It was Liz who finally broke the silence. “How did you find me?”

“It was not an easy thing,” said Fantine, incredulously. She drew back to look into Liz’ eyes. “I knew a man in Venice who say my kiss, it remind him of someone. I know what this means and I must find that someone. I follow clues. Ooo, Tres difficile. You leave very few clues. For eighty years I search and I chase. Some times… real close I get, and then, …un mystère, you disappear again. I find you visit the very old grave in England. I go there and wait. You came, and voila, I follow you here.”

Liz could remember that man in Venice, a good friend until he got too close. She could almost recall his face. So many men; so long ago. But her mind refocused on her present company, the most wondrous find of her long, lonely life. “You must come with me. Stay with me. Be mine forever. We belong together. Oh please, Fantine. Don’t you see that,” Liz pleaded? For the first time in centuries, she did not feel lost and alone. Fantine was her rescuer and she would cling to her like life itself.

“Non, ma patite,” soothed Fantine with a hopeful smile. “You must come with me. Come to my island, my love. You will live like a queen. Safe, happy, and many of the young men, yes? They give us what we need, freely, not through the hole in wall… Oh, so crazy.”

At that moment, a bright light of hope burst before Liz like she had never known. A chance for a care-free life with nothing to hide and no past to run away from nor next move to plot. A life with a companion, someone just like her, who knew all of her hardships and secrets and who could live unlimited years with her. A special intimate friend who could reach depths of gratification like she had never known possible. “Yes! Oh please, yes!” she exclaimed, anxious to start that new life right now. “Please take me with you. Let’s go now. I’ll stay with you forever!” Liz threw her arms around Fantine’s neck and hugged her tight, so glad she was to leave her fears behind for good.

Fantine gently patted Liz’s arm, assuredly. She pulled back and said, “Elizabeth, my sister, you must be calm, patient. You run, you make the people… suspecting. You must disappear like always. You tell them a story, eh? And then we run the other way. Un mystère, yes? All very simple. No one follows.”

Liz knew immediately she was right. She owed it to Fantine to keep her refuge safe and not draw attention to it. Besides, if Fantine could find her, then so could anyone else. This time her escape must be perfect.

“We have time, you and I,” Fantine added. “We get to your car and you go home. Tomorrow we plan.”

“Come home with me,” Liz pleaded. She picked up Fantine’s hand and kissed it. “Please don’t leave me.”

“No,” Fantine assured her. She kissed Liz and hugged her. “I will not leave you.” In the moments that followed Fantine held her tight as though fighting off her own fear and sadness. Liz almost thought she heard Fantine sob once. “We go to a safe place now. We rest and we plan.” Fantine drew back and smiled reassuringly at Liz. She turned away and started the car.

Liz stayed close to Fantine’s side as Fantine turned her car onto the road and drove back to the bookstore. She laid her head on Fantine’s shoulder. She had not relied on any one since so long ago with Kate. She felt relieved to set aside her vigilance in deference to another’s guidance and control. She wondered, ‘So strong, determined and wise, how old could she be?’

When they got to the abandoned motel, Fantine pulled in behind Liz’ car and then turned around toward the exit. Liz started to get out of the car but Fantine stopped her. “Wait here. I look first,” she said. She got out of the car and pulled the revolver from her coat pocket. With the gun held behind her, Fantine crept slowly around Liz’ car and then stepped in front of it to look about the bookstore lot. The whole area was deserted. The patrons had all left and the operator had apparently shut down for the night without summoning the police. Fantine motioned for Liz to come and stood sentry while Liz darted to her car.

Once both in their cars, Liz pulled out of the lot and led Fantine to her apartment building. She was very careful not lose her though she was certain Fantine had already discovered where she lived quite some time ago. She was anxious to bring her newfound friend safely home. Fantine saw Liz home but did not park her car. Liz went to her to invite her to stay.

“Soupçon,” replied Fantine. “No one should see you with strangers before you disappear. You know this. I will meet you in the morning.”

“Oh please, stay with me,” pleaded Liz. “I’ve been so lonely for so long. Only you could understand.”

The desperation of Liz’ appeal softened Fantine’s resolve. She smiled and nodded her head. After parking her car she joined Liz at the elevator and they rode up to Liz’ floor.

It was dear of Fantine to show such concern for Liz’ welfare but there really was no call to worry so. Liz knew there were no parties nearby who were close enough to her to have any curiosity about who came or went.

Liz lead Fantine into her apartment and turned on the light. “Well, this is my home,” she said as she held out her arms in a presentational gesture. “Can I get… can I offer you something… to drink,” she asked? “Coffee? Tea?” She felt awkward. She had never entertained a guest in her own home before. Fantine felt to her like a strange visitor and at the same time a familiar friend.

“Do not trouble yourself,” replied Fantine. “I am fine.”

“A glass of wine, maybe,” Liz pressed? She felt a need to be a responsible host but her nervousness showed.

“If you will join me,” Fantine took Liz’ hand and brushed a strand of hair from her cheek. “Elizabeth, do not trouble so. I came to help you, not be entertained.”

“Please, call me Liz,“ Liz smiled. “You’re right, I’m not accustomed to having someone this deep into my life. I’ll be OK. Please, make yourself at home.”

“Very well, Liz,” she returned Liz’ smile. “We have the connaissance to make, yes?”

“Yes. We have time, though. Don’t we?” She went to the wine rack and pulled out a bottle and drew a cork screw from the drawer. As she opened the bottle she watched Fantine take off her coat and fold it over her arm. It was the first time she saw Fantine in full light. She was lithe in figure with a sleek, graceful frame. Her face was softer in this light, a warm, rugged appeal with the same impish playfulness she had first noticed. Liz noticed for the first time that she had made herself an apparent age of eighteen. That seemed bold in itself but fully in line with the daring nature of her capable new friend.

She brought in two glasses of wine and set them on the coffee table. “Here. Let me take that for you.” She hung up Fantine’s coat in the closet. “Please, have a seat.” Liz took a seat on the opposite end of the couch from Fantine and they both sipped their wine.

“I am so happy to find you,” Fantine said. “I remember when my old friend, he tell me of your kiss. I feel this joy. I know I am not the only one.”

“After four hundred years I thought I was the only one,” Liz said, she herself in awe of the remark. She had never dared mention this – her deepest secret. This frankness was shockingly refreshing to her.

Fantine’ eyes opened wide. “Four hundred!” She moved closer and took Liz’ hand in hers. Looking intently in Liz’ eyes she said, “Please. Tell me.”

Liz told her whole story. She told of her life in sixteenth century England. She told of her lost love and long years awaiting his return. She told of the night when she met Kate and all of the instructions and warnings Kate had imparted to her. She told of all the places she lived and studied and with some shame, what she had done to keep alive. She told her whole four hundred, sixty year-long tale of caution, fear, and loneliness. Fantine drank it all in with great fascination and wonderment, especially all of Kate’s instructions and warnings.

Chapter 6 – The Story of Fantine

It then passed to Fantine to tell her own tale. She spoke in her broken English and lapsed into French for the more difficult parts. Liz’ French was rusty but she was able to keep up.


Fantine told of being born in the south of France in 1866. Her father was a captain in The Gendarmerie. Her mother was a merchant’s daughter who died in childbirth. Fantine, their only child, had lived a sheltered life cloistered behind the walls of her academy by day and under the strict watch of her governess by night. It was a very happy life and she was in love with the beauty of her small town and countryside.

When she was sixteen her father accepted the position of warden over the penal colony of New Caledonia. It was a prestigious opportunity for him but for Fantine it meant uprooting her life and taking a long sea voyage to the other side of the world. She bade farewell to her safe, comfortable home, her friends and her charming surroundings and she packed up her life for the trip.

The first leg of their journey was by steamship across the Atlantic to the Central American isthmus. The voyage was pleasant and eased her sorrow over leaving her home in France. In Panama, their belongings were ported overland to the Pacific where they boarded a three-masted schooner, which would carry them on to the South Sea Isles and New Caledonia.

It was a long, tedious voyage but the weather was very pleasant. It stayed so until they reached the South Seas where they were stricken by a terrible storm. Fantine feared their certain death amid the loud crashing and anxious shouts of the crew. When morning arrived, the storm had passed but the ship had been de-masted, their rudder broken off completely and three crewmembers lost.

For days they drifted aimlessly as the crew tried to rig a new rudder and fabricate an effective way to catch some wind. Although their progress was slow, they affected a way to resume their course and sought a friendly port to make more suitable repairs. They might have made it if not for another storm even more fierce than the first. It quickly stripped the small ship of all means to guide itself and left them at the mercy of the waves. At some point in the night the helpless ship was blown broadside over some unseen reef, broken asunder, and torn apart by the wind and waves.

In the panicked haste to abandon ship and secure a means to stay afloat, Fantine was struck many times by wind driven debris. In the turmoil she lost consciousness. When she awoke it was morning and she found herself secured to a floating hatch cover. She was in terrible pain from an open wound to her stomach, another to her head and consumed with fever.

She went in and out of consciousness for quite some time until she found herself washed up on a sandy beach. Around her were many pretty children with brown skin and oval eyes. Soon, adults were summoned and then ensued some great row apparently concerning Fantine and what should be done with her. From the midst of the row arose a pretty young woman a little older than Fantine who seemed to champion Fantine and argued a solution.

Fantine blacked out again but awoke to find herself on a sturdy bamboo platform within a cave that opened into the sea. The cave was lit with torches and at her side knelt the same pretty girl who gave her water and tried to tend to her wounds. The girl was talking to her in a soothing tone and gently stroking her in a calming fashion.

Soon after, a handsome young man came in a canoe through the mouth of the cave. He had to duck under the cave’s mouth to enter but he rowed up to the platform and climbed up to kneel in front of the girl. They talked together in a familiar, lilting way. Both were smiling, lightly laughing and touching each other as they talked.

The young man rose up on his knees and removed the garment he wore around his waist and was completely naked. Fantine was shocked to see a man nude for the first time in her life. The girl rose up on her knees and removed her garment. The naked couple then kissed and almost immediately the young man became erect.

Fantine’s mind was in turmoil, for how could they make love before her? Did they not realize her condition and dire pain?

What happened next Fantine, at the time, had to dismiss as fever induced delusion.

The girl touched Fantine’s arm as if making sure to have her attention. She then saw the girl sprout what Fantine thought was her own penis. It emerged from the dark hair of the girl’s loin, red and glistening wet. It then came to life and grasped the boy’s penis in a coil-like embrace. Fantine thought she must be going insane from her injuries because then the girl’s penis began to devour the boy’s.

The boy eased back to sit on his haunches and the girl followed him to straddle his lap. The couple remained like that in a tight embrace, moaning their pleasure. Neither moved accept the girl’s member which swallowed more and more of her lover’s organ.

While well into their joining the young man gave out a deep moan and shuddered. The lovers broke their kiss and then joyfully exchanged what Fantine believed were sweet entreaties to each other. The couple separated, the girl’s tail released its hold on the boy, and the boy smiled at Fantine and said something she wished she could understand. The girl laid down beside her to stroke and comfort her. She kept talking while gesturing at her curious tail and then at Fantine’s sex.

Fantine felt lost and helpless. She missed her father, she was in great pain and fearing for her life and now it seemed to her these people were oblivious to her suffering and were just going to let her die slowly in neglect.

Not long after the young man had left, another one rowed his canoe in to the cave. It was another virile-looking youth with a soft-featured face and beautiful eyes. He bound up on to the platform and exchanged salacious banter with the nude girl. In time, he removed the sarong from around his waist and approached the girl. As before, the young woman placed a hand on Fantine’s arm as if to draw her attention.

The young woman laid on her back and her new lover knelt over her from between her legs. They wrapped their arms around each other and engaged in a deep kiss. Their lips parted and the girl turned to look at Fantine, as if making sure that she observed this. As with her previous lover, Fantine saw the slippery wet tail of the girl open up at the tip and devour the boy’s erect phallus. After that, their intercourse consumed them and they vigorously ground together. They rolled and struggled beside Fantine in the throes of their strange bond. Her fever overtook her and Fantine blacked out again.

When she came-to later, Fantine found herself stripped naked. The same young girl was kneeling at her side. She looked gravely at Fantine as she stroked her and was trying to explain something that Fantine gathered to be very important.

The girl bent over and kissed Fantine’s forehead, then her cheek and then on her lips. She paused to say something that Fantine interpreted to be reassuring. All that she could feel was frustration and terrible pain. The girl kissed her again full on the mouth and she felt the girl’s tongue slip between her lips. Before she could utter any protest, Fantine’s pain completely vanished. The soothing relief was overshadowed by a yearning for pleasure and release. The next thing she knew, Fantine found herself wanting to completely surrender to her caretaker’s attentions.

The girl moved to where she was straddling over Fantine’s body. Fantine felt her move between her legs, kneeling. The girl lifted Fantine’s thighs and rested them atop her own thighs. Fantine was powerless to stop her. She clung to the girl only wanting more of that kiss and the pleasing, soothing effects it was having on her.

To her shock, she felt something probing about her sex. Without looking she knew it had to be the girl’s strange red penis. In that instant she realized the girl intended to rape and ravage her. She did not care. Her pain was dispelled and the kiss was mysteriously filling her with a want like she had never experienced. In the next instant, she was entered, violated, impaled by the girl’s strange appendage. It charged into her by its own volition; pushing and gaining but by no thrust on the girl’s part. It tore through her hymen and surged in to secret depths Fantine was unaware she had. Deeper it delved and thicker it got, swelling up to fill her passage. Helpless, Fantine gave herself up to it, threw her arms around her partner and let herself be taken. It was a strange delight that filled her and it slowly faded as she slipped again into unconsciousness.

When Fantine woke again it was morning. Light fell into the cave from the sea opening. She was alone on the platform and the first thing she noticed was her fever was gone. It was replaced with a dizziness and a strange feeling inside, down low. There was still some pain in her head but not the intense pounding like before. Her stomach wound was still causing a bit of discomfort, but only when she tried to sit up. Her first notion was to attribute her mended wounds to the narcotic kiss of the native girl. She lay quietly and waited for her friend to return.

A few minutes later her young physician returned. Fantine was so grateful for her relented anguish and mended spirits that she thanked the girl repeatedly. The two spent the next hours working out a dialogue and traded much of their personal details.

Fantine learned her friend’s name was Penina and that this island was one of several they called home. She made it clear that Fantine was not welcome among them and she must remain in the cave. Through arduously mimed gestures and some established terminology, Fantine was made to know that Penina had given her something from herself and that it now dwelt inside her. That this endowment would help her heal and that when she was better she would have to give the endowment back.

Fantine was curious as to what Penina had imparted to her but she would soon find out exactly what she now possessed.

Penina carefully rolled Fantine onto her side and then made a pillow for her head so she could watch. Sitting in front of her, she lifted Fantine’s upper leg and placed it over her shoulder. She then began to rake her fingers gently over Fantine’s sex while cooing softly to her. Fantine was at first put off by this affront but reasoned that it was only girl-play and they had been lovers the night before. She began to enjoy the pleasurable caresses and felt romantic desires stirring inside. She also felt a strange compulsion to present more of herself to this encounter. She did not know what but something inside wanted to join in this play. Penina then began to lightly stroke around her soft opening, teasing the sensitive flesh, venturing a finger into the wet recesses. That was when Fantine responded with her own touch. It did not come from her hands. She sought to reach out in response and when she did, a slick red tongue emerged from her sex to meet Penina’s playful fingers.

Fantine froze in shock. She never knew she had one of those, for surely it was hers. She controlled its movements and she felt what it touched. Penina exclaimed her encouragement and ever so lightly stroked the red tail. The feeling was delightful and Fantine’s hand joined Penina’s in wrestling with her new appendage and exploring its talents.

After some time at this exploration and play, Penina called out to someone outside the cave. One of the young men who had loved Penina the night before rowed into the cave on a canoe. He climbed up on the platform and Fantine wanted to hide in shame of her nakedness. As the boy knelt beside her, Penina stroked her and spoke in soothing tones to calm Fantine’s apprehension.

Fantine knew where this meeting was headed. She knew her new appendage was the endowment Penina had bestowed upon her and that it was crucial to her healing. She understood now that Penina was trying to show her how to use it the night before. She now realized that engaging men sexually in the manner Penina had displayed would fuel her healing. Though it ran contrary to all aspects of morality and social conduct she had ever learned, Fantine would have to engage in sex or die. It was all too much but she was at the crossroads of her life, what cannot be avoided – must be endured.

It was not so unpleasant. Her new tail did feel wonderful in its sensual ability, and the young man was very attractive and friendly.

He stood up and removed his sarong and then knelt at Fantine’s feet. She invited his advance by opening her legs and he crawled up to a leaning position over her. She knew she had to envelope his erection. She looked to Penina for encouragement and then opened up and swallowed him completely in one swift motion.

She was astounded at how good it felt. Good enough to forget any discomfort she was feeling. Penina placed her hand over the boy’s engulfed penis and urged Fantine to work him in a steady up and down movement. Fantine, to her dismay, actually was enjoying it. She learned her appendage’s talents and was familiarizing herself with male anatomy on every stroke. She took more of him and began to work him vigorously when suddenly she felt his discharge. She froze, not knowing what to do. He ejaculated his full measure and squealing with delight, Penina stroked upward on her tail to prompt Fantine to ingest it. She did as instructed, gulping it all the way up her red tail and almost immediately felt a relief from her pain spread throughout her body.

It was not hard for Fantine to accept the necessity of this intercourse any further. She actually felt so much better she sat up on her own and shared in the generous, warm expression of emotions her hosts brought with them. They playfully embraced and stroked each other in a new, unashamed openness. Before he left, the boy hugged Fantine and they parted as close friends.

Soon after he left, another young man rowed into the cave and joined the two girls on the platform. Fantine lost her timidity. She knew what was expected of her, how exactly it would benefit her and that these people were trying to help her. Albeit in a way contrary to western civilized conduct, Fantine actually began to dismiss it in her mind as innocent youthful exuberance.

She was more relaxed with the second boy. As he crouched over her, Fantine took more time in engaging him and worked toward her own pleasure as well as his. They kissed, her first, and the act absorbed them in the headlong struggle for sexual reward. She delivered him and joined him in climactic bliss (also her first). It tickled her senses as she squealed and clung to him until her return had run its course. Again, she felt a modicum of relief from her discomfort as she swallowed down his emission.

By the time she had been serviced by the fifth boy, she was feeling remarkably better and had even developed an appetite. Penina called an end to her visits for the day and brought her something to eat.

In the days that followed, Fantine was visited by three boys in the morning and three different ones in the evening. They were all very sweet toward her. They brought her gifts and kept her entertained with songs and tricks. Fantine was astounded by how fast her wounds healed.

After two weeks she was completely well and Penina, to Fantine’s disappointment, curtailed all visits from Fantine’s young suitors. It was time to return her tail to its rightful owner.

For the next day, Penina took great pains to explain the entire process as best she could to Fantine and mimed what she must do. Fantine listened carefully because she knew it was important, one or both of their lives might be in danger.

The next morning, Penina was carefully going over the process again when all of a sudden a tremendous boom, louder than thunder, burst upon them. It was almost deafening as it reverberated throughout the small cavern. The water surface danced and rippled below them. They held their ears until the last of the terrible noise subsided. Outside the cave they could hear a great commotion as the people in the village gathered to address this powerful phenomenon.

It was too much for Penina to cope with. She bade Fantine to stay and then leapt into the water and swam out through the mouth of the cave. Fantine sat very puzzled as the minutes passed. Worry replaced puzzlement as more minutes passed and still no word from Penina. After quite more than a half an hour after the tremendous boom, the most frightening event of all transpired.

As Fantine sat waiting for her friend’s return, all of the water quickly drained from the cave. The water level sank lower than low tide and then continued until all the water had left and the cave floor was exposed. Fantine could have walked out and not gotten her feet wet. Before she could contemplate such a move, there came from outside the sound of yelling and then many frightened cries. The screaming voices were soon drowned out by a loud roar. Louder it got and then with the speed of a passing train a great surge of water rushed in through the cave entrance. The surge splashed against the back of the cave and water level rose with alarming speed. Fantine thought she would certainly drown within the next minute. But the water rose only up to the top of the cave entrance and no further.

For a very tense moment, Fantine knelt, trembling on her platform and waited for the water to rise and snuff out her life. Then, as quickly as the water had first drained out from the cave, the level again sank until it was at its usual depth, and the cave mouth was open. All was silent except for the usual steady pounding of surf on the rocks outside.

Fantine was dumfounded over what had just transpired. She strained to listen for any sound that might tell her of what happened outside to both the village and its people. She heard nothing. She waited for Penina or one of her young men to come. It got dark, and no one came.

The next morning she awoke thinking surely Penina would come. She called for her but got no response, nothing but the sound of waves on the shore. As afternoon came she grew hungry and entered the water. She sought merely a peek to see what was wrong.

She swam out of the cave and climbed on to the rocks outside. She saw the beach reaching out on both sides from the cliff face her cave was in. There were no people. She climbed down from the rocks and on to the shore. She thought the village had to be near by, she had always heard them close to the cave. Not a trace was left. It looked as if they had gathered everything and left. There was not even a footprint in the sand.

Fantine looked all about the island and could hardly find any evidence any one had ever been there. It frightened her deeply that some terrible thing had taken them all away and that it might return. She cried for her friend, Penina, and what might have happened to her.

The date was August 27, 1883. Unknown to Fantine at the time, a small volcanic island hundreds of miles away in the Sunda Strait had just destroyed itself in the biggest explosion of all recorded history. Hundreds of people on surrounding shores were killed by flying debris and scalding clouds of gas. Thousands more died as an enormous tsunami spread outward in all directions. Such a great wave had just wiped the island clean of all life, leaving Fantine alone in the horrifying remains. At nightfall, she returned to her cave and wept until sleep took her.

The following day she set out from the cave to find food and water. She was able to make do. She spent the rest of her day searching for some clue as to what might have happened to the people who had saved her. She found nothing

A week passed and, luckily, a Dutch whaler approached the island in search of fresh water. Fantine was rescued.

The sailors fed and clothed her and the captain made accommodations for her in his quarters. They ferried her south to the Solomon Islands where she was given passage on a cargo ship to New Caledonia. She completely forgot about her tail and was consumed with concern for her father and sorrow for her lost island friends.

When she arrived in New Caledonia she discovered she was the only known survivor of her ship and also of the explosion of Krakatoa. Left orphaned, she was placed in the custody of the convent to finish her schooling.

Sex was not a viable topic of discussion with the nuns. Her special tail was definitely something they would not understand and so Fantine kept that to herself.

At the age of eighteen she was released from the care of the convent and she took up employment in the house of the governor as a maid. They were kind to her and treated her very well. After eight years in their home, she met an elderly plantation owner who became very enamored with her and took her as his mistress.

He provided for her a comfortable home adjacent to his property and came to see her every other day. He was not a vigorous or even satisfying lover but he was easy to please and very grateful for Fantine’s attention.

By this time, Fantine had learned great restraint in the use of her jharum. She avoided the temptation to please herself or even muse the possibilities of her secret appendage and it had dwelt silently deep within her for twelve years. Her gentleman lover’s sexual fumbling had, however, awoken new curiosities in her if not as an accompaniment to his technique, at least as a substitute. She began exploring self-arousal in her lover’s absence and re-acquainted herself with her long forgotten tail.

To her joy, she discovered its talents and abilities. She stroked and petted her wonderful toy and derived immense pleasure in its use. Inevitably, she employed it in the lovemaking of her gentleman benefactor. She dared not introduce him to it directly, but she found a way to engage him while he was inside her. It added to her enjoyment of their act. It also sped his release and sent him on his way. Of course, she captured his emission, some of it anyway. It gave her a soothing relief somewhere deep inside.

Months passed, and one morning while taking her bath, Fantine noticed something about her form. Her body had toned up, her limbs had regained some of the suppleness of her youth, her skin seemed firmer and more resilient. She remembered how with a man’s semen her tail had helped her heal but she did not know until that moment it could rejuvenate her. When she looked at herself in a full-length mirror it confirmed her discovery. To her dismay, it was apparent she could stay young, in fact, live indefinitely.

Fantine welcomed this new gift but knew immediately that she had to use it wisely. She controlled her urge to ingest more of her lover’s emission and she avoided the temptation to push her regressing age any further than could be reasonably believed. She continued in her often boring but comfortable existence as a rich man’s plaything.

Seven years after taking her as his mistress, her wealthy plantation owner died, leaving Fantine her house and a third of his holdings. This made Fantine rich beyond her dreams. She had learned much in the company of her lover and shrewdly parlayed her plantation holdings in to a promising shipping company. The company grew as did her assets and by the turn of the century, Fantine had wealth and power that insulated her from almost all of her worldly concerns.

She returned to Europe where she established herself among the leisure set. Business barons and royalty became her crowd and her money allowed her freedom like few had ever known. She knew her longevity would draw unwanted attention so she kept on the move.

She held on to her fortune by willing her assets to a solitary, young niece, faking her own death, and then assuming the identity of the young niece she had created. It was a tricky endeavor but she was very cunning and bold. She had kept up this process until post World War II when she sold off her interest in the shipping company and bought three adjacent islands in the South Pacific. On one of them, the same one she was rescued by Penina, she built a quaint, comfortable home, on ground higher than any wave could reach.

It was previously, in Venice, during the summer of 1935 that she took a lover who was mad for her kiss and one day talked in great detail of another woman whose kiss had the same narcotic effect on him. Her hunt for a young, English art scholar named Elizabeth began there.

Chapter 7 – Find Love

It was late when Fantine finished her tale. They were both tired and really needed some rest.

“I should leave and let you go to bed,” Fantine said as she stretched and yawned.

“You must stay with me,” asserted Liz. “Please, I insist. It’s much too late to be driving about. And there is so much for us to talk about in the morning.” She placed a hand on Fantine’s. “Really. I would worry terribly if you left now and it’s no trouble at all.”

“Very well,” said Fantine. She looked deep into Liz’ eyes and smiled warmly.

Those soft eyes and pretty smile worked on Liz. Their encounter in the arcade was still fresh in her mind. The temptation was there to surrender herself to her lust and dive into the tangled bliss her new friend offered but she was wise enough to know lasting relationships were not founded on abrupt impulses. “You can sleep with me, if you don’t mind,” offered Liz. She did not mean to imply anything but it was the only bed she had and it would be callous to offer a guest anything less.

There was nothing to debate. She rose and led her new friend to her bedroom. “You must be tired,” Liz offered. “It’s not a hotel suite but it’s comfy.”

Liz took a spot between her bed and her dresser and began removing her clothes. She dropped her skirt to the floor and remembered she had left her panties in the car. She felt embarrassed and quickly dug into a dresser drawer to get a clean pair. As she removed her blouse the notion caught in her mind that she was shy about her body in front of Fantine. She really had no reason for coyness. She had shared deep intimacy with this woman. Albeit, through a hole, it was closeness and rapture like she had never known. Her precious Charm had penetrated deep into Fantine’s pussy; it was not at all a casual encounter. Fantine had delved into Charm to a point beyond mere union and triggered ecstasy that verged on a spiritual experience. She shook off her momentary embarrassment and was glad to be rid of it. This would be the first night of a long personal relationship. Liz finally had someone she could bond with. Now at hand was the development of that relationship.

Fantine showed neither hesitation nor embarrassment, she simply stepped to the opposite side of the bed and began undressing. She slipped off her shoes and stepped out of her dress. With no ceremony, the slender, girlish-figured woman took down the bedspread and slid under the covers of Liz’ bed. She propped herself up on her elbow and watched Liz.

Liz stood in her bra and panties, she was wrestling with the idea of putting on pajamas like she usually did but she knew it would be rude to humble her guest. She turned out the light and slid into bed facing Fantine. They bid each other good night and closed their eyes.

Liz opened her eyes again to study Fantine’s face. She looked sweet and angelic and Liz knew it would be easy to become enamored with her as friend and companion. In spite of the sex they had shared tonight, she still wondered about the kind of love relationship she could surrender herself to. It involved opening up a part of herself that she had shuttered away in darkness for centuries. It would mean embracing behavior that was alien to her. She knew it was time to confront aspects of sensuality, sexuality and interpersonal accord like she had never known.

Fantine’ eyes suddenly fluttered open. The two women smiled and they held each other’s gaze.

“It is a scary thing, to trust a new friend,” whispered Fantine; her voice was raspy from her long story. “It is hard to believe, over the years… I look for you,… you become very dear to me.” She took Liz’ hand and kissed it. “I come to you because I love you, my Elizabeth. I will protect you from all harm, now and always. If we are sisters or no.”

Liz was touched that Fantine seemed to feel what she was struggling with. “Yes, thank you. We are two of a kind. We should be taking care of each other.” She raised herself on her elbow, leaned over Fantine and they kissed. It was sweet and tender. Liz laid her head next to her new friend. They smiled at each other again and closed their eyes. ‘Yes,’ Liz thought. ‘We will be lovers.’ She could feel the notion as a seed planted in her heart. She needed merely to wait for it to sprout and love would finally be hers. Seconds later, she was sound asleep.


When Liz awoke, she found Fantine still sleeping peacefully beside her. She quietly slid out of bed, put on a robe she had hanging on the closet door and went to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. It was some minutes later as she was reading the paper that Fantine padded into the room. With her dress pulled on and still unbuttoned, her hair fallen across her face, and her eyes all puffy she looked sweet and innocent like a girl at a sleep over.

Liz greeted her with a peck on the cheek. The two chatted lightly as Liz fixed them a light breakfast of toast and yogurt with fresh fruit. She was pleasantly shocked at how easy it was for her to relax in Fantine’s presence and wondered if it was all they had in common, the intimacy they shared at the arcade, or if it was something deeper.

“Fantine, about last night… ,” Liz began after she’d finally built up enough courage to broach the subject. “When you got into me… When you reached within me so deep, what happened?”

“You do not know,” came the awestruck reply?

“I felt what you did to me… “

“Yes,” Fantine coaxed?

“It was… Wow. It was fantastic… beyond anything, ever,” Liz laughingly recalled.

“Yes, and then what,” Fantine anxiously plied?

“Well, apart from what was going on in my head, I kind of blacked out.”

“You do not remember?”

“No.” said Liz flatly. “I just remember coming to on the floor. What happened?”

“Well… at first, you get real… êtes devenu très tendu. Stiff. And then you sway, back and forth a little,” she explained. “After that, you moan and laugh. Then you moan real loud. You screamed and I think maybe I hurt you. But you keep the hold on to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Liz said with a blush. “I hope I didn’t scare you too much.”

“It was very good I think, yes?” Fantine took her hand and spoke confidingly, “Maybe you show me some time, yes? I would like to have this feeling… with you.”

“Oh yes! Of course, we… umm,” Liz started. She was caught up in a girlish excitement that tickled her in a way she had not felt in years. Her own frankness and unbridled interest shocked her. ‘But why should it?’ she thought. If there was any one on earth she could finally trust and open up to it was Fantine. “Yes, I would love to show you.” The two silently smiled at each other for a moment before breaking out in a nervous giggle. Liz flushed and took an instant to tuck away the fresh feeling for later reflection.

They talked for hours more about basically the physiology they shared and their feelings about it. They exchanged anecdotes on the major historical events, especially of the past one hundred forty years; where they were and what impression they had of epic events like wars, natural catastrophes, and cultural phenomena they could both recall. They talked about famous people they had known.

While Liz’ encounters were mostly in science, art and academia like Louis Pasteur, Victor Hugo, and Albert Einstein; Fantine’s were mostly royalty, politicians and entrepreneurs like Prince Edward of England, Benito Mussolini, and Gottlieb Daimler. They did discover that, apart from their mutual Venetian friend, they had both met Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Woodrow Wilson, and Henri Rousseau. They were both amused by how small the world could be if one’s life is big enough.

They traded their impressions of the human race as abject observers; non-playing characters; spectators freed from the oppression of mortality. They shared their feelings about their unique perspective, outside of mankind and still part of it. Liz had been enthralled with Fantine’s tale the night before, now she was hanging on her adventurous friend’s every word; trying hard to know every facet of the new personality in her life.

As noon approached, they decided upon collecting Fantine’s things from her hotel and stopping somewhere for lunch. Liz took a quick shower, something she usually did immediately after a trip to an arcade, and dressed in slacks and a sweater to join Fantine, dressed and ready, in the living room. They took Fantine’s car and continued their engrossing conversation on the way to the hotel.

Once in her room, Fantine casually stripped herself nude before Liz. They chatted lightly as they had all morning about their likes and dislikes, also simple things and casual observations. It was part of a familiarization process that all new friends go through, however, this one had promise of something deeper. Liz admired her openness and trusting nature. She also admired her form, her toned body and smooth clear skin. She found her eyes drawn to Fantine’s thick, triangular pubic nest and all the wonder that lie within it. Fantine laid out her clothes and then immersed herself in the shower.

She invited Liz into the bathroom so they could continue their chat. Liz was touched by the gesture. After her shower Fantine went about laying out something to wear and packing up her things. She remained nude as she worked; displaying herself for Liz; tactically offering herself to Liz. All the time she looked deeply into Liz’ eyes, smiled happily, and made a point to touch Liz at every opportunity. It was having its intended effect; the giddy glow inside Liz grew into something that dwelt unavoidably on her conscious mind.

“I had to buy new clothes for this cold weather,” explained Fantine as she worked.

“They’re very pretty,” Liz said. She could not keep her eyes off her enchanting companion. She enjoyed interacting with her and being the focus of her attention.

“Do you like the white or the blue,” Fantine offered as she held up two pair of panties on either side of her sex? Liz pointed at the blue but her eyes stayed focused on the dark, merging combs of her friend’s pussy.

Fantine knelt on the bed beside where Liz sat. She put her hand on Liz’ shoulder. “What do you see,” she asked in a low sultry voice?

A doorway was opening to something sex had never been for Liz. “I see what I want,” she started to say. She reached for Fantine’s dark mound of feminine mystery and sought to meld with; not just what it held inside but with the woman beyond. Rapture, release, familiarity and refuge all within her grasp. She held back. “But I’m reluctant to take it”

“Qu’est-ce que c’est? Reluctant,” asked Fantine?

“Afraid,” replied Liz. She smiled to reassure her friend. “Sex has always only been something I do to stay young. It’s never been an emotional exchange with another person. ‘ know what I mean?”

“Yes, I think so. You need not to hide any more, my Elizabeth,” whispered Fantine.

“Okay,” said Liz as she tried not to cry. “Teach me not to hide and I’ll make you glad you found me.”

“I am already glad.” Fantine kissed her on her forehead, smiled at her and then merrily went about her chore.

Packed and dressed in blue jeans and a pullover, Fantine and Liz checked her out of the hotel and stowed her luggage, then it was off to a nice bistro Liz knew of for lunch. Their conversation turned light and frivolous as the two women were quickly becoming very close and familiar. Liz was enjoying Fantine like no one she had ever known, and why not? They were two of a kind. But it was more than that, everything Fantine said or did made Liz glow with happiness in a kind of way she had almost completely forgotten.

After lunch, they strolled through a pleasant park hand in hand. As they walked and talked, Liz was becoming entranced by the girl’s every move. Fantine’s beauty, her playful charm, and her sultry, knowing stare were working on Liz. She felt herself falling under some kind of spell that filled her with a warm glow and tugged on her heart. Old feelings that she had isolated deep within her were bubbling up She wanted to scoop up her charming new friend in her arms and hold her close like a playful kitten. Liz was beginning to yearn for privacy so she could do just that. Her opportunity was coming soon.

Their casual stroll took them into seclusion amidst a grove of cypress trees. The newfound seclusion pushed Liz to respond to what she was feeling. She stopped in her tracks and pulled Fantine to a halt. The two faced each other and Liz addressed her urge to take her new friend in her arms and indulge all the wants she could not explain. She reached out to Fantine but something stopped her. She was confused. Feelings that had slumbered so long were now waking, not for a man, but another woman. She looked at Fantine, her eyes were full of bewilderment and consternation.

Fantine smiled and cupped Liz’ face in her hands. “Is it so difficult,” she asked? “Love… it is more than where we find it.” She dropped her hands to her sides and took Liz’ hands. “I had eighty years to think about mine.”

It was like salvation stood before Liz and was waiting for her response. The thought of putting it off for the sake of her old-fashioned hang-ups over a lover’s gender set her on the verge of screaming in frustration. She thought of all the nameless men she had used in an utter vacuum of affection and her mind was made.

“Can I have the next eighty,” Liz asked, on the verge of tears.

“Eighty, eighty thousand,” whispered Fantine and she gathered Liz in her arms and kissed her deeply.

If their kiss was having any chemical effect on each other, they really could not have noticed. Their passion was authentic and fueled by nothing more than the moment and their newly awakened longings for each other.

A thrill moved through Liz. So long it had been since she enjoyed a kiss with another. She wrapped her arms around Fantine and held her tight. She let her lover gently suck on her tongue and basked in Fantine’s warmth. Their bodies melted together, Fantine cooed to her and pushed her hips against Liz’ in a gentle, telling rhythm. They might have collapsed to the ground and flailed against each other in pursuit of cresting their boiling desire if nervous laughter had not interrupted their embrace.

They pulled apart defensively and turned to meet a small group of teenagers who had stumbled upon them amidst the trees. It was an awkward moment. The youngsters giggled their snide remarks quietly amongst themselves and Liz felt like curling up into a ball in embarrassment. Fantine, however, was not the least bit timid about her actions. She sensed Liz’ trepidation, took her hand and simply led her out between the trees and back out into the park green, laughing, just like she had in the arcade.

Liz quickly realized the silliness of her fear and began shrugging off her nervousness. This life was already behind her. They both laughed as they ran through the park back to Fantine’s car. Liz was amazed at how free she felt; about how Fantine had dispelled her fear and eased her discomfort with her brave, bold action. She felt so safe in Fantine’s hands.

She was also still feeling her arousal. She yearned for Fantine’s touch and longed to be alone with her. They got into the car with little or no discussion. Their destination was set and Fantine drove toward Liz’ home.

Their excitement mounted the closer they got to Liz’ apartment. They were both anxious to be alone and bring their flesh into play. Liz pushed out with Charm; filling her vagina with its anxious presence; anticipating the joining to Fantine; yearning to tie together in rapture.

At last, Fantine pulled into the parking lot. The two women practically trotted in to the elevator, their giddiness evident in their glowing faces. Fantine took Liz’ hand on the ride up.

Thoughts of their previous encounter, the night before, in the arcade, played in Liz’ mind. She recalled the overwhelming assault on her senses and the frightening loss of control. She looked to her companion and tried to utter her guarded concern. “Honey,” she whispered. “Darling, let’s be careful. Alright?”

“Yes, my love. We know now,” Fantine softly soothed. “The wall, it is not between us tonight.” She took Liz’s hand in both of hers and brought it to her lips and kissed it and held it against her cheek. “We will take each other to that place… we will bring each other back.”

Liz trusted her temperament and she knew she would be safe. The door opened on Liz’ floor and the couple darted to her door. A quick turn of a key and they were home, alone at last, and locked within their refuge.

Nothing impaired them now. Fantine shrugged her coat from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Liz followed suit and stepped toward Fantine. She lifted her hands toward Fantine’s shoulders and waited for her love partner to engage her touch. They laced their fingers and slowly brought their faces together. Liz pursed her lips for their kiss but Fantine held back. She took control and stayed off the kiss to pique Liz’ desire. She let their lips and noses gently brush in concert in a subtle tease that sent Liz’ heart aflutter.

When Fantine finally brought her mouth to meet Liz’ it was electric. Liz moaned her delight and wrapped her arms around her lover. So long it had been since she lost herself in a kiss and to have it now with her newly found, fresh feelings was like the glow of a Spring sun’s first warm rays. Fantine’s tongue found hers and they traded uninhibited caresses. Liz knew she should have reservations about the strangeness of sharing romance with another woman but that reluctance was drowned by the joyous surrender she was now enjoying in Fantine’s arms. Their bodies melted together and their two soft forms became one.

Inside herself, Liz felt with Charm her moistening desire. She yearned to reach out and bond herself with Fantine through her deprived appendage. Charm twisted and churned within her cunt, striving to break free and engage its rival in Fantine. Liz was wrestling with a surge of emotions running through her. All of her repressed longings fought for release in this liberating tryst. It was all so wonderful and she wanted so much more of it.

In frustration she broke free of Fantine and stepped back. She brought her hands up to her face and tried to catch her breath. Her eyes were wild with passion and they devoured her beautiful friend before her. She was torn. This contact, these emotions, this alternate orientation were all contrary to the strict rules Liz had established for her life and very nature. But it enticed her so.

Fantine smiled seductively and slowly drew her top up over her shoulders and head. She tossed it aside and reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She scooped her pert breasts in her hands and waited for Liz’ response.

Liz wanted her flesh like nothing she had ever known. She spun around in the fervor of her emotions and with shaking hands pulled her sweater off and then released her breasts from their brassiere confines. They hung round and firm on her chest, her nipples ached in their stiff arousal. She shook her head and let her wavy hair spill freely around her shoulders. For a minute the two just drank in each other and then dove into a new embrace.

Fantine’s tender cuddle set Liz’ senses on fire. Liz had never known any such subtle delight as her breasts cradled in such soft warm skin. She indulged her touch in the creamy smoothness of Fantine’s back. They drank each other’s kiss like cool water on a hot, dry day. This is what Liz had missed all those years. This was the human affection she had shunned for her own safety and it was hers now to drown herself in. .

It was Fantine who yielded first to the call of deeper passion. She broke their kiss and taking Liz’ hand, led her to the bedroom. Liz lingered at the doorway and watched her enticingly beautiful partner pose herself among the shadows.

Fantine stood at the foot of the bed and stepped out of her shoes. She slowly peeled off her jeans and panties. Pushing them all the way to the floor she stood up and held her arms out to Liz.

Liz watched the beautiful female form reveal itself before her in the soft, blue twilight from the window. She advanced unfastening her slacks as she walked. Never taking her eyes off Fantine, Liz let her pants fall down around her feet and then stepped out of them and her shoes at the same time. She began to fumble with the waistband of her panties and Fantine stepped up close to her and gently dug her fingers under the filmy material and tugged them slowly down Liz’s hips. They stood nose to nose, passionately gauging each other’s eyes. Fantine sank down with Liz’ panties. Liz could feel her breath warm and heavy on her skin as she watch her lover descend.

On her knees, Fantine pulled the light garment from Liz’ feet and then let her hands roam over Liz’ body. Up her legs, around her hips and butt, across her back; the hands traced and Fantine’s gaze followed, learning her partner’s body. Her hands played over Liz’ flesh somewhat like an artist molding his clay but more gently and deftly like a pianist’s over a keyboard. The hands explored lovingly, worshipfully, seeking full knowledge of Liz’ every peak and valley. Fantine laid her cheek to Liz’ thigh to feel her softness as her hands reached upward over Liz’ femininely dimpled abdomen and laid hold of her breasts. She petted them, weighed them, squeezed them, and kneaded them.

Liz’ hands braced Fantine’s arms as she let her lover go about her search. It had been so rare in her life that she ever surrendered herself to a lover’s tender devotion. It all felt so wonderful now, not only in its novelty but in who she now entrusted her body to.

Fantine lifted her head and turned her face in toward Liz’ navel. With tender kisses she traced the edges of Liz’ coarse pubic curls. Her lips brushed the flesh and her tongue teased the bristling hairs.

Liz parted her knees to allow Fantine’s access to the rarely visited fold where her thigh met her crotch. Her pussy was now open for her dear lover’s homage.

Fantine paused and looked deep into the nest of curls. She used her fingers to part the surrounding tangle and found Liz’ slotted opening. The fingers lightly stroked the puffed folds of flesh before separating them to reveal their hidden treasures. She brought her lips to Liz’ protruding clitoral hood and kissed it. The kiss changed to a soft lip embrace and Fantine sucked the tender organ into her tongue’s reach. Her hands encircled Liz’ ass cheeks and she pressed her love-making into the willingly offered cunt.

It was not the stimulation provided by her act that so captivated Liz. She could quite easily duplicate the exact same sensation herself with Charm. It was the doting, subservient gesture itself that touched her so. The thought of kneeling before someone’s sex and offering them oral gratification stirred her deeply. She reached down with her hand and stroked Fantine’s cheek. Fantine looked up to catch Liz’ eyes with hers. Her look was warm and affectionate. Liz’ heart melted and she knew she belonged to her young companion, now and forever.

Rising up on the tips of her toes and balanced in her lover’s firm grasp, the gift of climax was opening itself before Liz. She braced herself and let it crash over her. A jolt of pleasure shot through her every nerve. She gasped aloud as muscles convulsed and her nipples ached. Strangely, this orgasm was a new sensation for her; to receive her pleasure from a trusted friend – a real person and not just a nameless, passing benefactor.

Fantine broke her kiss with Liz’ clit and watched her lover’s throes. She cupped her palm over Liz’ mons and soothingly petted her. She dropped down into a cross-legged position and tried to brace Liz from falling

The turmoil of Liz’ climax was intense and sweet but left her body weak. She recovered just enough strength to lower herself to the floor and she eased into Fantine’s waiting arms. She squat down straddling Fantine’s lap and their mouths found each other again in a passionate kiss.

It was like a warm nest or better yet, a welcome home for Liz in Fantine’s arms. She would have liked for it to never end. The soft flesh and her mouth were so inviting. They both sucked gently on each other’s tongues. Liz let her hands wander over Fantine’s soft smooth flesh. It was a treat in itself and she wondered why in all of her depraved forays she never strayed into this Sapphic bliss.

Fantine’s arms swam through Liz’s thick, soft hair as though the experience was an entry into her lover’s body. She obviously enjoyed the reward of her long search for Liz and reveled in every aspect of her body.

This was all Liz needed. No orgasm or thrill was necessary. Having an adored lover in her arms fed a hunger in her she did not know she had. None the less, she welcomed the soft, wet finger of flesh that teasingly probed her pussy lips, sliding along her moist folds and seeking admittance. The clever tentacle of jharum had no difficulty in entering her and gaining the depths of Liz’ cunt. To Liz it was not a violation nor intrusion because it was no mere fuck; this was the connection of her reserved inner being to that of her sweet love. The tail of flesh pressed its advance all the way to the end of her vagina and then swelled up to make its presence known in the tight channel. Liz could feel the tip open up to a broad mouth which closed over the mound around her cervix and gently began sucking. Liz knew she was being called upon to come out and join her lover in a carnal grapple. She happily complied.

The ultimate sensory organ met the finest of caresses. She pressed Charm out from its snug home, opened its mouth and met Fantine’s in a kiss. It elicited a light moan from Fantine and Liz held it there, twisting her tip in a circular motion that caused Fantine’s tail to sweep around the inside of Liz’ cunt. It put Fantine over the edge. Her body tensed and her moans rose higher and shriller until she erupted in sweet orgasm. Liz became still and let her lover enjoy herself.

She used this opportunity to slowly take inventory of all sensations open to her. The musky scent of feminine arousal mixed with the sweat of a jharum’s wet secretion. She tasted Fantine both with her mouth and Charm’s. The opportunity was there as well as her curiosity to plunge into the alluring depths of Fantine’s jharum with her own, to feel that delicious softness around her and the subtle caresses it promised but there was so much else she wanted this connection to bring. She slid Charm around the sucking grasp with her partner and pushed along side of it through her vagina to emerge in the cool air outside her pussy. She wanted to make this a fuller contact and reach deep into her lover’s cunt and feel her lover’s jharum over the full length of her own. Downward she reached until she found the coarse dark curls she had admired before. She followed Fantine’s red tail to where it emerged from her wet slit. She pushed beyond the puffy pussy lips and plunged into her depths. As she snaked her way in, she wound round and round the soft rope of flesh. Fantine did likewise in the opposite direction so that their tentacles were coiled around each other in a long braid. Liz found the end of her lover’s canal and at last the two engaged women could enjoy their entanglement to its fullest.

Fantine spread her knees and Liz took advantage of the opening to lower herself and bring their pussies closer together. They both began twisting and sliding their long appendages against each other in a caress so exquisite Liz thought she wound burst from excitement. Another orgasm quickly engulfed her. She moaned and shook as it passed through her. Fantine cooed in delight of her pleasure and soon lapsed into the frantic squealing that signaled the approach of another of her own climaxes.

They sat on the floor, lost themselves in the newfound thrill of young love, and enjoyed a coupling unique in the world. Their secret tails rewarded them both with their talents and moans in the darkness signaled the rich pleasures unfolded from their tryst.

Neither knew what time it was nor how long their tangled embrace had lasted but their bodies told them a more comfortable position was needed. They broke their kiss, silently gauged each other’s eyes and smiled.

Liz was so happy she could almost cry. Two days ago she had no idea such a wonderful person as Fantine existed let alone that she could trade such joy and pleasure with another. “Do you… ,“ she struggled with the emotions she was feeling. Her voice was soft but weak, she continued, “Do you know how I feel right now?” Her heart was wide open and she wanted so much for her partner to feel the same.

“Yes, my Liz,” whispered Fantine. “I knew you as I look for you. I knew we would have this love.”

She kissed Liz again and Liz could feel it was true.

They both leaned backward slowly. It was obvious they were both stiff from their cramped embrace. They had to untie to pull apart. Liz began uncoiling Charm’s hold on Fantine. The endeavor tickled both women and they giggled as their tails untied and pulled out of each other’s pussies. Once disconnected, they rose to their feet and stood before each other. Their jharums dangled limply between them and neither could resist the call to embrace again. Their mouths just seemed to belong together and they kissed.

Liz cradled her impish lover in her arms like a treasured possession, to have and keep her for however long their enhanced lives may be.

Fantine was hungrier in her embrace of Liz. Her hands explored Liz, touching her all over as if in disbelief, she was really there and yet eager to know her like this night could never last. She brought a knee up on to the bed and pulled Liz to follow her into love-making’s natural habitat.

They lost their kiss but Liz followed as Fantine crawled backwards to the head of the bed and then slipped under the covers. Fantine welcomed her with a tender embrace and kisses when Liz joined her between the sheets and slid her body up against Fantine’s warm, smooth skin.

As their lips met and their tongues crossed their red ropes of jharum entangled in a wet embrace. They quickly picked up where they had left off on the floor but now snuggled in warmth and comfort and wrestling prone the way love was meant to be shared.

It was not long before Fantine’s tip had groped through its clutch on Liz to find Charm’s pointed end and then engulfed it. Liz knew what her lover wanted. Breaking their kiss, she raised herself on an elbow and looked down at Fantine’s eager face.

With plaintive kisses, Fantine whispered, “Please. Yes? Take me there, my love. Make this night forever live in me.”

Liz could not deny her. Though, she knew the wonderful yet terrifying plunge that awaited her, she would give her love anything she wanted. She kissed Fantine on the forehead and then rose up on her knees. She maneuvered herself between Fantine’s widely spread legs and crouched over her upturned pussy. Fantine’s jharum was flared open in anxious anticipation of entry. Liz moved slowly, in solemn reverence of what she was about to inflict on her precious lover. She scooped up Fantine under her thighs and pulled her down toward her own crotch. With her knees straddling Fantine’s butt she looked into her eyes as Charm dove in to the open mouth.

This was fresh territory for Liz. So many times she had engulfed the members of other partners to engage them for sex but now Charm was delving into another and unlike the moist, soft recesses of her own cunt Fantine’s jharum was alive and responsive. As she pushed her way in she could feel every twitch and shudder of her lover’s snug embrace around Charm.

Fantine was obviously enraptured by Liz’ advance. She cooed as Liz’ tail entered her own and for the first time felt within her inner reaches an organ aptly suited to delve there. Her organ helped Liz’ passage with muscular undulations that gulped Charm ever deeper. She closed her tail’s mouth around Charm and started to swallow her way up the sinewy tentacle and in to Liz’ puss.

Liz was enjoying their coupling too. When Fantine started working her way up into her vagina, she sighed deeply and lowered herself onto Fantine. Their lips met and their hips negotiated a comfortable position for their love-making. They held each other tight and Liz pressed on to meet the secret depths of which she never knew.

On the threshold of those depths, just beyond the entrance to her uterus, Liz felt the silky smooth snugness around Charm open up into an open expanse. The instant she broached it she distinctly had a taste in her mouth, or rather within Charm, of cinnamon and honeysuckle. As she marveled at the sensation Charm had never before given her, she was distracted by the effect she was having on Fantine.

Fantine erupted into an opera of deep moans and shrill squeals. Her hands, which had before simply braced Liz’ neck in patient anticipation, now roamed over Liz’ back like a harpers’ hands over the strings. Her breathing became heavy and she sucked at Liz’ tongue as if for sustenance.

Liz yearned to probe the secrets of a jharum but her lover’s instinct told her to indulge Fantine’s joy at this level before going on. She was getting off so on providing pleasure to her lover. She delicately churned in the deep recesses and delighted in the effects she wrought on Fantine. She longed to join her in this frantic joy and she started thrusting her hips up and down to grind her vulva against her partner’s. Their organs, tied together by a red rope of flesh, meshed perfectly. The giving side of love warmed her heart and her body rewarded her with a long, intense orgasm that reverberated through her nerves like an echo down a canyon.

‘Yes,’ she thought. ‘The time is now.’ Once her climax had subsided, she reached deep within Fantine to send her to the reward that awaited her. Charm reached the center of that deep silky recess and found something Liz had not expected at all. There at the back of Fantine’s womb was a stout, bristly cone and more of that cinnamon taste she felt before. The instant she touched it Fantine gasped and then went rigid. Startled, Liz lifted her head to check the response.

If what she felt within Fantine’s reserve was not enough to alert her of crisis, then the change that swept over her lover’s face surely was. Her eyes rolled back and then Fantine gave out a loud shriek followed by a tattered, raspy gasp for breath. She croaked out a long grunt and shook violently.

Liz feared for her safety and quickly let loose the bristly cone and relinquished a portion of her deep entrenchment within her partner. She peppered Fantine’s face with soft kisses and gently spoke her name to soothe away whatever attack had seized her love’s senses. Her effort was of little benefit as Fantine erupted into a kind of wailing laughter. Liz pressed her body hard against her and held her tight to help restrain the violent shaking.

At long last, Fantine drew in a long breath and began to show signs of regained control. Her arms drew up beside her head and were trembling. Throughout Charm, Liz felt tremendous convulsions wrack her dear friend’s organ. Her breathing became less desperate and she moaned Liz’ name.

“Shhhh, baby. It’s alright. I’m here.” Liz whispered. “Shhh. Shhhhhh”

She took a few more breaths to calm down. She wondered briefly if she had done her dear friend harm. When she realized everything was all right, she slowly began to disengage her deep entrenchment within her lover’s core. She inched Charm out against Fantine’s sporadic convulsions that seized and sucked on Charm’s retreat. Fully disgorged she used Charm to pet and stroke Fantine’s jharum, soothe her flushed, swollen pussy and coax her to retract. She sucked Fantine’s listless jharum into her own and soothingly squeezed and massaged it.

Fantine was still moaning softly, almost like a cat purring. Liz laid herself down beside her and scooped an arm beneath her head to cradle against her shoulder. She covered her and held her close.

She looked again onto the sweet face pressed against her breast to feel the thrill of warm longing surge through her again. She marveled at all the joy that was Fantine and she vowed to make herself younger like her new lover. She fancied in her mind what a cute couple they would make in their island paradise. Within minutes, Liz slipped off into a delightful sleep.

Chapter 8 – The Rescue

When Liz woke up she glanced at the clock and noticed it was late. She stretched and yawned and then found Fantine curled up against her. She brushed her hair aside, kissed her forehead and then studied Fantine’s sweet, peaceful face. It had been so long since Liz had ever felt anything like what brewed inside her now. She wondered how it could be that she was so fortunate. She was truly in love.

She laid still, holding Fantine late into the morning until finally deciding to get up and start some coffee. She got a pot started and slipped quietly into the bathroom to take a shower. She soaked herself in the warm spray and thought about Fantine and their fresh relationship. She tried to imagine what their future would be like.

Through the frosted glass of the shower door she watched a sleek, feminine form stretch before the bathroom mirror and then turn face her. She recognized the dark hair and graceful curves. She smiled and reached out to touch the shower door as though painting the image on the glass. She watched the figure sprout a long, red tail and then walk toward her.

Fantine opened the door and warmed Liz with her smile. Liz welcomed her with an embrace. They touched foreheads together and gazed into each other’s eyes. Their smiles said everything.

Liz had always been careful about exposing Charm in the shower (the soap stung so), but as their lips met she slowly pushed it out to join Fantine. Their tails entwined and the moment became a soul kiss.

The rest of their morning was spent in bathrobes either lying in bed or on the sofa with hours of playful banter or heartfelt entreaties. Fondness for each other grew on them as if it was their nature to be lovers and friends. They tried to make an effort toward cooking breakfast but it was useless, they could not keep their hands off each other. Realizing the futility, they decided on venturing out for lunch and then strayed repeatedly while trying to get dressed.

Liz’ strong sense of propriety and order prevailed and they eventually found themselves at a quiet little restaurant beside a stretch of river-walk.

At the restaurant and all through their lunch, Fantine continued in her playful, almost lackadaisical mood but Liz was strictly business.

“I’ll have to sell my car but I can just give away my furniture and clothes,” Liz asserted, she was practically just thinking out loud because Fantine was not really in a planning frame of mind. “That leaves us with just a few boxes to take with us.”

“My boat is waiting for us in San Diego,” offered Fantine, then she gave a mock pout. “Why do you not tell me again how much you love me?”

“Perfect. I’ll tell them I accepted a job in Baltimore,” continued Liz, ignoring Fantine’s playful taunt. “Nobody would dare try to track me down there.”

“If someone, they love you very much, then they search the world for you, eh?”

“Silly girl. Plan now – love later,” Liz chided in acknowledgement of her lover’s plea for attention. She took Fantine’s hand over the table and smiled warmly at her. Lunch was over and they both needed more private time. They agreed to go back to the apartment and curl up together for a nap. They paid the check and eagerly headed back to the car.

She saw him only an instant; an angry face standing in the parking lot. Her only thought had been, ‘Oh, what is he doing here?’ Liz quickly dismissed the incident and her mind turned back to organizing her move and leaving this life for good.

As they approached the car, she released Fantine’s hand and walked around the front of the car to the other side. She never saw the quick movement from the shadows or heard the rushing footsteps. She did hear a shriek and when she looked up she saw the figure of a large man standing in front of Fantine. She saw the blur of motion as the man thrust his arm repeatedly upward against her love’s stomach. She heard gasps as Fantine took the blows.

Fantine slowly crumpled to the ground and over her, the burly attendant from the adult book store stood with a bloody knife clutched in his fist and a furious grimace on his face.

“You think you can fuck with me, bitch,” the man yelled at his prone victim? He looked over at Liz with the same wild glare in his eyes. He pointed the knife at her and growled through clenched teeth, “I got the same for all you bitches.”

Liz froze in shock and fear. Her Fantine was struck down and now she faced the same fate. She was powerless to stop him and simply waited for his rage to spend itself on her.

The man had apparently redeemed whatever anger he had. He glanced down at Fantine and his face melted from rage to fear at what he had done. Instead of attacking Liz he simply thrust his bloodied hand and weapon into his coat pocket, turned and quickly walked away.

Liz recuperated from her shock and rushed around the car to Fantine. When she saw her lover curled up on the ground in a pool of blood she dropped to her knees and cried. She lifted Fantine’s head to her lap and wailed her grief out loud. Her years of medical training and experience fled her. Her conscious mind helplessly retracted at the catastrophe before her.

A witness had seen the entire attack and had called for an ambulance. Within seconds the two women were surrounded by concerned strangers offering sympathy and aid. Liz was inconsolable. She rocked Fantine’s limp form in her arms and called her name but Fantine would not respond.

It was all a blur for Liz; a confusing collage of images and events. Some passed like a blink of an eye, some dragged like torture. Paramedics arrived and tended to Fantine. They put her on a stretcher and Liz rode with her in the ambulance. At the hospital, the emergency room was a flurry of activity and change. Liz was dumbfounded through the entire experience. Covered in blood, she stood helpless and vacant at the side of the chaos and was physically led through the calamity in a horrified daze. At last she was walked into a waiting room and made to sit.

It was quite some time before she climbed out of her stupor and became responsive. Once she had seized reality, her first priority was to find out everything she could about Fantine. She asked the nurse at the desk and was referred to the intensive care wing. When she got to the ICU, she was given the run around and when she found someone who would talk to her the only thing they wanted to know was Fantine’s vital information, her financial status and insurance. Liz resolved herself to sit in the waiting area and wait to speak to her doctor.

It was late afternoon when a man in a lab coat came looking for her. “Hello, I’m Doctor Murray,” He said. “Are you the young lady who came in with our stab victim?”

“Yes. Thank you so much for seeing me, Doctor,” Liz anxiously replied as she rose to shake his hand. “My name is Elizabeth. How is she?”

“I’ll be honest with you, she’s been hurt bad,” replied Dr. Murray in a grave tone. “It doesn’t look good for her. Frankly,… we’re surprised how well she’s hung on so far.”

Liz choked back a sob. She tried to say something to express her desperation and dire need for his support. “But… she can’t. We were… “ She was lost in desperation.

“I’m sorry,” Dr. Murray continued. “Does she have any family; anyone else who should be here for her? For you?”

Liz felt stunned, like her emotions had just been tapped dry. “No,… they’re all dead,” she said in a hollow voice. This news was so terrible. She felt so sad for Fantine; she had so much; she had been through so much. Now, she would lose it all, right when she had finished her long quest. She did not even want to begin probing her own loss; finding love for the first time in four hundred years. She had protected her heart from this for so long and just when she found someone to give her heart to, she was going to lose them again. It was not fair. They had both come so far to find each other and would now lose it all.

“Well, we’ll… do everything we can for her,” said Dr. Murray, awkwardly fumbling for the right thing to say.

“Can I see her,” she asked, hoping he was painting a worse picture than the situation warranted?

“It will still be a while,” he confided. “She’s still in surgery. We’re waiting for her condition to stabilize. We’ll let you know when you can go in.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Liz replied. “I know you’ll do your best.” She turned and sat down. She looked bedraggled and tired. She was still covered in Fantine’s blood and shuddered to think what people wondered about her. She broke down and cried.

About an hour later, a nurse summoned Liz to Fantine’s space in the ward. When Liz saw her she was shocked. The bold, courageous girl she met two days ago looked frail, helpless and wasted on the stark hospital bed. Her face was pale, drawn and listless. Her body looked limp and fragile with all the wires and hoses dangling from her. Liz approached her carefully and tried to be brave. She kissed Fantine’s brow and whispered her name; hoping to draw her from her peril. She sat by Fantine’s bed held her hand to her cheek, lulled hypnotically by the steady beep of the cardiac monitor.

It was starting to get dark out when Liz was roused from her lament by the nurse telling her that the police needed to ask her some questions. Two grave looking men were waiting for her in the hallway.

“’ evening, ma’am,” said the taller of the two men. “I’m detective Yates. This is detective Haney.” Each of the men offered his hand which Liz shook in succession. “We’ve been assigned to your friend’s case, Ms…?”

“Smith,” offered Liz. The fear of giving her personal information to the authorities was always fresh in her mind.

“Yes, Ms. Smith,” Yates continued. “You were there at the scene. Did you get a good look at your friend’s attacker? ”

“I did,” Liz affirmed.

“Do you think you could give us an adequate description, ma’am,” asked Haney?

“I don’t need to,” said Liz with a tinge of vengeance in her voice. “I’ve seen him before. He works as the store attendant at Wicked Wanda’s Pleasure Palace. It’s east on Highway 10, just this side of that big truck stop. He’s tall, dark hair, on the fat side with thick eyebrows and a moustache. He usually works the night shift.”

“You know this for certain,” injected Yates?

“Oh, yes. It was definitely him,” she said. She was thrilled to set that bastard up.

“Is there any particular reason this man might have for attacking your friend,” queried Haney?

Liz knew she might be revealing information that could attract the wrong kind of attention but it was for Fantine. “We were involved in… an altercation there on Friday night.”

The two detectives looked at each other and then back at Liz. “Altercation, ma’am,” asked Yates?

“He expelled us. Hostilities were exchanged.” She hoped they would not probe any deeper than that. “He kicked us out for… creating a scene.”

“And you could pick this man out of a line-up if you had to,” Yates pressed?

“Definitely,” she did not want to be the only one in court. “Everybody there saw him.”

“These questions are just part of our investigation,” Yates said. “We hope your friend pulls through but… if she doesn’t, there’ll be a homicide investigation. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?”

Homicide – that word brought a pang of fear and dread to her. “No. That’s all. He’s the one. You’ll find him there.” They asked her for her number and address in case they needed her for any more information. Liz gave them a reasonable fabrication and they left.

Liz returned to Fantine’s side. Deep sadness and fear ruled her. If Fantine did die, there would be an autopsy. And if there was, they would surely discover her secret. And that would raise many questions. This situation would quickly become toxically volatile. ‘She must not die! I can’t let her.’ Liz thought. But what could she do?

She poured over her medical knowledge, all of her carefully gathered facts and experience she reviewed to find some way she could help. She even debated revealing Fantine’s nature and deep secret if it might help her treatment.

Then an idea struck her. Fantine had been near death once before. Her jharum pulled her through. It could again, but how? Liz knew what she could do to help. There were many uncertainties. It would be risky but she would have to try. To rescue her love, she would do this and much more. She needed to work fast. She stood up and leaned over the face of her dear Fantine. Fighting back tears, she steeled herself to make this gambit for her life. She kissed Fantine and left.

Outside the hospital, Liz hailed a taxi and rode to her apartment. On the way she quickly worked out a plan of action. She needed a skirt, for ease of access and cover; she needed her car, to move fast and safely; and of course she needed money, for the arcade.

In her apartment, she got out of her bloody clothes and put on a thick flannel shirt and denim skirt. She took off her panties; they would just be a nuisance for what she needed to do. She took a long jacket from the closet and pulled it on. Next, she needed cash. Rummaging through her purse she found some fives and ones; enough to occupy some time. She would be missing her full complement of safety devices but this was an emergency and risks would have to be taken.

For convenience sake she would go to an adult book store near the hospital. She had never visited this one before because it was so close to home. She trusted that it had enough in common with all the other arcades she had been in that her usual technique would not have to be altered too much.

For the second time in a week she was going into an adult video arcade to collect sperm from store patrons. Her plan was to store up a quantity of it within Charm and then, somehow, pass it on to Fantine. There were some holes in her plan but she was desperate and this was her only option. She just hoped with all of her heart that Fantine could hold on until she got there.

A short trip from her apartment down to the main drag and then straight downtown and she was there. She pulled into a seedy looking old brick building at the edge of the warehouse district with a lit yellow sign blaring out the attractions of Books, Videos and XXX Arcade.

It was only yesterday that she had woken to the notion she would never have to visit such a place again but she was back again, this time for Fantine. She took none of her pre-forage liberties to prepare herself for the chore as she usually did. Her time was too short and she lacked any inclination to make this pleasant in any way. She took only a moment to reaffirm her resolve and then stepped out of the car and closed the door. She pushed Charm out as she walked. Charm squished wetly and she stretched it fully before curling it under her butt, ready to strike.

Walking up the stairs to the loading dock entrance she was met by an overweight and unattractive black woman, cheaply under-dressed in a gaudy display of sexual enticement.

“Where you think you’re goin’,” she intoned in a threatening manner?

Liz had no time to exert her rights and simply side stepped the woman.

“Hey! I’m talking to you.” she insisted. “Dis MY co’na!”

“I’m not working,” was Liz’ only reply. The woman was set on making it an issue for her to leave but Liz defused her argument by quickly stepping through the door. ‘Let her try that in here,’ she thought.

Inside, Liz was not surprised to see anything she had not seen before in dozens of similar such places. A barely cognizant attendant sat on a stool behind the counter reading a paper and did not even register her entrance. She merely glanced around the room to find where the arcade booths were located. A sign directed her to a dark hallway in the corner. Unlike most of her haunts, this place was virtually deserted – Sunday obviously being a slow night for the porn industry. She reasoned that taking her place in a booth and waiting would not attract suitors if there were none around to witness her presence. She needed to wait.

It was not too long before a young man stepped out of one of the booths and then almost froze in shock at the sight of a lone female standing in the fantasy realm of male longing. Liz hoped he had not already spent himself. Regardless, she needed him. She smiled at him and held him in her gaze, a very provocative maneuver but especially for this venue. At first, he seemed to be caught off guard like a deer in the headlights, then his expression melted into one of disbelief, but once he figured out that he was being propositioned with little or no likelihood of misinterpretation he boiled over into a look of hungry lust. This was something Liz could control easily.

Never relenting her wanton smile, she passed close by him and entered the booth he just vacated. These were a different kind of booth. These were narrow with a bench seat at the back. Above the seat at about eye-level and behind a window sat a projector. A projection screen was on the back side of the door. This did not give her much room to work but she knew she could make good use of it just the same. She turned around and watched him through the open door, she made her offer with her eyes.

He took her bait but instead of entering the adjacent booth, he walked right in with her. Not what she had planned but she could still get what she wanted. Time demanded she take whatever chance she had. He closed the door behind him.

“Hey, lady. So how do you want to do this,” he whispered?

Liz patted her hand on the top of the coin box and then shuffled to change places with him. She latched the door as he dropped some quarters into the slot. Immediately it got dark and the projector started playing. She pushed him back toward the bench and started to unfasten his pants. His hands went to her legs and under the hem of her skirt.

Alarmed, Liz seized his hands. “Let me,” she whispered to reassure him. She dropped his pants to fall about his ankles and took him by the shoulders to apply her kiss. It was wet and sloppy, obviously one of his first and Liz gave it to him deeply with plenty of tongue action. His cock, probably hard since before she met him was pressed firmly against her stomach and she took it in her hands and tried to wrestle him onto the bench before his hands went wandering again. She lost her lip-lock on him when he sat down and before he could use the available light to check her out, she quickly straddled him and thrust her pelvis firm against him.

She drew Charm within to protrude just beyond her pussy’s lips. She opened Charm wide to grasp his cock as soon as she brought it close. She was going to fuck him with Charm as a sleeve between them, just like she had done with the last man she had in the arcade on Friday. They both breathed heavily in the excitement and struggle of the impending tryst. Liz thrust her hands between them before he could. She dug beneath her bunched up skirt and found his stiff rod with her hands. Lifting herself, she guided the eager meat to Charm’s waiting mouth. Unceremoniously she sank down upon him. Charm devoured the smooth fleshy pole to its hairy root. The young man gasped his relief and joy and thrust his hips up to a tight lock with Liz’. His hands seized her round butt and held her against his straining loins.

Their fuck commenced. Liz rose again when she felt his hips rock back and then dropped again to meet his next thrust. Charm stayed with her and indulged his captured dick with withering caresses. There was no denying Liz was enjoying this. She was taking a risk in exposing her secret but she had a plan to cover herself. She rode him for a few more thrilling pumps and then she felt it was time to put him under. She covered his mouth with hers and pushed in her tongue.

The effect was almost instantaneous. He clamped her ass with his hands and trapped her against his hips as his first spurt of relief gushed into Charm’s clutch. He grunted and his cock spat another thick stream to join the first. Another came and then another. Liz reasoned that he must have gotten terribly worked up in the arcade. That and his young age were making for an enormous load. His weakening grip on her ass and the slow drop of his hips signaled his lapse into unconsciousness but his cock continued to feed her jet after jet of his issue. She collected it all and fought off her instinct to swallow it down but she kept her kiss with him to knock him out good.

She broke her kiss and wondered if he had any more. Thinking he might be the only guy she could find for a while, she reengaged his mouth and waited to coax a renewed erection from him. She pushed Charm all the way out but kept her grasp on the young dick. She twisted and churned her snake-like organ over his and waited for a response. It was not long before the sleeping penis woke up to its former firm alertness. Liz took advantage of his unconsciousness to push Charm over him deeper. She opened up Charm and devoured his balls into her slippery, undulating grasp. She began to work her hollow tentacle over his flesh, up and down, squeezing and releasing over all of his most sensitive areas. She felt his muscles tense and then the telltale throb went through his cock followed by a fresh delivery of yet even more warm jizz. Liz broke her kiss and let him spend in her catch while she enjoyed the silent splendor of post erotic bliss.

As she was sucking the last trace of his cum from his slowly drooping dick she was startled by the touch of a hand on her ass. Bolting upright, she looked down at the face of the young man below her. He was asleep, his arms hung limp at his sides. Twisting around in fright, she saw an arm reaching in through the glory hole of the adjacent booth. Relieved that she still held on to some discretionary privacy, she quickly disgorged her companion and raised herself while pulling Charm safely in. She placed her hand over the hand feeling her butt and turned to address her next victim.

The arm withdrew and Liz crouched down to see the face of a middle-aged man through the glory hole. He put his face as close as he could to the hole and whispered, “Hey, baby. ‘you suppose you could bring some of that over here when you’re done?”

“If you’ve got something for me, I’m ready,” she whispered back. Perfect timing, she was one step closer to saving Fantine. She stood up and smoothed down her skirt before stepping out of the booth. She looked back at the young man she just had. He was slouched against the back of the booth with his pants around his ankles, his sapped penis lying slack over his thigh and a contented semi-smile lingering on his face. Liz closed the door on him and trusted no one would take advantage of him before he came to.

Liz lightly scratched her nails on the door of her next contender’s booth. The latch clattered and the portal creaked open. She looked quickly around her to ensure no one was watching and then she stepped into the projector’s flickering light. A man in a jacket and slacks stood up before her, blocking the light. She closed the door and latched it making herself his for the taking – or so he thought.

“Whoa baby. You’re a hottie,” he whispered as he backed up to let the light spill on her. “What’s this gonna cost me,” he asked?

“It’s on the house,” she responded. “I just need some play-time.”

“You ‘n me both, sweet thing,” he breathed while shrugging off his jacket.

Liz wasted no time, she pulled him to her by his belt and planted her kiss on him, readying him for action. Her fingers undid his belt and pants, shoving them down she sought his hard-on. She found it – short but very broad and jutting from a thick mass of kinky hair. She let her hands explore him, cupping his large balls and tracing the enormous head.

His hands returned the favor. He had lifted her skirt and was examining her moist cleft. Charm was safely hidden so she allowed his fingers to part her and probe her inner folds. It was a tender exchange she rarely indulged in and she let it play out for memory’s sake. One finger he thrust as deep as possible in her cunt while two others surrounded her clit in a clumsy attempt at arousal. She surrendered to it and was surprised by a sudden orgasm that sprang through her. It was not epic but it soothed her tense nerves. She shuddered and cooed which seemed to give him a spat of satisfaction.

“Sit down. I want to get to it,” she suggested. She was a bit ashamed to admit to herself but she really wanted to get Charm wrapped around that stout lever of his.

He quickly complied. Pushing his pants all the way down and lifting his shirt tails he sat down and waited for her to mount him. His eyes were glued to Liz’ curly snatch as she lifted her skirt and stepped over him with her knees wide apart.

Liz pushed her hips tight against him to hide her secret. She pushed Charm out flush to her labia and then groped for his erection with her hand. She held him ready as she lowered her hips onto his lap. The fat head of his cock came up firm against Charm and Liz realized his dick and Charm around it was going to be a tight fit. She pushed down and he would not slip in. Out of desperation she forced Charm out and embraced his bloated head with it. She squeezed the head firmly while drooling out her slick secretions over him to aid passage. With another heavy bound she skewered herself on him, Charm and all.

“Wow. That’s some pussy you got there,” he quietly exclaimed. “How’s your pussy do that?”

A question Liz did not want to answer. She began her steady hump against him, up and then down with a quick snap forward of her hips. She wanted to feel his shaft and she certainly was. He was big in her and she felt his contours exaggerated in their tight confines. Liz let herself go and started enjoying a happy fuck.

The man’s hands were busy. He pushed up the front of her shirt and kneaded her heavy breasts through the fabric of her bra. They crept around her back and then down to close around her ass. He guided her up and down and used his grip on her as leverage for his own rocking thrust.

She did not have to move far to enjoy his full length but what she was sliding on felt great. Another orgasm was upon her and she welcomed it. She lost her rhythm in the midst of it and just pressed her pelvis against him as climax took its course.

He took the opportunity of her stillness to creep his hands under her butt and his fingers began probing her cunt, trying to investigate its special talent.

Liz would not have it. She thrust her butt back to push his hands away, she tilted is head back with both hands and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Her hips went back to work and before he knew what hit him he was yielding to her his cum load. Thick and heavy she drained it from him while sinking him to sleep with her intoxicating kiss. She waited until he was absolutely still before she came up for air and gathered his sperm to join the collection from her last beau.

Above her the projector went dark. She listened closely in the wreckage of their tumult for any signs they might have been detected. She heard light snoring coming from her first partner in the next cube. All else was silent. She realized she must have over dosed her current paramour a bit too much as he was still stiff and ready for more.

She pushed Charm all the way out and while keeping a hold on her captured cock, she stood up to relieve the cramping in her legs. Stooped over her donor, she worked him with Charm, up and down, twisting back and forth, sucking hard around his head. She played him until she sensed his tenseness at just the right peak and then she gave her kiss again to finish him off. Squirt, squirt, squirt. More serum for Fantine.

She stored it away and stepped back. Once again, she smoothed down her skirt and made ready to step back out into the arcade. She was careful to close the door on her sleeping friend. She stood alone in the vacant arcade and glanced at her watch. 10:30, later than she thought. Two men are all she had found in the arcade and there was no reason to believe any more would show up. It was time to give Fantine what she was able to collect. She hoped it was enough.

She left the arcade and made her way through the store. As she was about to push open the door she heard the store attendant call out. “Have us a good time, did we?”

‘You snarky punk,’ she thought. ‘I ought to…’ Yes, she certainly ought to. He had what she desperately needed and she sure would not be coming here again. She spun around on her heal, sauntered up to his counter and with her most alluring smile said, “I won’t know until I’ve tried you.”

The man, slightly pudgy and not at all gifted with appealing looks was stunned into silence by the gracious offering. His pleading eyes told her that he hoped it was not a joke.

Liz stepped around to the side of the counter and stood before the opening. With Charm tucked safely away, she pulled up the front of her skirt to show him it was indeed not a joke. For a minute he just stood there, taking in the beautiful sight up Liz’s shapely legs leading to the triangular patch of sheer pussy perfection.

“How about a quick one,” she said as she thrust her hips at him in stripper fashion.

“Right here? Right now?”

“Why not? No one will see.” Liz had him mesmerized and she advanced on him. She walked right up to him, took his hands, placed them on her naked hips and then started to unfasten his pants. She used the ruse just to get close to him. She would get him off all right, but she was not going to let him be conscious enough to enjoy it. She brought her mouth to his and he was lost. Their tongues engaged and his erection sprang from his pants. She took hold of his dick and let his hands roam over her ass. They held that pose nearly a minute before his knees slowly bent under the weariness that was overtaking him. Liz stayed with him as he sank to his knees, then his hip, and then collapsed to the floor.

He was hers to do with as she pleased and, being in a hurry, she merely meant to take his seed and leave. Charm snaked its way out from her crotch and swallowed the prone shop-keeper’s manhood in one quick gulp. Liz kept her kiss on him to bring him off quickly. Charm sucked and pumped at him with reckless abandon. The attendant twitched, convulsed and started shooting off.

Liz broke the kiss and rose on her knees over him, holding her skirt out of the way she let Charm dine on him to his last drop.

Just then, the door burst open and the homely hooker from the loading dock stormed in. Liz nearly bolted up in fear but as it was, she froze in determined defiance and completely forgot about covering herself.

“Wha… Whachoo doin to dat boy,” the woman stammered as she stood at the end of the counter and stared at the scene? “Wha dat… What da fuck is dat?” She stumbled backward toward the door and Liz just stared back at her without moving a muscle. Charm was fully exposed like a red umbilical connecting the two on the floor. “Damn… Keep dat ding away from me,” the frightened woman exclaimed and then charged out the door and ran away.

Liz did not concern herself with it. She knew the woman was too scared to do anything and that nobody would ever believe her. She finished the last of the attendant’s issue and slowly rose to her feet. Dropping her skirt, she suddenly realized the strain that holding five loads of cum was on Charm’s aching muscles. She did not try to draw Charm in for fear of spilling her valuable collection. She twisted Charm’s tip into a knot to help hold on and then made her way out of the store.

True to her suspicions, the frantic hooker had cleared out. Liz went to her car and started planning her next move in her mind as she drove back to the hospital. She squeezed Charm in her fist to relieve tired aching muscles and tried to relax. Ten short minutes and she pulled into the parking lot.

This was it. Liz kept Charm’s vital fluid secure as she stepped from her car. It was late and the hospital was still and silent. She made her way to the elevator and rode it up to the ICU. She walked in to the intensive care unit and approached Fantine’s bed. The curtains were drawn around it and just as she was about to pull them back she was hailed by the ICU nurse from her corner station.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. Visiting hours are over.”

“I just need to see her. It’ll only be a moment,” countered Liz. This obstruction was another problem she had not planned on.

“I’m sorry but our rules are clear. The patients cannot be disturbed past visiting hours,” continued the nurse. She left her booth and walked toward Liz. “Her condition hasn’t changed since this afternoon.”

“But it is important that I… I need to be alone with her. It will only be a minute,” argued Liz. She would fight if that was what it took but she had to get this woman out of the way.

The nurse took her by the elbow and tried to usher her out saying, “If you like I can have you notified the instant her condition changes but I really must ask you to leave.”

That was it. Liz had come too far and her mission was far too crucial to let this woman and her regulations get in the way. She spun the nurse around and threw her arms about her, trying to pull her close. The nurse fought back by wrenching her arms between them and pushing back hard against Liz. Liz would not be denied, she forced the woman back against the wall and using it for leverage, she pulled the nurse’s face to her own. The nurse struggled and twisted in protest as Liz pressed their lips together. Her resistance continued but once Liz’ tongue slipped past her lips, the nurse was doomed. Her arms slowly wrapped around Liz’ neck and she moaned her pleasure. Liz let their bodies sink slowly to the floor while feeding the nurse more of her kiss. She had the woman laid flat on the floor but continued her embrace to ensure she was completely unconscious.

With the nurse disabled, Liz could now tend to Fantine. She went to Fantine’s bedside and drew the curtain securely around them. She pulled down the sheets covering Fantine and lifted the front of her gown to expose her sex. Liz almost began to cry again to see her like this but she staved it off. She needed to be steady and work fast.

Liz parted Fantine’s knees for better access and then gingerly climbed up onto the bed. She was careful not to disturb any of the tubes or bandages. She straddled Fantine’s hips with her puss directly over Fantine’s. She spread her skirt over them for cover and took another cautious glance about to make sure she had not been seen.

Charm set to work. She found and entered Fantine’s vagina. It was difficult with her partner being so dry and Charm was weak from straining to contain its load. She pushed her way up to the cervix all the time hoping to encounter her lover’s tail.

She looked imploringly at Fantine’s unresponsive face and hoped for a reaction. She heard a soft moan from the nurse on the floor. She needed to hurry. She poked about the cervix and entered beyond. She found the soft, moist mass of Fantine’s jharum curled up in its secluded refuge. She could trace its length in either direction but she could not find the tip. Time was wasting, the nurse would recover soon. She pushed more of Charm into Fantine to allow more freedom of movement. She wrapped around her lover’s appendage and found a point at which it began to taper. This was the right direction.

The nurse gave a long groan and started to stir, it was a matter of minutes now. Liz pulled Fantine’s jharum out of her uterus and into her vagina, straightening out through her narrow channel. This made it easier to work with. She located the tip and started to ply its opening. It was extremely strenuous task and it taxed Liz’ patience. If she had to rely on any organ less deft than Charm, it could not have been done at all but she forced open the delicate mouth of Fantine’s tail and worked her way in.

“What’s going on here,” boomed the voice of the head nurse? Liz could not see, she had obviously just entered the ICU and found Liz’ victim on the floor. “What are you doing on the floor?”

Liz was almost frantic. She was so close but needed more time. Fantine’s unconscious jharum was like a wet noodle and Liz was having great difficulty piercing her way up its length.

“I don’t know. I passed out,” said the ICU nurse in a groggy voice. “I was talking to that… Hey, wait a minute.”

Liz was straining with tired muscles against a limp, slippery, uncooperative lump of flesh and she was making little headway. She needed to be in much deeper before she passed on her stored share of semen or her entire effort would be wasted. She narrowed Charm to a point and thrust in with all her might to try and thread her way as deep into Fantine as she could. It was starting to work. She had slid in half way and she began to twist Charm round in tiny circles as she pushed.

Footsteps were quickly approaching. The curtain was thrown open and standing beside the hospital bed stood the ICU nurse. “What are you doing,” she yelled! She immediately took hold of Liz’ arm, trying to pull her off of Fantine. “Carol, I need help,” she called to the other nurse!

Liz had penetrated deep into Fantine but not as deep as she felt necessary. The head nurse arrived at the bed side and reached around Liz’ waist to assist her removal. Liz pushed hard against the ICU nurse but was losing her balance. She threw her leg opposite the two women over the side of the bed for leverage. “Not yet! Not… yet,” she cried. It was obvious to her she could not keep her hold. Fearing Charm would be pulled from her hard-fought entrenchment, she pushed in again one last time as deep as she could reach and squirted the carefully retained seminal fluid into Fantine in a single pulse. It drained from her and shot up Fantine’s limp tube of flesh.

That was all she could do. The ICU nurse flung an arm around her neck and gave a hard pull. Liz lost her struggle. She withdrew Charm from Fantine as quickly as she could. In her haste she felt Fantine’s jharum getting dragged out from Fantine’s vagina. Thinking quickly, she clutched Fantine’s gown and drew it over her as she tumbled over the side of the bed.

Liz landed in the arms of the two nurses but managed to get her feet under herself before falling to the ground. She immediately burst into tears at her failure and capture. She had tried so hard and after this debacle, with time running out, she would not likely get another chance. Her bitter defeat would cost Fantine her life. The evening and her desperate plan had given her hope but that was all gone now. Locked in the nurses’ grip she gave up to her sorrow.

The two nurses drew her upright and twisted her arms behind her back. Liz wept her grief, there would be no way to explain what she needed to do or enlist their help. As she was dragged away, Liz heard a soft moan come from Fantine’s bed. She gasped, stopped in her tracks, turned and called, “Fantine?” Both nurses grabbed her firmly and pulled her toward the door. Liz planted her feet and shrugged them back. “Fantine, darling,” she called again to the bed behind the curtain?

“Liz. Liz. Où êtes-vous,” Fantine called back, weakly?

The two nurses froze in disbelief; any response from someone in Fantine’s condition was clearly beyond their expectations. Liz wrenched herself free of them and went to her side. She kissed Fantine’s forehead and stroked her hair. “I’m here, my dearest,” she whispered.

“Que s’est produit? Où suis-je,” Fantine continued in a plaintive, distressed tone?

“Shhhhhh,” soothed Liz, almost giggling her delight. “You’re in a hospital. Un hôpital. Tout est bien.” She tidied Fantine’s gown with her free hand to secure Fantine’s secret.

“I’ll go get Dr. Murray,” the head nurse announced, still somewhat astonished as she briskly walked away. “SHE,” emphasizing her point by a hard stab of her finger toward Liz, “is going to have to leave, though!”

The ICU nurse nodded in acknowledgement and went to the other side of the bed. She pulled the sheet back over Fantine and checked her oxygen and plasma lines. As she worked, she watched Liz with a very curious smile.

Liz knew that one was going to have to be avoided. Sniffing away her tears, she kissed Fantine’s hand and hugged a cheek to her temple.

“Je t’aime,” whispered Fantine between short breaths. “Do not… leave me.”

“I love you too,” replied Liz. “Get some rest, love. I’ll be here when you wake up.” Tremendous relief and happiness spread through Liz. They had won. They had each other and they had forever.